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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7342 reviewers.

  • My cat loves Purina Naturals
    My cat Bella loves the taste of Purina Naturals!! She is eagerly awaiting for me to fill her bowl and she can't wait to eat. She does very well on this formula and keeps a shiny healthy coat along with maintaining a good healthy weight too. Overall, she doesnt seem to want any other food (except mine, HA HA) over her Friskies Naturals. by on 05/29/2015
  • Love it
    This is one of the cat foods I get for our 3 cats as we rotate between a few different ones. by on 05/29/2015
  • Our cats' favorite!
    Our cats love this cat food & empty their bowl every time! Great price compared to other brands! Also, my cats used to eat other types of cat food & always had loose stool. I tried them on Purina Cat Naturals and their stools are now normal! I will stay with this brand from now on.. by on 05/29/2015
  • I was looking for a healthier cat food
    I was looking forma healthier cat food that wouldn't break the bank. I did a little research and came cross this band Naturals by Purina. I was actually impressed ingredients, and no by products. My cats also love it, so thank you!!!! by on 05/29/2015
  • My Girls Agree!
    They love this food. It makes their coats so shiny and fluffy and gives them lots of energy. by on 05/28/2015
  • You go purina!
    my cat has always had an extremely sensitive stomach. I tried the purina gentle and my cat did not like the taste but it made her stop throwing up. So now I mic the naturals with the gentle and my cat loves it! Never going to a different food!!!!! by on 05/28/2015
  • Bella - long hair Persian loves Purina Cat Chow Naturals
    My Persian cat Bella is finicky like most cats but has long hair with a sensitive stomach. She often grooms herself, would produce hairs balls at times and would throw it up along with her food. I've tried everything but it was becoming an issue for her. I'd groom her which would help but I didn't want her throwing up at all. When she was switched to Purina Cat Chow Naturals not only did she enjoy it, she no longer had the issue. I also use the FURminator Long Hair deShedding Edge For Cats By FURminator by on 05/28/2015
  • My cats liked it, as with all Purina products I've tried so far.
    My cats really like all the Purina dry foods in general. I decided to try Naturals because it has no artificial flavors or preservatives. So far so good. One of my cats has a sensitive digestive system, but so far it hasn't upset his system, which is a good thing for both of us. :) The only thing I would change about this product is to eliminate the meat "by-product" ingredients. But getting rid of the artificial ingredients is at least a step in the right direction. by on 05/28/2015
  • 3 out of 3 cats choose Purina Naturals
    We currently have 3 amazing cats that we adopted from various rescue organizations. Each place recommended a different brand of cat food. We're a Purina family so we switched their diets successfully. All of our kitties past and present have paws down chosen Purina Cat Chow Naturals as their favorite food once they out grew the Kitten Chow. I really appreciate the no artificial colors, it cleans up easy when someone eats too much or has a hairball. I want the best for my cats at a price that I can afford. Purina Naturals is a great product at a reasonable price. by on 05/28/2015
  • A Third Swap
    Upon MR dude getting a urinary tract infection that made his stomach extra sensitive, my vet pointed me in the direction of finding a food thts gentle on his stomach that also met at least minimum nutritional requirements. While he was recovering, he took a liking to this particular formula, and it helped him recover, since he wasnt throwing up every ten minuets. this food really worked wonders for him, and tommy (whose curiosity ead him to dude's food dish) he found he enjoyed the taste of the gentle formula as well. by on 05/28/2015
  • Our favorite
    Naturals is the only dry food we will feed our cats ever. by on 05/27/2015
  • great
    I recommend this product to any cat lover. My cat is very picky about her food and she hardly eats anything but she chose on this chow. by on 05/27/2015
  • Good Product!
    This is a taste my cat enjoys and you can't get better quality by on 05/27/2015
  • best results
    I highly recommend this flavor for older cats with picky stomachs. All natural with no multicoloring. Its gentle for older cats and if their stomachs do act up...the food doesnt stain your carpets or flooring. by on 05/27/2015
  • you can tell the difference
    after being on this formula for a few weeks I noticed an improvement in my cats' fur, it is shinier and softer now. I just wish it came in bigger bags since I feed 5 indoor cats. by on 05/27/2015
  • good product
    if you're looking for a good product but you're on a budget, this is a great choice. It's cheaper than a lot of other cat foods and my cats seem to like it. From what I can tell, they like "Purina One" better but they don't fuss when I give them the "Cat Naturals" food so I'm assuming they like it lol by on 05/27/2015
  • Another winner!
