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  • natural is always better!
    Natural ingredients, great taste and better for our Cats! by on 02/10/2015
  • Purina's Naturals
    My cats love Purina's Naturals and I love the new bag!! My store now carries a 18lb. bag. I feed 4 inside cats and about 8-10 outside cats, so bigger is better!!!!! by on 02/10/2015
  • Paws up!
    All four of the kitties here love this food! I've tried offering other brands in a pinch....only to have them reject it. Before we settled on this food, we were also having problems with at least one not liking what we got. I've even tried higher end food and they rejected that in favor of Purina Naturals. Purrs and head bonks from your fans Dana, Little Owen, Kieran and Traveler! by on 02/10/2015
  • Excellent food!
    All four of my cats love this product! They have been enjoying it for years and don't have any health issues. by on 02/10/2015
  • Wonderful products cats love
    My cats love all the purina products. My cats are older so i normally buy the weight management formula but when my store is out i get the naturals or what ever purina product they have in store with the exception of kitten food. They will eat all the brands of purina products and are always happy with what ever formula I serve. Thanks purina for keeping my cats healthy and always happy! by on 02/10/2015
  • natural love
    My cat enjoyed this food, he didn't fall in love with it, but he did enjoy it. My moms cat on the other hand is head over heals for it! I recommend it! by on 02/10/2015
  • Cats Love This
    I have been feeding my cats (4) the Naturals plus Vitamins &Minerals for several months. The two oldest cats love this. I leave a dish filled with this product at all times and find myself refilling it often! If the cats like the food is extremely important, I have bought other types in the past that they will not eat. The product is high in protein which is good for their diet. by on 02/10/2015
  • Great Product!!
    cats like the taste and it is healthy also. price is very reasonable. by on 02/10/2015
  • No more hairballs!
    One of my rescued cats had a constant problem with hairballs. I would come home work and find them almost daily. I read several reviews and decided to try Naturals. After about two weeks I noticed the difference. I am thrilled to come home and not find hairballs everywhere. And I am sure Jax is thrilled about it too... by on 02/10/2015
  • Quality natural cat food
    We have a 12 year old cat with a history of urinary tract issues. He was on prescribed Science Diet food for a while but didn't seem to like it. We switched to Purina Naturals and he hasn't had any problems since then. by on 02/10/2015
  • Like a Treat
    My "fur babies" enjoy all the products, but something is special about the Naturals. It's almost like a treat to them and if this makes them happy I will put this out always. I mix it in with their other food as a nice surprise. They absolutely love it! Thanks Purina for making healthy "treats". by on 02/10/2015
  • Now my cat won't eat gooshy-food
    This is the first dry food my cat has chosen over wet food. I am impressed. by on 02/10/2015
  • The one
    After trying many natural cat foods this is it. To say my cat is a fussy eater is an understatement, I've tried many brands on the market. Then one shopping trip I noticed Purina Naturals. Having fed Purina CatChow in the past I was elated to see they had decided to make a natural formula. I brought it home to try and my cat loves it. She would eat as much as she could in one sitting if I let her. She loves it, I love the price and the fact it's natural. by on 02/10/2015
  • Naturals are the BEST
    Out of our 9 house cats they love Naturals. Totally spoiled these were all cats and kittens that have been thrown out by our farm. The road is busy, so when found they are taken in. Never to go out again. They get neutered or spayed, all their shots and spoiled. by on 02/10/2015
  • great product
    I used this kibble for years and just recently switch to a purina pro plan as my cats have aged and wanted a more "sensitive needs" formula. I loved that there were no added colors or other unnecessary items in the food. by on 02/09/2015
  • Awesome!
    I am so happy that I switched to this cat food, my cat loves it! by on 02/09/2015
  • Picky eaters like it
    I have 6 kitties and they all come running at dinner time. I like that Cat Chow Naturals has a higher protein content than many other grocery store brands. by on 02/09/2015
  • Happy Kitty
    My Ollie was happy with the taste of this food. I was a bit reluctant to change his food, but I'm glad I did. by on 02/09/2015
  • His favorite
    My cat Moby loves Purina Naturals. He is a fussy eater so to have a favorite is a good thing. The small pieces are perfect for him & he gets all his vitamins by eating a small serving. by on 02/09/2015
  • Enjoyable
    my cat loves this brand and flavor. She's strictly indoors and this is exactly what was recommended. by on 02/09/2015
  • Cat Chow "Naturals"
    My cats both love this type of dry food. I would only recommend this for young or active cats for I feel its a bit higher in calories than regular cat chow. by on 02/09/2015
  • Great Alternative
    I recently switched from the regular Purina Cat Chow blend to the Naturals blend. At first I was turned off because the kibble itself is less appealing to the eye, but my cat seems to like it just as much as the original. Plus, I feel good about giving my cat more natural ingredients similar to what she would eat if she were living outdoors. I have had no digestive issues with this blend and it seems to be helping keep her weight in check as well! by on 02/09/2015
  • Awesome food!
