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Purina Cat Chow Naturals understands that a cat's natural diet includes high levels of proteinand that's what inspired this formula. Purina uses whole grains, real chicken and other high-quality protein sources. They also include fiber to help control hairballs, vitamins and minerals, and a touch of leafy greens. What didn't they add? Artificial flavors or preservatives. They use the finest ingredients and a select blend of protein, carbs, and fat in every bag of Purina Cat Chow.... Read More



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Thank you!

It is hard to find an affordable cat food out there that doesn't have grain listed as their first ingredient on the ingredient list! This cat food has chicken meal listed first. Hooray!! And it doesn't cost a fortune. I feel my cat has been healthier since I switched to this cat food!! Thanks! by on 03/28/2015
not for my picky kitty

I feed my cat purina one and I guess I have to stay with that lol by on 03/28/2015
is it better?

no added colors, no added un-needed anything, easy to find, easy to feed by on 03/27/2015
Scrapy's favorit food!

The Purina naturals is the best food ever!! My cat loves it! :) by on 03/27/2015
purina naturals review

Purina Naturals makes our cats happy.... we have 7 indoor cats and 6 of them eat this food readily. One of the cats turns his nose up at any dry food.They have shiny coats and bright eyes. by on 03/27/2015
Gizmo and Millennium love this!!!

I have a very picky 16 year old senior cat and a very active 3 year old cat.....was needing a food they both would love and benefit from. I initially chose this one because it had no red dye in it. My "boys" go crazy for this!!!!! by on 03/26/2015
Preferred Cat food

The first of our two cats, at the time, loved this formula of cat food. We then rescued another cat that was hiding in our backyard we started feeding it immediately to him. Our first cat's fur was super shiny, but the rescued cat had a dull dry coat. After 3 months the rescued cat's black coat was just as shiny as our other black cats coat. Now we have 2 healthy happy cats. by on 03/26/2015

I didn't like this one. Smell mademade my car act ad though he was covering poo in the litter box. Never seen a cat try to cover his food by on 03/26/2015
Our 2 cats love it!

We are very happy with the naturals formula. Our cats love it and so do we! by on 03/26/2015
Love it

My cat is about 10 years old. She was a stray and she loves purnia cat chow natural! She seems a lot more active since she been in it. by on 03/25/2015
Best Food For My Baby

This is the best food I have found on the market to date My Callie has been raised on nothing but Purina by on 03/25/2015
Great Product

All six of my inside adult cats are on Naturals. They love it and so do I, lol. No issues with upset tummies. So glad I found something they can all agree on. by on 03/25/2015

When I figured my kitten was ready to move on, I gave her Purina Naturals. I think it was a good move. by on 03/25/2015
my cats know the difference

I don't know what it is about cat chow but buying a different brand they barely like it but when I try a new type of cat chow like naturals they absolutely love it! I don't know what we'd do if Purina Cat Chow wasn't around anymore. Thanks Purina! by on 03/24/2015
Go to cat food

My cat loves this food and I'm happy to feed it to him. It's much healthier than other brands. by on 03/24/2015
Best Distraction Ever

My cats love this kibble so much, as soon as they hear the bits hit their plates, they stop whatever mayhem they're up to and come running. My house is never as peaceful as it is during dinner time. by on 03/24/2015

I have been buying purina naturals for about 4 years. My cat loves it and I love how there are no artificial colors or flavors. by on 03/24/2015
Great Product

Natural food for the cat is always a better option by on 03/24/2015
Cat's love it...

The reason for this review is more about the new larger bag. The food as always well liked by my cats and they never turn it down and they are all healthy and there coats never looked better. I love the larger bag size of this and Cat Chow Complete. These are their staple food I feed them and go thru 40 lb or more a month. A lot of kitties eat a lot of food. by on 03/24/2015

I have 2 kitty's that absolutely loooovvvee Purina Naturals! Out of all of the foods I've tried with them this one is a winner! by on 03/23/2015

The only food my kitty will eat! Yummy! He's such a picky eater.... by on 03/23/2015

Naturals is my senior cats go to favorite of all the Cat Chow brands. Sometime they can be picky,but they always love Naturals by on 03/23/2015
All my cats love this!