    No matter which Purina Cat Chow variety I choose, my cats dive in. Cat Chow Naturals makes us all smile. I like that it has nothing artificial, and my cats love the taste. by on 05/26/2015
  • Downsizing
    My cat Shelby was raised on canned food. That was okay until my husband became disabled and I was laid off from my job. It was hard getting used to never eating out, turning off the cable, and selling one of the cars. But what was heart breaking to see was Shelby. We had to switch to dry food, and she hated it! She refused to eat it. I tried several brands, many top brands, middle brands and cheap store brands. I tried different flavors, shapes and textures. She refused to eat it. Now she was an older cat, set in her ways, and a big Maine coon cat. She went from 16 pounds down to 8! My vet wasn't as alarmed as I was, he had been telling me for years she was pre diabetic and needed to lose the weight. But I could see she was starving. She started cleaning the floor for crumbs like a dog. She ate fuzzies from the carpet. I was getting desperate. Then I finally hit upon Purina naturals. She was hesitant at first, but of all the types and flavors, she seemed to like this one. At least a little....but day by day she started to eat more. I tried other flavors inbetween and she still snubbed them. So I know it was this particular flavor. I don't know what it is about it, because there isn't another Purina dry food she would eat, but now she eats 1/2 cup of the naturals everyday, and to the relief of the vet, she's only gained back 1 pound. She is healthy, happy, energenic, and her coat is shiny again. Thank you Purina for your naturals food. by on 05/26/2015
  • AMAZING! great product and in love
    I have a 4 year old that was once a stray, he wouldn't eat anything normal cats would eat. I tried this product because someone recommended it to me along with the Complete Formula and my cat loves it! He is purring all day and has put me at ease. Thanks Purina! by on 05/26/2015
  • Cat's Meow!
    I have 5 picky eaters and the Cat Chow Naturals appeals to all of them. Although I like all of the Cat Chow brands this is one of my favorites as my cats will line up for this bag! If you have not tried this item I highly recommend it!! by on 05/26/2015
  • Awesome food
    My cats love this food even after 3 years of buying it. They will come running when they hear the bag of food open and start eating as I'm pouring it. by on 05/26/2015
  • Best Cat Chow Formula
    All 4 of our cats like Purina Cat Chow Naturals formula. I like it because it doesn't have a lot of artificial ingredients in it. by on 05/25/2015
  • love!
    Love this product, my kitty had bowel problems forever it seemed like, we tried the blue buffalo and that made it worse, I am so so so glad I found this cat food by on 05/25/2015
  • Fabulous Food
    After trying many different brands over the years, we finally found the one that works for all of our kitties! They all seem to enjoy this one more than any of the others - and we enjoy the fact that (for whatever reason) they all keep it down. :o) by on 05/25/2015
  • Good Product
    The Naturals cat food by Purina is a quality product for all cats. It is a bit more pricey that others, but I know that my cat deserves it. I want my cat to live a long healthy and happy life. by on 05/25/2015
  • Naturals
    This is currently what Thelma and Romeow have been eating in between there soft food servings. What I like about this product is the size of the pieces. They just gobble them down. Thelma is a very particular eater, so that is what appealed to me about this blend. When the word natural is thrown around it is always a point of curiosity as to if they will go for it or not. They went for it though. I was surprised at how much they enjoyed it. Way to go Purina! RoMeow loves it, he has been doing well with hair balls and all, a major plus. You have got us hooked. by on 05/25/2015
  • Great food, great price
    I recently switched my Bailey's food from Purina indoor formula to Naturals, and he absolutely loves it. I would definitely recommend this product it's a great product and you can't beat the price. by on 05/24/2015
  • Great cat food
    I have 3 indoor cats and they love this food. I can't keep their bowls full by on 05/24/2015
  • Great Product
    The only food we buy for our baby girl. She loves it. by on 05/24/2015
  • great!