    It's a little bit harder for my cat to chew (1yr old) but it's worth it for the natural formula! by on 02/09/2015
  • Natural
    One of my kitties - will not eat anything else., and the price is just right. by on 02/09/2015
  • This food helped tame my cat.
    My boyfriend and I moved into a rental home, that already had a tenant living beneath it. She was starving and scrawny, but she wouldn't come within 20 feet of us and hissed. We found out apparently she'd survived off of lizards and the neighbors cat food, but they'd left the month before, so probably more lizards and grubs than anything. We tried buying fatty foods to plump her up and get her used to us, and she ate, but it was nothing special. After buying this food we could place a pile and make little food trails, until eventually she would eat it out of our hands. The food smells fishy and the first ingredient isn't corn like most foods on the market these days. We usually buy the biggest bag possible, because it lasts a while, and we know she'll eat it. by on 02/09/2015
    My cat, Abby, has been eating this food for as long as I have had her. She LOVES it. I wouldn't feed her anything else. by on 02/09/2015
  • My Cat's Favorite Food
    I chose this food because of the natural ingredients and the fact that it has been tested to be sure it provides complete and balanced nutrition of adult cats. I keep buying it because my cat loves it. I avoid dyes and additives in my family's diet and since my cat is family, she deserves the same. I am glad I can give her complete nutrition that she loves and I can feel good about. by on 02/09/2015
  • Great on digestion issues
    When we switched to naturals, not only did the cats love it, but the hairballs were reduced. And the dye free kibble no longer stained my carpets and floors. Never a morsel left in the bowl! by on 02/09/2015
  • Great Food For Cat Health
    We have 5 cats, all rescue cats. Finding a cat food that all 5 cats like and is also of the highest quality and good for cat health can be a challenge. Purina Cat Chow Naturals has met and exceeded all these criteria. All the cats prefer Naturals over all other brands we have tried. All cats are flourishing with Naturals and we have almost eliminated hairballs with this food as well. by on 02/09/2015
  • My cats like this one :)
    Recently the store I was at was out of the big bags of indoor formula- and so I decided to give the naturals a try. They can be pretty finicky, and to my surprise, they really liked the naturals- almost more than the indoor formula! So hooray for a tasty food my cats enjoy eating! by on 02/09/2015
  • excllent product
    i tried other cat foods, but my cats were always hungry and look skinny. with this product they look healthy and are full of life and fun! by on 02/09/2015
  • Lower Grain Content Than Many Shelf Brands
    My tom Stache suffers from UTI outbreaks, so I have to feed him low grain content foods. When I am buying cat food at my local grocery type stores it's hard to find it. Even popular prescription foods have too much grain in it for optimum cat health. Purina Naturals fits the need, is easy to find around here (I guess so. I live only less than 20 miles from Purina headquarters.), plus Purina doesn't put all of those fake colors and things in it cats don't care about anyway. I don't know anything about transitioning picky eater cats because every cat I have fed PN to has accepted it nicely, including my tom's new little "sister" Sophie. by on 02/09/2015
  • happy kitties happy mom
    My cats love the taste and I love the value. Everyone's happy by on 02/09/2015
  • Loves Cat Chow Naturals!
    My Stevie Cat comes running when he hears the jangle of Purina Cat Chow Naturals filling up his bowl! Makes him purr like a contented kitty! by on 02/09/2015
  • My cat loves this cat food!!
    Ever since I was starting to eat better and finding out the the truth of what's really put into our food, I was thinking "does the same apply to our beloved animals food too?" I had already been feeding my cat purina brand cat food but after some research I found the purina naturals brand to be extremely healthy and natural for my cat! Every since then I've been loyally buying this brand of food for my cat and he loves it!! by on 02/09/2015
  • Good product
    Good product for the price. All three of my rescue cats eat this one pretty well. by on 02/09/2015
  • Cat Naturals Makes My Older Cat Happy!
