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  • Great Product!
    The first time I fed my three cats this brand I could not believe the way all three gobbled it up! I like the fact it has greens in it also. I think it's a important part of their diet. I don't like to give them catnip all the time! I highly recomend to anyone to try this brand. I'm sure your cats will love it like mine did! by on 08/01/2015
  • Healthy and quality food
    We have always given Naturals to Lucy and Mya. They are three years old and are happy and healthy. Just a look at the ingredients and you will see why. You get healthy and quality food for a resonable price. They will not eat any other brand or style. They love Purina Cat Chow Naturals. by on 08/01/2015
  • Yummy for my kitties
    My 10 year old kitten-cats (and any neighborhood cat that drops by) have been raised on Purina Naturals as well as Complete. The cats are healthy, happy and always wise!! They have it available 24/7 and enjoy it very much. I know I spoil them and they give me so much in return. by on 08/01/2015
  • Purina Naturals
    I have over 20 rescue cats and this is the one they ALL agree on. One female used to be prone to UTI, but has not had ANY instances of it on Purina Naturals. I did switch the group Purina Healthy Weight Formula to assist a couple of naturally chubby cats, and when they achieved their weight loss, switched right back to Naturals. Everyone looks wonderful and is happy with the food choice I made for them based on their reactions. A winner all the way around! by on 08/01/2015
  • good product
    my cats go crazy over this brand of cat food. its very good food. by on 08/01/2015
  • Quality Cat Product
    My Lilli went from kitten chow to naturals with out any problems by on 08/01/2015
  • Naturals cat chow
    My cat has really loved the taste of the Naturals cat chow. I have also noticed that it has really helped control his hairballs. I love that there aren't any artifical flavors or perservatives added in! by on 08/01/2015
  • Best dry cat food EVER!
    After rescuing two cats many years ago, I wanted to show my 'love' by purchasing the most expensive cat food I could find. I looked not only at price, but ingredients--preferring a more natural product. After trying several, top-of-the-line cat foods, my new rescues turned their noses up to each and every one. I was beginning to worry about their health because they walked away from every food I tried. While at the grocery store, I decided to look at the cat food aisle. The "Cat Chow Naturals" label, and packaging, stuck out amongst the other named cat foods, so I gave it a try. I believe it was a new product at the time. My cats LOVED, loved, loved it! They gobbled up every piece of food I put in their bowls. During the many years since, I occasionally try a "new" cat food (dry and/or canned) to see if they're interested, but they always go back to their container of "Cat Chow Naturals." I'm not sure why my cats love the product so much, but every person I have told about the product (that's tried it with their cats), gets the same response. No one has ever told me their cat did not like "Cat Chow Naturals." When I put fresh food down (dry and canned), the cats eat the "Cat Chow Naturals" first--always! For anyone looking for something great to feed their cats, they cannot go wrong with "Cat Chow Naturals." I LOVE the product, its cost, and the ease of acquiring this food. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone searching for a dry cat food for their cat--finicky, or not! by on 08/01/2015
  • Jaesm212
    Mycat loves it. She thinks it's PUUURfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! by on 08/01/2015
  • Cat Chow Naturals
    I like this one much better over other Cat Chow dry food. Only wished it had less crude fat and came in larger bags (like 16 or 22lbs). by on 08/01/2015
  • Healthy, happy kitties!
    This formula is the one I buy most frequently. I've noticed my cats have quit vomiting as much. by on 08/01/2015
  • ''Naturals''
    They like this 'Naturals' formula.I mix it in with the 'Complete' formula to give them an added boost of greens and fiber and have noticed less hairballs.Good Product!.... >*^*< by on 07/31/2015
  • Purina Naturals
    I have 8 indoor cats, several that are special needs, such as a diabetic. And then I have 1 or 2 that are picky. I have been happy with all of the Purina cat foods I feed them. When I notice that the 2 cats are not eating much, I switch them over to Naturals for a period of time and their appetite returns. Then, we return to Complete. by on 07/31/2015
  • Excellent Product
    Purina has done more animal nutrition research than any other pet food manufacturer. My cat enjoys this product immensely! by on 07/31/2015
  • She is eating it
    We feed her naturals & gentle. She seems like eating naturals more. by on 07/31/2015
  • good product
    My cat loves the taste and if he's happy I'm happy by on 07/31/2015
  • My cats
    My cats love it. I plan keeping them on this food. by on 07/31/2015
  • Cat's always just Love it!