    My cats love this! Great product for the price. I feed this to all seven of my cats and they are very healthy and happy. by on 05/24/2015
  • Two Youngest Love This Green Bag
    My two youngest (13 & 6) love this, and get excited when the green bag comes out! We use it for both a dry food option and treats after chin check for acne. Wish this had been created 13 years ago. They both seem to have better health and less hairballs - which is a wonderful thing in itself. The cost is high, but could be my location. by on 05/24/2015
  • Great product!
    Purina Cat Chow Naturals is a product that I don't have to break the bank with, and I also feel comfortable that my cats are eating a good diet. My cats seem to like eating this food, and they don't seem to have any hairball problems like they did with some previous brands. by on 05/24/2015
  • Kitty Approved!
    I'm very careful about the type of food I buy for my cats. My older cat tends to munch on my younger cat's food even though he has constipation issues and has a prescription dry food. Purina Naturals is safe and gentle on my older kitty's sensitive tummy. He has no trouble eating it once in a while. My younger cat loves it. She can be picky about cat food. She's always excited when I fill her bowl with this food. I would definitely recommend this food to other cat parents. by on 05/23/2015
  • did not like
    Our pretty girl didn't like the taste of this product by on 05/23/2015
  • Amazing
    My cat loves this product! He can't get enough of it! by on 05/23/2015
  • Healthy
    Went to the store and wanted to try something new for my cat. We tried this one and I highly recommend it. by on 05/23/2015
  • Prina Naturals is Our Cats' Favorite
    This is our "go-to" cat food for our two cats, a big male tabby and our svelte tuxedo female. They seem very happy when they hear the food poured into their bowls and crunch away on it even before we can finish filling the bowls up. We like that the formula has high protein and is very balanced; the fact that the cats like it is a real plus. This product and the Healthy Weight formula form a bout 80% of what we feed our cats, along with some canned food and occasionally the purina Complete formula. by on 05/23/2015
  • No more upset stomach!
    Finally a healthy cat food that my cats all love! Purina Cat Chow Naturals is a wonderful product! I look at the ingredients when I purchase my cat food, and naturals is the best! No corn, wheat or soy, and more of everything your cat needs! by on 05/23/2015
  • my four cats favorite
    My four cats love this cat food so much they act like it is getting a treat when I feed them this. I feed it to them daily with a choice of one of the other flavors of the Purina brand but this is the dish the is continually empty. They just can't get enough of it! Two of my cats are seniors and since they have been eating this they run through the house like race cats and play, they have more energy. They just seem to feel so much better. by on 05/23/2015
  • Really Enjoyable
    Our three cats scramble for the dishes when we put in Purina Cat Chow Naturals. It certainly shows us that Naturals is a favorite. If we have several dishes of different dry cat foods for them they all will go to the Naturals dish first. They certainly know what is good for them. We appreciate that it also has the highest protein content of the Purina dry cat products. It starts with the chicken meal being the first ingredient. by on 05/23/2015
  • Cat switched from Royal Canin to Naturals
    We had our cat on Royal Canin and he just refused to eat it anymore. He lost weight and we decided to get him Cat Chow Naturals. Since we got him Cat Chow Naturals, he's been so excited to eat again and has quickly gained some weight. We're sticking to Naturals from here on out. by on 05/23/2015
  • Cats enjoy eating
    My two cats never refuse it, as they do some higher priced cat foods, and the one older cat has fewer hair balls. I like the fact it is natural and high in protein, which is a healthy choice for my cats. by on 05/23/2015
  • Perfect for my cat!
    One of my cats is allergic to many different things, beef, lamb, carrots, house dust, and various other things! When she eats something she is allergic to, she ends up licking all the fur off of her long haired body. When we switched to this food, we noticed that she wasn't licking as much. She has been eating this food for months, and she has all her long luscious fur back! by on 05/22/2015
  • Love this food!
    We raise rescue cats and all of out cats Love this food! by on 05/22/2015
  • No Funky Ingredients
    It has been brought to my attention lately that some brands add an ingredient called animal digest to their pet foods, but the PCC Naturals that I feed my cats doesn't contain it. Thank you PCC! by on 05/22/2015
  • my-cats really like this
    my cats really like the taste of this food. they also have fewer stomach issues. I'm happy with the food and its a good value for the money. by on 05/22/2015
  • This is the best for my fur baby!
