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  • Naturals
    I had a problem with all 3 of my cats when they ate dry food. After they ate it, they got sick. Since I have switched to Cat Chow Naturals, they don't seem to have that problem any more. Thanks Purina. by on 12/27/2015
  • Happy Kitty
    Switched from this food to the Indoor formula because it was better for my cat but was satisfied with this when we used it! by on 12/26/2015
  • Cat thinks it's a treat!
    I got a sample of Naturals chicken flavor recently and my cat recognized the small bag as her "treats" went crazy meowing for some-- i gave some in her treat dish and she gobbled them up! Now I'll have to alternate the Naturals with her regular One salmon flavor. thank you by on 12/26/2015
  • Good product!
    My cat really enjoyed this product. I would totally recommend it to anyone with a cat. by on 12/26/2015
  • Great
    Great product, my cats love it. Switched back to this after putting them in gentle for a few months but the gentle seemed to upset their stomachs but they have been great since. by on 12/24/2015
  • Good
    I have five very different cats in the house, this is one thing they all seem to agree on! by on 12/23/2015
  • Great quality
    I love all natural and buy this whenever I can afford it. by on 12/23/2015
  • Amazing food
    I adopted my cat and once her food from the shelter finished we tried different kinds of cat food and the only one she loved was purina cat chow minerals. by on 12/22/2015
  • Helps her Tummy
    My cat was having a lot of upset stomach issues. I switched her to this food and she has not had any issues since!! she loves the taste and is very excited for meal time!! by on 12/22/2015
  • good natural choice
    Was looking for a more natural healthier food option with less food dyes. So far the cats love it. and the price isnt bad either by on 12/21/2015
  • ok
    My cats are allergic to this bag but they sure do love each the other bags a lot by on 12/20/2015
  • Older Cat Loves It
    After getting the sample pack I went out and bought a bag for one of my older cats and needless to say she seemed to really enjoy it; it has been more appealing to her than the cat food my other cats eat. by on 12/20/2015
  • Great Product!
    I absolutely love this food for my cats! I feel like I'm giving my cats a better quality food, made with better ingredients. It did take a few weeks for my cats to adjust to the change in taste though, even though I combined the new food with the old food. Best part is I think it has reduced the amount of hair balls my beasts cough up!!! I'm not sure how or why, but I've definitely noticed a decrease. by on 12/20/2015
  • Hebe and Heph say "Like" to your company
    My finicky little Hebe fell in absolute love with this product when I switched her from Purina Kitten Chow. She is such a picky little eater that larger nuggets are just not her style. This is perfect for her. I even use a handful of these nuggets to give her as treats, one at a time. She really feels she is special. On the other hand, her brother Heph, eats anything. He too likes this food, but has totally recognized that they are not snack treats. Silly kittens! Thank you for making a product that I believe was a great change from their kitten chow. by on 12/19/2015
  • AWESOME product
    ALL of my kitties enjoy this food. May not seem like a big deal to some people, but my Snowball is VERY picky!! by on 12/19/2015
  • Yummy for my kitty tummy!
    Last week my human bought some bargain brand food and I had a fit! I wouldn't eat it and made a big mess so she went out and bought me my favorite! I love Purina Cat Chow Naturals! It's easy on my stomach and I have so much energy for my daily activities like running back and forth through the house and watching people outside. It tastes good too! 10/10 would eat this every day! by on 12/18/2015
  • best
    Best quality ! I will recommend to everyone that I know for sure. by on 12/18/2015
  • Cats love
    My cats love the taste of Purina Naturals. I love that is all natural, and good for them. by on 12/18/2015
  • Wonderful cat food!!!
    My 4 cays were on another all natural cat food. It began to give them stomach problems. The food was very expensive. After much research I gradually switched them to Purina Naturals. They love it!!! They never overeat it and all of their stomach problems are gone. Thank you!!!! by on 12/17/2015
  • Coco's Review
    Been trying few different Purina products for my cat. So far, he hasn't Complained! loved them all & meows a lot when bowl is empty! =) by on 12/17/2015
  • Love it!
    My cat really loves this food, and he seems to be doing very well on it! by on 12/17/2015
  • Natural Products good for my kitties
    I switched from Purina Indoor formula for my 3 cats, to Purina Cat chow naturals solely based on my preference for more natural products in their food. I read and researched greatly before switching and am glad I did. I do not like fillers, and poor quality in my cats food. by on 12/16/2015
  • Review by Strays
    My kitty family is the three strays I have adopted as much as possible with an allergic husband! Needless to say these kitties not only enjoy food but they love us for giving them a home and a family. This food always attracts all the local strays. (Not the same can be said about when I left out dog food because that was all I had!) The older stray even licks her paws after eating a meal of this food. According to Tabby that's a rave review. by on 12/15/2015
  • good product
    I bought the naturals, but it cost a little more then the healthy weight and my cat needs the healthy weight. But cats loved it no problems here. by on 12/14/2015
  • Excellent!