We have adopted seven strays who were dropped off in our neighborhood. All of them love the Naturals kibble and some of them prefer it to wet cat food! There isn't a better endorsement than that. by on 03/23/2015
Great Product!!

My kittens love this product. They started eating it at 7 months old. My previous cat loved it too. The price is right and they clean their bowls. by on 03/23/2015
My tabby loves this food!

My sweet boy loves this food so much, as I write this he's currently chewing at the bag I just bought. I love how affordable it is too! by on 03/23/2015

This was given to my moms new cat, at first was not eating, now he loves it and wants all the time. We do not know what the food was that he was used to .... because we got him used. lol by on 03/23/2015
Can't go wrong!

My cat is so picky when it comes to dry food. I was amazed how quickly she took to this brand. She munches all day long and that's okay because not only is it healthy, you can purchase this product at an affordable price. So now, me and my cat are very happy! Thank you Purina!!! by on 03/23/2015
its Great!

It's the only cat food my cats will eat without getting sick of it! and its keeping them healthy at the same time! by on 03/23/2015
great product

My cat loves thiSent food. This food is so good for her also. by on 03/23/2015

I have 9 kitties, and they just love this food. I have experimented and bought all different brands and even other varieties of Purina but this seems to be the one preffered! by on 03/23/2015

Perfect for a family who is natural and interested in health your pet can enjoy tbat as well by on 03/23/2015
Favorite cat food brand

This is THE cat food product in my house. All of my cats love this brand the best. I will buy two to three options per week for my cats and my cats will opt to eat this flavor first. At times when the other brand or flavor is still available the cats will beg for the Naturals brand. They simply love it. by on 03/22/2015
Natural Formula

I think it is important what we feed our animals and now with this Natural formula I feel a whole lot better kniwing whats going into their little bellies. They have thrived with this formula as well. I am also happy knowing I am feeding then something I feel is healthier. by on 03/22/2015
Purina Cat Naturals Review

Great quality at a great price. A taste my cats enjoy! by on 03/22/2015

My American bobtail has a really sensitive stomach and this is the only food I've bought that doesn't make him sick. by on 03/22/2015
Great natural cat food

This is a great cat food with awesome, all natural ingredients! I would definitely recommend this to a friend. by on 03/22/2015
good stuff

My cats like it, and it's a good value. Theyve eaten Cat Chow all their lives and are quite healthy. by on 03/22/2015
Great product

Super Great productSuper Great productSuper Great productSuper Great productSuper Great productSuper Great product by on 03/22/2015

My two indoor fur-babies really like the naturals. by on 03/22/2015
Well worth a try

Well worth a try. I tried it because my cat wasn't eating good and vomiting. She really enjoys it. She feels better, her coat is shinier, and acts like a kitten again. Very playful for a 13 yr old cat. by on 03/21/2015
Great Alternative

This is a great alternative to some of the overpriced natural food diets that are sold in the pet store. Just like other natural cat foods it has no artificial flavors or preservatives, but it is much more affordable. My cats didn't like this food as much as other Purina diets, but my sister's cat does. My sister has tried several more expensive natural diets and her cat didn't like them, so she was very pleased when not only did her cat like this food, but that it was affordable and more convenient since she didn't have to purchase it at the pet store. by on 03/21/2015
Cats enjoy this food

My cats enjoy this food seems to be more filling and they do not vomit after they eat seemed as my cats ate other brands they threw up dye cant keep the dogs out of it which isn't a good thing! by on 03/21/2015
picky eater happy

My cat Pancho is such a picky eater and just lost 5 of his teeth. After he healed he needed a cat food with small morsels that he could chew and I found the Purina Cat Chow Naturals and he LOVES it. I appreciate that the actual size of the food was on the front of the bag and that's why I purchased it and I'm sooooo happy he loves it. Thank you Purina Cat Chow by on 03/21/2015
Favorite of the cat chow products

This is my favorite out of all the cat chow products and what I continue to feed my cat on a regular basis. While Its not completely natural, it is definitely the healthier option of the cat chow brands by on 03/21/2015
former ferals LOVE it!