    I have two cats, one's about 7/8 years old and the other one is just over a year old. My kitten could care less about Cat Naturals but when I bring a bag of this kind home you would think that I've been starving my older cat! (BTW if you saw her you would know she's NOT underfed by any means!) She starts going after the bag it's so funny! I had to order some of this online for her one time, and when I brought the box in she scratched the box AND then laid on it...I think it's her favorite! :) by on 02/08/2015
  • best ever
    My beloved oppie now four has feline luekemia and that changed everything. His diet had to change..his gums became sensitive and it was harder for him to eat dry food. This brand not only meet his diet needs but was like bite size and he was able to eat with no problems. by on 02/08/2015
  • Prince Loves naturals!!
    This seems to be the only food that my cat does not gain a ton of weight on. His coat stays beautiful. by on 02/08/2015
  • Happy kitties!
    My 3 cats LOVE it! They scarf it down and love playing and chasing it when I toss it across the floor! Great quality food for a great price. B, Roxy, and Cici say "Thank you, Purina Cat Chow!" by on 02/08/2015
  • It was Naturally the cat's choice!
    Recently purchased Purina Cat Chow Naturals, and my cats could not be happier with the taste or texture! I am happy there are no artificial flavors or preservatives that put a load on my kitty's digestive system. It's a winning combination: my cats are healthy and happy without undue fuss, and I am happy too! by on 02/08/2015
  • Good for multiple cat households
    I have one older cat and a younger cat. I chose this type of food because it has nutrients for both. They both like the taste, and are happy with it. by on 02/08/2015
  • Best, most affordable cat food.
    I not only enjoy watching my cats scramble over one another to get to the food bowl but I enjoy seeing them remaining at appropriate weights and not having health issues. I even feed this to my hedge hogs. by on 02/08/2015
  • Kitty Loves it
    My kitty really enjoys this food, and I like that it doesn't have additives or anything unnecessary. Kitty is healthy and active, and is always excited to eat her food. by on 02/08/2015
  • Love it!
    This is by far the best food. I love that it's all natural. The best product I have purchased for my cats so far. by on 02/08/2015
  • Great
    My cat loves this food. ill buy it for him over and over by on 02/08/2015
  • Cats love it!
    I love that it is natural and my cats love the taste. by on 02/08/2015
  • Great Product
    I really like this food , my cats love it and its not bad on their tummy by on 02/08/2015
  • My cats won't eat anything else
    My cats won't eat anything else! No if I could just get him to take his head out the bowl long enough to pour the food in. and if I could get his head out long enough to let his sister eat that would be great too! by on 02/08/2015
  • Koko loves Purina Naturals
    We started Koko on Purina Natural, when a friend gave us a bag. He has been on in ever since. He is a very picky cat, when it comes to his food. He loves the taste and it is good for him. It is the only kind of food we buy for him. by on 02/08/2015
  • Super Good
    My cats were throwing up on foods with artificial coloring. Naturals has no coloring and my cat have stopped throwing up. I'm glad I tried Naturals. My cats like the taste too. by on 02/08/2015
  • My cats love it!
    My cats seem to love the taste and I've noticed a huge improvement in their coats, they don't seem to shed as much! by on 02/08/2015
  • Loved It!
    After using different brands of dry cat food that my cat would only eat with treats added to it, I decided to try Purina Naturals. Finally, I found a food that my cat loves to eat without having to add treats to it. by on 02/08/2015
  • It's one they all eat
    We have 4 cats , 1 is elderly, 1 is diabetic. This is the cat food for all of them. They all like it, and it keeps the diabetic cat happy, since he prefers dry food. Our neighbor's cat even stops by for some. by on 02/08/2015
  • Kitties love it
    We have three cats and it was always hard to find something each one would eat. We tried many different foods and it always seemed like either one or two would eat the food while the third wanted nothing to do with the food. However, once we bought Purina Cat Chow Naturals our quest to find a food to satisfy all tastes ended. All three cats love the Cat Chow Naturals. by on 02/08/2015
  • Thanks from our cat with a sensitive tummy!