    Wonderful product! Cat loved this formula, but wish it came in gentle formula. by on 12/14/2015
  • My cats' favorite Purina!!
    This is both mine and my cats' favorite type of Purina! I love the 'naturals' concept, and they love the taste! by on 12/14/2015
  • It's cat food
    It is crunchy and my cat devours it. What more can I ask for? by on 12/14/2015
  • Good Quality Cat Food
    I am very impressed with the Naturals. This has to be his favorite. Very good stuff! by on 12/14/2015
  • My kitty loved it!
    My cat definitely loved this product! He seemed to have a lot of energy after eating this food, and was in an excellent mood. I definitely think your kitty should try this(: by on 12/14/2015
  • Love from a picky cat!
    Both of my Maine Coone mix babies are terribly picky about what they will eat and they give Purina Naturals a thumbs up! by on 12/13/2015
  • Excellent Product
    We love how gentle this product is for our cat. He is a picky eater and this is his favorite dry food formula. It is a quality product that offers many different nutritional values for our fur baby. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. by on 12/13/2015
  • Nothing better than Natural
    I love anything Natural. The ingredients are good. However, my kitten didn't really like it. She ate it, but not with her usual gusto. by on 12/13/2015
  • My cat loves it!!
    I got a sample of this at the store, and gave it to my cat and he absolutely loved it. Since we have switched him over to Purina naturals, I have noticed that his fur is shiny and he is far more active than before. by on 12/13/2015
  • good product
    Good for my cats with sensitive stomachs...I think the product is reasonably priced by on 12/10/2015
  • all natural!!
    I love the fact that this cat food has all natural ingredients. My cats also love the taste! by on 12/09/2015
  • I like the ingredigent list
    Babou my 2 tr cat really likes this food , and I like the ingredients that are used. It is in a good price point and I feel good buying it. by on 12/09/2015
  • Love it!
    My cat reacts to this food as if it's wet food. He absolutely loves it. by on 12/09/2015
  • Very good!
    My cats love this stuff, and it's good for them. Win-win! by on 12/08/2015
  • Proud Owner
    I have tried this product and wasnt so sure of it but to my cats needs it fit him just right. I have recommended this product to many cat owners I know and they have went with the product. I will continue to keep buying this product because it makes my cat very happy and if hes happy i am happy! by on 12/08/2015
  • Happy cats
    My cats enjoy the Healthy Formula a lot, and since I have a Hinalayan, I really like the all-natural ingredients and the hairball control! by on 12/08/2015
  • My cats go crazy for it
    My cats love this food. They go crazy for it. If I try to give them some other kind they don't even want to eat it. I won't buy them anything but the naturals now. by on 12/07/2015
  • Naturals cat food
    My cat seems to really enjoy this cat food. I really enjoy the fact that it is natural!! by on 12/06/2015
  • delicious
    my kitty loves it too, she seems very grateful that i fed her cat chow naturals! by on 12/06/2015
  • Great Product!
    My cat Gloria loves this food! She is able to eat this without her stomach feeling upset. I'm glad I found a cat food that has Vitamins and minerals. I would definitely buy this product again! by on 12/05/2015
  • our cats love purina naturals!
    Our cats love the taste and we love how shiny and soft it makes their coats! by on 12/05/2015
  • Purina naturals
    Instead of buying cat treats I put naturals in a small container and shake it. They all come running! I feed my cats Purina gentle in their food bowls because 2 of my 4 cats have very sensitive stomach. Since they enjoyed naturals so much it is still a part of their daily diet. Jane C. by on 12/05/2015
  • Great Product
    my cats love this food. good for them and all natural by on 12/05/2015
  • The only food for our cats
    We have three beautiful cats of varying ages. We always want to make sure that they are receiving the most nutritious, best tasting food for them. They always eat Purina Cat Chow Naturals and refuse anything else! by on 12/04/2015
  • No Upset Tummies...
    My cats love this formula ... AND ... there are no more upset tummies. by on 12/04/2015
  • Love Naturals!
    I love Naturals dry food, as do my cats, all 36 of them! I also like that the product is wholesome and not all by products! Thanks so much! by on 12/04/2015
  • A great find!