    My Quorra is not a picker eater by any means, but I can tell how much she loves this food by her reaction as soon as she smells what it is.. She's a chunky cat but this food gives her a very good balance of everything she needs, and she hasn't gained any more weight in the large time she's been eating this food. I recommend it to anyone, especially those with picky eaters! by on 05/22/2015
  • Great food
    All of my cats love this food. My oldest was getting frequent hairballs and after switching to purina cat chow naturals he has had NONE! Also has emproved the texture and Appearance of their fur much softer and shinier. by on 05/22/2015
  • So now I have two to choose from.
    Just like the GENTLE it hasn't upset my cat's stomach yet like the others have. And she seems to like it as much as the GENTLE. So now I have one to fall back on if the store is out of one of them. But she seems to like both of them. by on 05/22/2015
  • Great Food. My cats love it
    I recommend this food to all pet parents. My cats love it. It doesn't upset their tummy like some other cat foods do. I feed to my indoor cat and my outside cats by on 05/22/2015
  • My Go-To Cat Food
    Quinn likes food - therefore he likes the "Naturals". We started him on this product and never had to change. I have tried other Purina products and Quinn accepts them all. by on 05/22/2015
  • Great Product
    Love the fact that it contains many vitamins and minerals. And the touch of leafy greens has my cats loving it as well. They are eating it where it doesn't sit in their bowls for 2 days. by on 05/22/2015
  • Sammi Loves
    I have an 18 year old cat who is now blind, she has always been a fussy eater and I have had to cook people food to get her to eat anything. I have tried all kinds of dry and wet cat food and she usually turns her nose up and walks away until this one. She loves it and it makes my life a lot easier. So Thank you! by on 05/21/2015
  • why not go natural
    My cat has issues with a different number of foods and this one makes his stomach issues arise less often by on 05/21/2015
  • My Floyd loves it!!
    I have been feeding this to my cat for over 2 yrs and he loves it. by on 05/21/2015
  • Best food for my cat!
    My cat used to vomit every food we purchased. We spent a lot of money and time switching foods and cleaning carpets. Once we switched to Purina® Cat Chow® Naturals, she seems much happier and maintains a healthy weight too. by on 05/21/2015
  • The best for my kitties
    I try to avoid feeding my cats cheap food with fillers and dyes. Naturals has higher quality ingredients without being overpriced. My cats love it. by on 05/21/2015
  • My cats love this product!
    I had a hard time finding dry food that one of my cats would eat. She is super picky, but she will sit and eat her entire bowl in one setting when it comes to the natural brand. I just recently took in a stray and he loves this brand as well. I can say I feel confident and safe giving my cats this food. by on 05/20/2015
  • my cats LOVE this food
    My cats will only eat this they love it! NATURALS & their wet food. by on 05/20/2015
  • Prissy loves
    Prissy has not been eating well ...she loves it ...she likes the small shape...makes it more interesting. Glad I got it. Happy cat! by on 05/20/2015
  • Purina is the best!
    Great products make for happy fur babies! They love it and I love because they love it! by on 05/20/2015
  • My cat LOVES it
    My cat cannot wait to eat this food. She simply loves it. I've always had luck with this food for every cat i've had for the past 2-3 years. And i've always noticed that the food makes litter box odors not as pungent as well. Thanks for that :) And it doesn't even cost a lot either. Way to go Purina, 5 stars! by on 05/20/2015
  • Favorite Flavor
    Purina Naturals is my cats' favorite dry food she is a very picky eater by on 05/20/2015
  • tasty
    switched to Naturals after my cats lost weight with the Healthy Weight. they love the taste, was a easy switch and they are maintaining their weight. by on 05/19/2015
  • what you feed them
    i lik2 the all natural cat food better than the others but like i've expressed before I'd like to see less corn meal. It is just my opinion that I think a lot of corn is not even good for human. I think more brown rice would be better. all though I think usa corn is not good for me I eat it all the time but i try to limi the amount. by on 05/19/2015
  • Cats love it!