    Years ago, we took in a kitten that our neighbors threw on the street when they moved, a little boy who looked all white with pale blue eyes. He was having a very hard time with his tummy, suffering from chronic loose stools and upset tummy. We tried all kinds of food, including expensive specialty food, and still our little boy's tummy wouldn't settle down. He went to the vet many times to rule out any kind of infection or parasite. When we tried Purina Naturals, everything changed! Not only did his tummy problem end, his beautiful creamy flame point markings darkened and his eyes turned from pale to vibrant blue! Our beloved and beautiful flame point siamese is now eight years old, healthy, happy and beautiful, thanks to the only cat food we feed! by on 02/08/2015
  • cat loves..........
    Natural no dyes my cat loves this will not eat no other food,but l put can food from time to change up his feeding menu. Little guy by on 02/08/2015
  • Great food
    My cat loves it and seems to be healthy and thriving on it. Has been eating it for about 4 years now. by on 02/08/2015
  • My picky eater loves this!
    My senior lady loves this food! We've tried many varieties of cat chow over the years, as she has grown and as her tastes have changed, and this one has been her favorite for quite a while. The Naturals product is small kibble that is easy to chew, a taste she likes, and neutral in color -helpful to me for the occasional upchucks that happen on the carpet! by on 02/08/2015
  • Natural?
    When I read natural I expect natural ingredients. The first ingredients on the packaging are chicken meal and corn gluten meal. These are not good for your animals. When under a tight budget I would recommend this product unless you have a sick cat. One of my cats has leukemia and refuses to eat the naturals however he will eat the kitten chow. I'm not sure if its because of the taste or if its unsettling to his stomach. Overall the formula could use some work but my cats seam to enjoy it for the most part. by on 02/08/2015
  • Natural
    My GiGi loves the Natural by Purina. She slides into home bowl when she hears the container opening! by on 02/08/2015
  • my cats' favorite!
    My cats took to this food right away with none of the usual side effects that stem from switching foods. They won't eat anything else which made it difficult for my boys when they had to switch to UTI formula for their health. They still prefer the Naturals and so do the neighborhood strays I try to feed through cold weather. by on 02/08/2015
  • All Natural
    Nutrition is important to my family and it's nice to know that my cat can now eat healthy just like the family. by on 02/08/2015
  • cats like it
    one of very few brands my cats like to eat. feel good about giving it to them. doesnt upset their stomachs. by on 02/08/2015
  • my cats love it
    i got it as a tryial product ,my catsd loved even penny who doesnt normally like dry by on 02/08/2015
  • Great Value and Cats think it's Yummy
    My 3 cats love this product. I will continue to purchase this product. by on 02/08/2015
  • My Cats Like Naturals!
    Purina Cat Chow Naturals is the food that my cats prefer. I have three kitties that wait patiently each morning for the alarm to sound. To me, it means getting up for work. To Cody, Marti, and Cookie, it means time for breakfast! I am escorted to the kitchen, where my babies lead the way to the cupboard where their food is stored, just in case I forgot. Then, once I have filled their bowls, I am allowed to proceed with my day. Naps and games of tag are the order of the day, until Mom (Me) comes home. Then we have family time and snuggle time, then bed time. Happy Kitties! Then we repeat! by on 02/08/2015
  • Happy Cats.
    This is the only food I will buy for my cats. They love it! Every time a new bag comes home they race me upstairs to watch me put it in their dish. by on 02/08/2015
  • No dyes to stain your carpet!
    Cat Chow Naturals is my household's standard bag of kibble. All of my cats love it--even the ones with the sensitive stomachs. The plus side to this variety is because there are no artificial dyes, when cats have hairballs or occasionally throw up because they ate too fast, it doesn't stain the carpet at all! by on 02/08/2015
  • Highly recommend!
    With cats that have serious food allergies, this is one of the few foods they can eat. & they love it! by on 02/08/2015
  • Snowball's fav
    My sweet Snowball has decided as he is getting older that Cat Chow Naturals is the only way to go. He doesn't want to eat any other kind! I am sooo glad that you provide a healthy and natural formula for us! by on 02/08/2015
  • crazy snow
    Snow is so funny.He loves his original cat chow Mbit when he gets the indoor half way through the bag he starts to so it the green ones out. by on 02/08/2015
  • Oliver loves this food!
    My cat, Oliver, loves this food and I love the fact that it doesn't have added artificial flavors or preservatives. by on 02/08/2015
  • Great food!
    I switched from Cat Chow Indoor to the Naturals, and my cat loves it even more! by on 02/08/2015
  • My kitty approves!