    The Cat Chow Naturals is one of many Purina Dry Cat food brands that All my Cat's Just Love! Over the last many years, with many rescues I have never had any of my rescues unhappy with any of the different brands, But - the Naturals brand is definitely Their favorite! Thank-You Purina, Great Help! by on 07/31/2015
  • Sheeba likes !
    My cat is really persnickety about dried food, but she loves Cat Chow Naturals. I have been buying it for years. Whenever another cat owner asks me about a good dried food, I always suggest Cat Chow Naturals. by on 07/31/2015
  • Naturals
    My cats love this product. When I purchased a bag and gave it to them for the first time they took to it like it was the best thing I ever gave them. I also like the ingredients in this formula. It makes me feel good about feed them this brand. by on 07/31/2015
  • OMalley and McIntyre love their Naturals!
    Two of my five boys eat only Naturals dry food! They will not eat any other dry food on the market...I've tried many. :-) by on 07/31/2015
  • Advertising a product they no longer produce
    The product as pictured no longer exists. The one that does exist is of lower quality than the original. Main ingredient now is poultry by product meal and not chicken as it had been. A new product strangely labeled as original is now what's on all shelves at stores near me. Extremely disappointing. by on 07/31/2015
  • My cats love it the best
    My two cats like this better then any food I have tried to give them. But I think they need something different now and then so I give them the Purina Complete or mix it with the Naturals. We all like something different now and then I hope they do. Remember people today are looking for natural products now for them and their pets. by on 07/31/2015
  • my 17 year old 'kitten'
    clear eyes, beautiful coat, lean, and sharp, and he bounces around the house like a kitten! i have tried many "premium" cat foods. all costing twice or more than purina naturals. it's the best.....i've been feeding it to 'buddha' for 13 years, and he continues to be healthy and happy with no sign of slowing down. his weight has remained at 10lbs for 13 years. by on 07/31/2015
  • My New Kittens
    Two years ago ,I rescued three orphaned kittens. After weaning them and they were old enough ,I put them on the Cat Naturals dry food. They have thrived and grown up to be beautiful cats. by on 07/31/2015
  • My cats love this stuff
    My cats are happy and active and I owe it to the food they eat. This is great stuff and its natural. by on 07/31/2015
  • The Perfect Blend
    I mix the Naturals formula with the Indoor Formula to provide the perfect blend for my indoor cat. by on 07/31/2015
  • Execellant Cat Food
    I 'm one of the board of directors for the Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Organization Inc. We are a 501c3 non-profit. We run the TNR Program in Seaside Heights New Jersey I have eight rescue cats that live in my home. They all love Purina Cat Chow Naturals. They eat nothing else I also foster kittens I usually start them with Purina Kitten chow and then Purina Cat Chow Naturals They are all healthy and have beautiful fur and clear eyes I have been using Purina Cat Chow Naturals for 8 years I recommend it highly by on 07/31/2015
  • Awesome Product
    After my cats got older and I had to find an new cat food I tried many companies but my cats really seemed to like this food them most. Would definitely recommend to any cat parent! by on 07/31/2015
  • 6 cats like it
    I was using Purina Indoor, then Healthy Weight, then Gentle but as each of my 6 cats aged, their tastes seemed to change. So I decided to try Naturals and they all love it, so I believe we have finally made them satisfied. I have a 15 yr old siamese, 13 yr old calico, 11 yr old maine coon, 9 yr old tuxedo, 8 yr old bengal and 7 yr old bengal, all with different tastes but all in excellent health. They all have been picky eaters their whole lives but no longer. Thanks Purina for all the different choices. by on 07/31/2015
  • Great Natural Product
    This is the food we feed our 5 cats because of the natural ingredients and lack of fillers. Their coats are beautiful and they are extremely healthy. You should try it for your cats. by on 07/31/2015
  • Cats Meow
    My cat meows when she spots the bag. She loves this food and meows till she starts eating. then afterwards a quick meow then a bath and purrs. by on 07/31/2015
    cat loved it, as soon as i ripped bag open the 3 of them came running in for their meal. by on 07/31/2015
  • Good Stuff
    I'm going through 50 lbs. a month of this stuff--18 lbs bags--and the cats love it! I like the thought of giving them healthy food, instead of simple alley cat-type catfood. by on 07/31/2015
  • I am happy to give our cats this flavor knowing its healthy for them!