    We feed 11 stray cats.They love this Purina formula! I have tried different food and they do not seem to eat much.I always go back to this.For being stray cats, their coats are so pretty.I know that it has to be this qulaity food. by on 05/19/2015
  • Love
    I have multiple cats so am always buying food and some have started becoming picky eaters. They like the regular cat chow but seem to really love the naturals version, I'm always refilling that dish! I only wish I'd get the same amount of food in the big bags for the same prices since they like it so much. I think it's all that one of them eats and he's gained weight, looking healthier, since he started eating cat chow naturals. :) by on 05/19/2015
  • cats love this
    My cats love this. they empty the bowls as soon as I fill them by on 05/19/2015
  • Fantastic Natural Option
    I have a 4 year old and a 10 month old kitten. This food was a happy medium for both my babies. I didn't feel like I made any compromises to give both of my cats in nutrition they needed. This food is ideal for cats of All ages and is gentle enough not to play havac on their stomach. by on 05/19/2015
  • Cats Seem to Prefer Purina Naturals
    I have switched my cats' food to Purina Naturals and they really seem to love it. While doing the switch-over I offered two bowls of dry food - one with what I had been feeding them, and one with Purina Naturals. The Naturals bowl was always empty before the other bowl. by on 05/18/2015
  • Good food for price
    I wish I knew about this sooner. No by products for a very reasonable price. My feral cat loves it. By far superior to other cat chow products. Highly recommend. by on 05/18/2015
  • From my oldest to my youngest
    I began feeding my 2 cats ( then ) this as the older one was prone to getting sick easy and it seemed as the older she became the worse it got for her. while searching for a new cat food that I thought she would be able to eat I found this, and it seemed to be easy on her less problems for her and her digestive system. We then took in a recuse who was about 4 weeks old, and when we took her to the vet we told him what we had been feeding her with a little warm milk to soften it, he thought that was a good plan as long as we did not see any side effects from it. ( the 4 week old ) will turn 7 years old next month. Our older cat sadly we lost after 14 1/2 years. We have taken in another rescue who was expecting kittens and this is what she was fed while she was expecting and after their births. The kittens now are a little over a year old ( I could not part with any one of them) This is what we also feed them. And lastly I believe they know what they like I bought a different Purina product as the Naturals was sold out, they turned their noses up to it, so we went to the next town over to get them their Naturals. I have since learned to buy 2 bags for the just incase moments.. by on 05/18/2015
  • Excellent Choice
    This cat food made me feel good about what I was giving to my cat. She seems to enjoy it and has yet to show any signs of bad digestion as a result. by on 05/18/2015
  • Amazing Stuff!!!
    This stuff works cat Seymour has issues with his stomach and I was going out buying all these expensive foods until I found this and it works even better and it's also cheaper. by on 05/18/2015
  • Awesome product
    I try to switch up my cat food for my 3 babies. They were on the indoor formula, but they just seemed like they were tired of it so I switched to the Purina Naturals, and they absolutely love it. When I pour it they come running like dogs. And make a huge mess. I made the right decision. Thank you for all that you have to offer for my babies. Colleen Williams. by on 05/18/2015
  • Quality Product
    I use to feed my 3 outside feral cats another product which they loved but after reading the food label I was not impressed by the low quality ingredients and food coloring. I wanted to feed them a quality product so I started reading labels of other products. After reading many labels, I realized that Cat Chow Naturals had no added flavors, preservatives or coloring. I was really impressed that this product contained whole grains, real chicken and other high-quality protein sources as well as vitamins, minerals and greens. It was an added benefit that it also contains fiber to help control their hairballs. They quickly adapted to the taste and are devouring a 13 pound bag every month. I enjoy the fact that this product is reasonably priced and available at my local retailer. After a few months I noticed their coats became very shiny and soft and they have maintained a healthy weight. I would recommend this product. by on 05/17/2015
  • Natural food
    I switched my cats to this food from the Indoor formula and they love it by on 05/17/2015
  • Cats Like
    I've purchased this for my cats in the past and they enjoyed it. Good value as well. by on 05/17/2015
  • Naturals is the way to go
    This is mine and my cats favorite, I feel a little better feeding him something with cleaner ingredients. by on 05/16/2015