    I will be honest - I was given a bag of this when I received a foster who promptly delivered EIGHT (8) kittens!! Looking for something to supplement her diet yet have natural ingredients going into her breast milk this has been a great find. And she likes it! About to run out now - so I WILL be buying her more! by on 12/04/2015
  • Great natural formula
    I love this Natural blend, I always check the list of ingredients before I will feed my furbabies anything, and I love that this product is full of quality ingredients and not useless fillers! by on 12/04/2015
  • Helps keep your cat healthy
    This product is great. It really gives your cat the right amount of vitamins and nutrients they need. by on 12/04/2015
  • Quality product
    Purina Naturals is the only cat chow I buy! My cat is very picky and has never responded well when I try and switch him to a different food. He will eat all the chunks of this food and ignore all other pieces whenever I try and blend them. That being said, I love that I have found an affordable brand that he loves. by on 12/04/2015
  • My 2 cats love this food!
    I started buying this dry food when the girls at my vet told me to always keep my cats on one kind of food. They love it! by on 12/04/2015
  • They Won't Eat Anything Else
    When we brought Maggie home from the shelter, she had been eating Purina Cat Chow Naturals. We kept her on it feeling that it would help in her transition and understanding how fussy some cats are regarding food. When Cali joined us we saw no point in changing. In spite of putting out separate bowls for each, the sisters preferred to eat out of the same one. When Grayson became a member of the family, it was the same deal. While the girls will sit patiently before eating, Grayson cries like a baby for food although the bowl is never empty. He likes company when he eats and wants to be petted while doing so which I've never experienced before. At the times when I could not obtain Naturals because local stores failed to carry it and therefore switched to another Purina product, they refused to eat. Needless to say, Naturals is the only dry cat food for my family. by on 12/04/2015
  • 3 fur babies
    My three fur babies also like this flavor of cat food. by on 12/03/2015
  • Cat chow
    We have two cats and they just love your cat food ! We will always be a loyal customer ! by on 12/03/2015
  • My cats love it
    Im feel secure of my cat´s health eating this. Full recommended, my cat´s loves it by on 12/02/2015
  • Causes Cat Dancing
    My cat danced around the bag meowing, I couldn't get it open fast enough. He wouldn't wait for a bowl he stuck his head into the bag. by on 12/02/2015
  • Good stuff
    Use it because two of my cats have sensitive systems that are bothered by the artificial dyes in other products. by on 12/02/2015
  • Favorite
    All my cats love it. I've tried alot of different cat food brands and this is the best by far. by on 12/02/2015
  • Cat's Favorite
    This is my cat's favorite food, we've tried others but this is the only kind that keeps him happy and healthy! by on 12/01/2015
  • The boys Love it! >^.,.^<
    Purina Cat chows Naturals is the only brand of dry cat food both our cats love! Jack is older and Rudy is younger but they both agree on this choice of food. I'm happy they love it and that it's healthy for them. by on 12/01/2015
  • ahahahah
    great product great alla around 10/10 sldnkkksnfhh by on 11/30/2015
  • Good for cats with sensitive tummy
    My cat has special dietary needs and can not eat food with dye in it. Purina cat food Naturals meets all their needs it's a great product and my cat has eaten it for years and still loves it! by on 11/30/2015
  • Feline Delight!
    My furry children love this product! I love that it is all natural and now it can be fed to any age cat! by on 11/30/2015
  • Great product
    My cats weren't eating their usual food, so we got this and they love it! by on 11/30/2015
  • Finicky kitties
    I was giving my 4 cats purina smart blend and decided to give them a change, so I bought Naturals indoor for them. From the first bowl they loved it. I am so glad that purina makes many different types of food. I was raised in a family that only bought Purina for our pets and now I will only give my own pets Purina . by on 11/30/2015
  • Cat get enough
    My cats love the naturals and I feel I am getting them good nutrient. I had a cat for 21 years who passed away 3 years ago and now that I have my new kittens, (they are 3 though, but they will always be the kittens) I wanted to find them healthy affordable food. I find the naturals are a good source of natural products without killing the bank book. I also tried the more "expensive brand" and my cats wouldn't touch it. I find my cats can't get enough of the naturals, but keep their healthy shapes. by on 11/29/2015
  • Finally Found a Food Our Maine Coons Love!
    It took a while, but we finally found a food our big kitties liked to eat, is easy on their bellies and provides the high protein their breed requires. Not only has Cat Chow Naturals worked out the best for our two boys, but it is VERY affordable as well. by on 11/29/2015
    I love this product, because my CAT loves this product! by on 11/29/2015
  • Great for the price
    This is a pretty good budget friendly food. My three cats like it. by on 11/29/2015
  • tasty but smelly
    my cats love it bu it makes them gassy. idk what to do to stop it by on 11/29/2015
  • Good for my cat!