I have been TSNR feral cats in my neighborhood for years. About five years ago a mom brought a litter to an elaborate "kitty kondo" I had built for the ferals that were hanging around my house. The mom disappeared one day, but her four babies remained. I lost one two years ago, PepPep. But the sisters, ZorroZaaZaa, Tab and Black n White have stayed. They usually don't even leave the yard, that I know about. They, along with a few others that dine here, CK, Blondie and Negra (abandoned and left behind by their previous owners), all just LOVE the Purina Naturals. I buy the BIG bag and mix it with a small amount of a very high dollar, fish based dry cat food and they just devour it. by on 03/21/2015
My Kittiess love this

My 3 indoor Kitties LOVE this Cat food and they have healthy shine to their coats by on 03/21/2015
Great Product

My 2 cats love this food. They were having trouble with other food products and I decided to try the Naturals and it has worked out for them both. by on 03/21/2015
Try new things

Thought I would try naturals, and my cats love it. this is my new brand if cat food. by on 03/20/2015
Cat loved product

Our 9 cats ( was 11) prefer Cat Chows Natural. Even the wild birds like this product. by on 03/20/2015
Wonderful ingredients!

This product has alot of essentials and minerals a cat needs , unfortunantly my cats stomach didnt agree to well. she is very sensitive and ive tried everything. Other than that Id recommend this product. by on 03/20/2015

My cats loved this,also very inexpensive. I have an older cat with not the best of teeth love that the pieces aren't so both cats can enjoy by on 03/20/2015
Annie's Favorite

My cat Annie loves Naturals!!!!!!!!! She would eat this only if we let her. by on 03/20/2015
great taste

autumn is one of those finicky cats and I tried many dry foods and this is a need to search any further. by on 03/20/2015
yummy yummy for my cats tummy

My cats love this mixed with the cat chow. They have beautiful coats, proper weight and are healthy and I think this product is part of the reason why. Will buy over and over for my furry friends, this is a brand I know and trust. by on 03/20/2015
Naturally Yummy

My kitty, Mushu, refuses to eat anything else! We feed it to her twice a day and she absolutely loves it. by on 03/20/2015

I switched my cat to Purina Naturals because she has digestive problems. She does great and loves the food. I love the price, the quality, and knowing my cat is getting food that is good for her. I suggest the Purina brand to all of my cat owner friends! by on 03/19/2015
Kitty no like

He didn't like it. Sadly he scratched at it like he was trying to cover it up. There's a smell about it he doesnt care for. by on 03/19/2015
Cats are digging it!

I have had excellent results with this one. It is more affordable then the one they were previously on and i get the same results by on 03/19/2015
Purina Naturals

This type has ingredients that a cat really needs & not meal bi-products. by on 03/19/2015
Awesome Cat Food! :)

So many cat foods have some ingredient other than meat listed as the first ingredient so to find a food that's healthy for my cats, is affordable, and that they love is awesome. I can feel good about what I'm feeding my furry babies without emptying my bank account. ;) by on 03/19/2015

My kitties seemed not to enjoy this as much as their usual indoor formula. Our store was out at the time, so they've had this a couple of times. Leo, Libby & Kitten just didn't seem as interested in this formula. They enjoy their indoor variety better. ;) by on 03/19/2015
Finally a food that helps...

My little 16 year old kitty has been "bulemic" since day 1. This food helps with that as she doesn't get sick NEARLY as much as with other foods. She has been maintaining a healthy weight & loves to eat it :) by on 03/18/2015
First Time Trying

Cats seem to enjoy it. Because it is "natural", it makes me feel better about feeding them this! by on 03/18/2015
Charlie loves it!