    I started my kitten on kitten chow when I first brought her home. I was worried switching her to cat food but cat naturals made it easy and she seems to love it just as much as kitten chow! by on 02/07/2015
  • Excellent cat food
    My cat is very hard to fine the food he will eat. Out of all the brands of cat chow. naturals is the best one my cat loves to eat. makes me happy and him happy with the food he likes. by on 02/07/2015
  • My cats think it's purrrfect!!
    After eating some natural kitty chow my cats always seem more energized and happy. They love the taste! Thanks Purina! by on 02/07/2015
  • New Taste
    My three cats love this food. They like to pick out their favorite kibbles first though! by on 02/07/2015
  • Great Cat Food
    My cats both love the taste of this food. They are pretty picky babies and they love this. by on 02/07/2015
  • awesome product
    My Cat Tigger loves his Purina natural food... it so extremely good for him to eat healthy chemical food by on 02/07/2015
  • go for it
    we have only tried this product once, but it is well worth trying again. by on 02/07/2015
  • Cats Like It
    My cats like this formula, and I do, too. They eat it and I like that it isn't like plastic after I drench it in their wet food. I'm glad it's available locally, although I can't find it everywhere. by on 02/07/2015
  • Kitty loves it!
    My cat has has been a lot healthier ever since I switched him to this food. I'm glad to know he will live longer now! by on 02/07/2015
  • the cat likes it
    My cat is a picky eater. she hates wet food and most dry food doesn't have enough protein to be eaten alone. This food however does and has a taste my cat loves. It's win-win all all-around. by on 02/07/2015
  • mmm
    no artificial colors! why would cats need them anyways? by on 02/07/2015
  • Happy Cats
    It was hard finding a good quality food that all of my cats enjoyed, and this one seems to make them happy. by on 02/07/2015
  • Excellent product!
    I have 5 cats (Simon, Maisy, Newton, Finnegan & Linus) and they mean the world to me. I like the fact that I am giving them a natural food that takes care of all of their nutritional needs. And they like the taste! Thank you Purina! by on 02/07/2015
  • Great addition
    I like the varieties that purina offers. It fits perfect with their brand. My cats enjoy the flavor and I like the quality. by on 02/07/2015
  • Enjoyed by cats young and old
    We give this to our young kitty as well as mature ones in the family as well as the guests (strays) that visit our outdoor 'cat house' (built as a warm shelter during colder months). Enjoyed by all. Even our free-range backyard chickens love the occasional morsels. by on 02/07/2015
  • cat likes it
    Cat likes it. Had trouble finding a food my cat liked by on 02/07/2015
  • Best dry food
    My cat Princess can not eat any thing with red dye in it or she throws up. I started feeding her Purina Naturals and she is doing great. No am clean ups any more. by on 02/07/2015
  • Good dry product
    Still not thrilled about having corn meal but cannot afford an all meat diet. My cats that are on it (I have one allergy girl on special RX diet) are thriving, have very healthy weights and a shine in their coats. by on 02/07/2015
  • Great product
    I have two cats and feed them Purina Naturals. They both love it. I love it because it has natural ingredients to keep my cats healthy and active. by on 02/07/2015
  • Our cats love the taste
    We are the owners of 4 wonderful cats. However, they are all finicky about what they eat. Recently we switched to Purina Naturals and even after gradually eliminating the previous food, they LOVED it! We would highly recommend Purina Naturals. by on 02/07/2015
  • Cats Love It
    I decided to give Purina Cat Naturals a try. I've always been pleased with Purina products and this food is another great product. My cats love it. by on 02/07/2015
    They all look forward to feeding time. They really appear to enjoy the taste. No leftovers. healthy and happy kitties! Actually have one who might need to enjoy it a little less ha ha. by on 02/07/2015
  • love this stuff
    Finally cat food my cat enjoys eating! Recommended by on 02/07/2015
  • The Ark says we approve
    As a rescue & foster person & a owner of her own ark my four legged children prefer naturals & Purina Indoor cat chow mixed together. It is after all their house they just allow me to wait on them. If they're all happy so am I. by on 02/07/2015
  • No Colored Food
    We switched to this brand and product within the last month trying to get away from all the red dyes that are found in so many food's. Adding the fact that this is overall healthier then what we were using, we are pleased. Our 4 cats are spoiled and weren't very thrilled when we changed it but after a day they took to it well and enjoy it very much. by on 02/07/2015
  • Naturally Natural
    I have three cats and they LOVE this product! It's purrrfect! by on 02/07/2015