    My cat loves this food and never becomes sick from it (there are other Purina dry foods that impact his digestion). by on 11/29/2015
  • Nothing new
    My cat's were bored with it, they poo pooed it. It just seemed like any other cat food. by on 11/29/2015
  • My cats love this cat food :)
    The Purina Cat Chow Naturals brand is terrific. My cats love it and I love the fact that it is healthy for them. You pay a bit more for this brand but it is definitely worth it in my opinion. The fact that they use real meat is wonderful. You usually get what you pay for and I want my cats to have healthy food not just fillers. by on 11/28/2015
    i just got a new cat, and this is the first food that she will actually eat! love it! by on 11/28/2015
  • My cat loves this food!!!!!
    My cat was getting sick from everything I fed him. I tried the Purina naturals and I finally found a food that does not make my cat sick! Plus it is all natural so it is better for him. by on 11/28/2015
  • The best choice for a healthy cat
    Organic and natural food is all a cat should be eating. They cannot properly digest all of these filler products mixed into other brands. I recommend their Natural cat chow more than any other brand! by on 11/27/2015
  • LOVE!
    I have four cats, different ages...they love all the lines! by on 11/27/2015
  • Natural and Great
    My cat seemed to really enjoy this product and had more energy. I would recommend his product. by on 11/27/2015
  • Go-to
    This is my cats favorite. He is a picky eater but the naturals is always a safe choice. Not only does my cat love it, but I know it's healthy and giving him all the nutrition he needs. by on 11/27/2015
  • great natural product
    i like to eat organic natural foods as much as possible and now can feed my cat some too by on 11/27/2015
  • Nom Nom
    My cats love this food we have tried a lot of cat food and this is there favorite. It's a good price and its the more healthier cat food for them. by on 11/26/2015
  • Great value and taste
    My cats like this product and I have picky animals. It didn't upset their stomachs either. by on 11/26/2015
  • I like that it is natural
    I like that food because it is a healthy natural option for my cat. It even helps her have less hair balls. by on 11/25/2015
  • awesome
    Both my cats got switched to naturals. They both seem to like it! Great product! by on 11/25/2015
  • Healthy and affordable!
    My cats have been eating Purina Naturals for 4+ years. They love it and it meets all their nutritional needs. It's also much more affordable and easier to find than other natural cat food brands, which is what I need right now providing for multiple cats while working and in school. by on 11/24/2015
  • Finally found a brand!!!!
    My cat was always so picky about what he ate so we finally tried this kind of food and he loves it no more experimenting!!!!! by on 11/23/2015
  • Nice treat
    I use this for a treat bowl over the regular food. by on 11/23/2015
  • Purina Naturals
    Two of my cats ate this with glee, but my third cat didn't like it too much. He would nibble a little, then look at me, waiting for something else. He eats the other Purina foods, just doesn't seem satisfied with the Naturals. by on 11/23/2015
  • Outdoor Kitties Love
    My cat and her cat friends love it lol Shes never spit up hair ball and it doesn't upset her tummy. by on 11/22/2015
  • It's Grrrrreeaaatt!
    This was actually the first Purina cat Chow flavor I've ever bought! I really like the more natural foods so this worked out just fine my cats really enjoy it! by on 11/22/2015
  • Great Product
    My baby boy Edward loves this product! I would recommend this to anyone. I would love to switch him to the Healthy Weight product but I can never find it in stores. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Love #Purina! by on 11/22/2015
  • My kitten loves his Natural Cat Chow
    My cat (Tanner) really loves his Cat Chow Naturals, I was feeding him Kitten Chow, but he is about 10 months now, so I am slowly adding Cat Chow Naturals and switching him over. He seems to really like the taste and I fell like it is a healthier choice for him. by on 11/22/2015
  • Great Proudct
    My cats loved it, and are very picky at times. And was sensitive to their stomachs which I really appreciated by on 11/22/2015
  • Fatman LOVES this food
    When we first got Fatman he was eating a store brand food. We decided to switch him to the Naturals because we like the Purina brand and because he was new to us, we weren't sure how his digestive track would handle other formulas. Once we started it we never stopped. Fatman is a big cat but he is healthy and energetic. He loves the food so much that he reminds us when it's dinner or breakfast time. by on 11/22/2015
  • indoors natural
    I just got a free sample of indoors naturals cat food and my cats gobbled it up! by on 11/22/2015
  • Naturals
    My cat loves it , I've noticed a lot less gas and odor when she uses the litter box so that's a plus too by on 11/22/2015