Very happy to finally find a food my cat enjoys that is good for him and a reasonable price by on 03/18/2015
Purina Cat Chow Naturals

My Cat Mr. Buddha Head Loves Loves Loves this Cat Chow! He has never gotten tired of it since I started giving it to him. My Boyfriend once bought a different brand of Dry Cat food and Mr. Buddha Head looked up and meowed at him. He was like what is this Kibble?! This is not 'My' Kibble! Where is 'My' Kibble?! I pour the dry food into a plastic container to keep it fresh. It even made a different sound than the brand my Boyfriend bought lol. by on 03/18/2015
Like that it is natural

I alternate what I buy my oldest cat, because she gets bored easy. This seems to be one that she enjoys. by on 03/18/2015
Our Cats Think its Purrrrfect!

No other food makes our cats happier! i would reccomend Purina Cat Chow to anyone, not just a friend! My cats coat is left soft and shiney from the Food, Plus they are crazy for the taste too! available pretty much anywhere that sells catfood and at such an affordable price, its the best option in my opinion! by on 03/18/2015
Even Finicky Eaters Will Love It!

My finickiest eater loves it. She would only eat canned food until I tried Naturals. Now she won't hardly eat canned food because she wants Naturals. by on 03/18/2015
Trying to prevent puking

I've tried different brands/formulas to see if I could prevent puking. They still puke, but it seems to be less often. by on 03/18/2015
Good Product

This is my first time buying this product because I wanted something better for my two cats. So far, they seem to love it! My kitten especially can't stop munchin' on it! by on 03/18/2015
Great for my cats

My cats really enjoyed Naturals. I didn't think that they would. But Vader took it instantly and enjoys eating it. by on 03/18/2015
my older cats love it

I mix this food with the blue bag of Purina. My older cats enjoy it and pick it out first. I would recommend this food. by on 03/18/2015
Finicky eater

Good food for a finicky eater. The price is good. I feel like its a higher quality of food. by on 03/17/2015
My cats love it!

This is a great food for indoor kitties. My older cat has a sensitive tummy, and this is perfect for him. He really likes it, and he does not get sick after eating it. It's good for the younger kitties, too. by on 03/17/2015
Great cat food!

I foster strays, I do TNR for the local stray/feral colony and have 13 cats. They all go insane over this food, they hear the bag being opened and they start meowing and going wild! They're all very healthy, energetic, and their coats are gorgeous. I love what this food does for my fur babies! by on 03/17/2015
Leo's Favorite

My sweet kitty Leo loves this stuff! As soon as he reached a year, I converted him from the Kitten Chow. Although, he is not the most picky cat, he enjoys this brand over any other. by on 03/17/2015
Sock's Loves it

I have Sock's a young cat. I switched him from Purina kitten chow to Purina Cat Chow's Naturals and he never blinked. Loves the stuff and so far has not been bothered by hairballs. He is almost two now and has a beautiful soft coat and is quite the beautiful boy. He's indoor/outdoor and he's been in the house most of the winter because of the snow and cold but he's venturing out now that the weather has broke. by on 03/17/2015
Great product!

Good product, good price. Cats approve, so I approve! by on 03/17/2015
Best Purina

This is a very high in protein food especially for breeding cats. Along with Kitten Chow we feed all our kitties naturals. Good tasting and good for them. by on 03/17/2015

My cat definitely loves this variety. It is the only food bag that she pets herself with. by on 03/17/2015
love this product!