  • Great product
    This is the only food my cat will eat and has eaten for years! She now enjoys Healthy Weight also. by on 05/16/2015
  • Foster's food
    My foster cats love this food No upset tummy's Good ingredients No artificial food colorings by on 05/16/2015
  • Perfect for my Kitties
    I have always bought my cats whatever food was cheap. I started reading labels and realized that there are better foods for them. I saw the bag of Cat Chow Naturals in that store and decided to try it. I like that there are no added flavor or preservatives. The cats coats are very shiny and soft. They seem happy with the food. I am wondering if they are getting bored with the flavor, though. They always seem to be waiting for me to put something different in their bowl, even when it's full. So, if I were to change anything, it would be to make different flavors. by on 05/15/2015
  • Sammie Likes It
    Our cat Sammie took to it quickly. He loves it! He loves the taste and meows when he finishes his bowl. by on 05/15/2015
  • cats like food
    They keep eating it, we keep buying it. They certainly seem to enjoy the flavor! by on 05/15/2015
  • Five Cats
    I have five cats and all of them love this product. by on 05/14/2015
  • This product
    Is amazing. My cat, Randy, gets all excited when he hears the bag crinkle. Being, that this is the only cat food he can eat, due to tummy issues, it has worked wonders. He has stopped throwing up his food and gets excited when it is meal time. It is very affordable!! by on 05/14/2015
  • Made the switch - not going back
    I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that my cats would enjoy this variety. Though they've had natural foods in the past and enjoyed them, my cats can be picky. I purchased the bag because it was on sale at my local pet food store, and for the price I figured "why not?" I was so glad I did! My cats are loving it! I've gotten a few other small bags of other brands with coupons, and my cats are choosing the Purina Naturals over the others. I guess we will be sticking with that. They love it so much that my male tried to chew through the bag when I accidentally left the pantry door open. by on 05/14/2015
  • They Like It!
    I wasn't sure what to expect with my gang but they really like the Naturals. I put some in their bowl and they practically inhaled it. I also like that it's small pieces since my baby girl has a hard time eating larger or oddly-shaped pieces. I'll be buying this more often. by on 05/14/2015
  • awesome
    my cat loves it 1 cup last her all day i know everything thats in it by on 05/13/2015
  • Great food
    Feed to three feral colonies and they all love this food!! by on 05/13/2015
  • "MIXED" Review
    I typically buy both Purina Cat Chow and Purina Naturals and blend them into a 50/50 mix - so my cats are getting both flavors they love, and the nutritional benefits of both tastes! I am also starting very slowly to introduce some Purina Gentle into their diet, as unfortunately, my cats (and I) are all aging. Great job with these basic and delicious foods. by on 05/13/2015
  • Good Product
    I feed 6 of my 12 cats Purina Cat Chow Naturals the others have problems and eat food from vet. I spend so much money on expensive food I am so glad that Purina Cat Chow Naturals is an affordable good food. They all love it and look and feel great. I wish I could feed all my other cats that but they have allergies and medical problems. I also can buy this food at all grocery stores and do not have to go to a special store. by on 05/13/2015
  • Great Product
    I love this food for my cats, and they love it too! by on 05/13/2015
  • Loved by my cats
    I try to give my cats-7-a choice in dry food to see what they like, and they all agree on Purina Naturals. It also seems to agree with my older cat-age 13- who has a sensitive stomach. So it's a hit in my house! Carol by on 05/13/2015
  • Great value and a taste my cat loves
    My cat is very finicky, and she loves this food. She won't eat anything else after getting a taste of this since it came out. by on 05/12/2015
  • All kitties love naturals
    I have 6 of my own kitties plus several outdoor stray visitors. There is never a full bowl left of Naturals. I have finally found the one healthy food that every kitty will eat. by on 05/12/2015
  • Wonderful
    My kitty loves the naturals he always wants it in his bowl! Even if he's not hungry he wants to make sure he has it also it is a healthy house for him and good for him because he can't have coloring in his food he has strong bones and thick nice fur he has been on naturals ever sense he's been able to eat hard food!!! Great product by on 05/12/2015
  • Naturals
    My 7 cats all love the Naturals food. They have been eating this since I have had them. I would recommend it to anyone. by on 05/12/2015
  • Great Product
    Great product, my cat really likes it, I have seen an improvement in my cats health and weight for eating this. by on 05/12/2015