My cat love Purina cat food!! It's all she will eat! by on 03/16/2015
Great Product

I feel great about giving this food to my cats. They love the taste and I love the quality. by on 03/16/2015
Purina cat chow naturals

My cat Artemis is a dry food cat. I picked this up on a whim cause my mother who at the time has 3 cats all loved the naturals brand. I've notice and increase in her energy and she seems happier. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reasonably priced effective cat food with a lot of added health benefits. by on 03/16/2015
No Byproducts

When I bring home my cat's food, she will bite open the bag if I'm not quick enough to give her food. She loves the taste and I love that there are no animal byproducts. by on 03/16/2015
Great product

My feline friends think it's the cat's meow! They are completely satisfied by on 03/15/2015
Good eats

I've bought different brands of cat food that my cat wouldn't eat when he grew finicky. When I tried Purina Naturals he always eats it. In fact, I have to limit his eating because he likes it so much! by on 03/15/2015

I'm always trying different purina foods for my boys, and they have enjoyed all of them, but I did have one issue with this formula. For some reason my cats started having some upset tummy issues and were having more hairball and vomiting issues than a typical cat. I changed them over to the healthy formula and havent had any of those issues since! I would still recommend the food if your cats tummy agrees with it because purina is always a great choice for their food! by on 03/15/2015
My cats have found a new love

My cats have always been picky and preferred another brand over all others- even the more expensive ones. Recently we tried the Purina Cat Chow Naturals (because we had a coupon). We've tried the other PCC varieties before, and our cats wouldn't eat it- but to our delight they seem to LOVE the Cat Chow Naturals! They've found a new favorite food and we're happy it's a brand we feel good about feeding our little friends. We would definitely recommend any of the Purina line for our friends and family. by on 03/15/2015
My cat really enjoys

I have tried all the Purina cat chows and my cat loves them all but her favorite is Purina Naturals. Since she has been on it I have seen a decrease in hairballs which I'm very happy about! by on 03/15/2015
Great Product

My cat LOVES this, it's the only food she'll eat! Has never made her sick, she's super healthy, would reccomend it to any cat owner :) by on 03/14/2015
my fave

I have tried several and this bag is my gatos fave! I also like the bag desgin!!! by on 03/14/2015
My cat loves it!

This is the only food my cat will eat. I have tried other Purina kinds and she will eat them for about 2 days and then try to starve herself until I give her the Naturals again. I love how inexpensive it is too! by on 03/14/2015

My cats love the taste of this food, and I love that I'm giving them the nutrition they need! by on 03/14/2015
Good For The Health Conscious

Although not my cats' favorite I liked the idea of feeding my cat something more natural. If you find your precious feline won't eat much, just mix with a little of the Complete formula. by on 03/14/2015
Natural & Delicious

My cat can be picky when it comes to his food. Every so often,, he'll stop eating whatever kind of food he's been eating, so we have a long rotation of several different food types. He likes this one a lot. It's probably his second favorite taste-wise, and the all-natural recipe is reassuring. He likes fresh greens, so I'm sure that contributes to his enjoyment of this line. My cat likes this food, it's natural, and as usual,, it's affordable. You definitely can't go wrong with Cat Chow Naturals. by on 03/14/2015
My furbabies love it!

It's very affordable and both of my cats love it. I've tried switching their food, but they don't seem to enjoy it as much as this one. What mommy's girls want, they get! by on 03/13/2015

I bought this food on a whim. trying to find good tasting food and good quality for my five cats. they all liked this now the cats get good flavor and good quality. by on 03/13/2015
high protein glow

My cats love this cat chow naturals; I was skeptical about feeding my new kittens these morsels I was under the impression that they would not like these older cat food because its all protein based and vitamin based so I thought that the kittens just would not like the taste but I was very wrong the kittens were rhe first to attack the food. The kittens got a mouthful and it was on,like donkey kong love a first taste,this includes the premie baby kitty that is the size of my closed fist ! He loved the food, no trouble chewing the bite size morsels.(I own 19 cats at moment +) by on 03/13/2015

My cat Shadow loves Purina Naturals. We have hardly any hair ball issues. Shadow is happy healthy and extremely active. by on 03/13/2015
Kitys Happy Land

This is a stable in my cat's meal, she enjoys the flavor of it and keeps her relaxed and happy, now she naps longer and wakes up with energy to play. It makes her fur coat soft and shiny by on 03/13/2015