    We have a few cats that love this natural flavoring ;when they get bored after few months I know I can rely on Purina for any flavors. Do not give gas and help with hairballs too. I do not like cleaning up after them so this is fantastic! I feel better knowing I am giving them great tasting food,healthy and price is affordable too. Thank you Purina for caring for our cats! by on 07/30/2015
  • Taste Loved by my Jonie
    I bought this Naturals to transition Jonie into adult catfood and mixed it with her old catfood. She is a finicky eater, but boy oh boy, how she loved the taste. No problem at all feeding her with this new food. The next feeding was a complete 100% Catchow Natural and she just gobbled it up. by on 07/30/2015
  • Great
    My two cats love it. Sometimes they pick eating the dry food over wet. by on 07/30/2015
  • Indoor formula is great!
    I was feeding my cats the Gentle formula but wanted to do more for them as far as nutrition. I found Purina Naturals and decided to try it...They love it! Then they made Indoor formula Naturals!!! Yay! Now we have hairball control too! I highly recommend the Indoor Purina Naturals for your furbabies!! by on 07/30/2015
  • Healthy Option
    My picky cats enjoy this healthier option. Seems like they have better digestive health and less fur balls. by on 07/30/2015
  • Delicious
    This must taste like a steak dinner to my cats. They see the green bag and get so excited. I highly recommend this product and have to other cat loving friends. by on 07/30/2015
  • Best cat food around
    My cat did not want to give up her Kitten Chow, so I went through a lot of cat foods before I got her to eat one. Cat Chow Naturals has been amazing. She is so in love she won't eat anything else. by on 07/30/2015
  • Very satisfied with this
    My adult cat had been on another brand for quite sometime, I decided to give this a try after reading about it online. After I switched her to this she seemed alot healthier, her fur was shiner, and her # 2's were not as smelly! Lol I definitely recommend this! by on 07/30/2015
  • Salems a natural!
    I looked everywhere for the naturals just for the coasters reward and because my Salem will only eat Purina cat food. The naturals had so many health benefits and Salem loved it. He could never get enough of it! by on 07/29/2015
  • Sonny Cat Approved!
    This variety has a high protein percentage and is a very good value compared to other brands that don't provide as much. Also, my cats rarely vomit hair balls since eating Purina Cat Chow Naturals. by on 07/29/2015
  • Good Stuff
    It took me a while to find a food that Nala would enjoy. She won't eat wet food so that's a no, and it seemed like every other food I gave her she'd just regurgitate. But the Naturals sit well with her. And it's of course a sigh of relief knowing that there's no preservatives and she's getting the vitamins and minerals that are necessary. This food is easy on her tummy therefore I give it an A+ ! by on 07/29/2015
  • Kitties' Favorite!
    This is a great brand, excellent value and my cats seem to love it! by on 07/29/2015
  • The only cat food I'll feed my cat.
    I used to feed my cat whatever food I would pick up, but then I started doing research and learning about by-products, etc. I chose this food because it was a decent price, affordable, and my cat really seems to enjoy it. Not to mention, she rarely gets hairball since she's been eating this food. by on 07/29/2015
  • Tarkye & Coco love their food!
    We have been buying this food for our 2 elderly cats and they seem to do very well with it - no throwing up, etc. Will continue with the particular brand as if it isn't broke - don't fix it!!! by on 07/29/2015
  • fantastic!
    This one is my cats favorite! They go crazy for breakfast and dinner! by on 07/29/2015
  • Great Product
    only food my cat will eat he is nine yrs old in perfect health. by on 07/28/2015
  • 70 Cats can't be wrong
    I run a cat rescue. We currently maintain 70 cats at various locations. We deal with a variety of ages & this food meets the needs of all, whether 1 yr or 16 yrs old. They all love this food. We noticed a definite decrease in vomiting & digestion issues. And it's a good price. by on 07/28/2015
  • Great for my cat's sensitive stomach.
    This is the only dry food my cats will eat. My senior cat has a sensitive stomach and has no problem with this food. by on 07/28/2015
  • Thinks they are special treats
    My Rocky, even though he eats them everyday... I give him some on the side in the middle of the day and he thinks they are special treats(cookies) As we call them here MeeeeOW good!! 0 by on 07/28/2015
  • My Cats Love It!
    I've tried several kinds of dry food but this is their favorite! by on 07/28/2015
  • Delicious!!
    We tried the Purina® Cat Chow® Naturals with 3 of our cats. They love this food and ask for more. Very good for help control hairballs. by on 07/28/2015
  • Cats love it!
    I think my cats love it too much! It disappears from the bowl faster that all except the gentle formula. by on 07/28/2015
  • Cats just Love this!
    My cat just Loves the food. She only eats dry food, and this is her choice. by on 07/28/2015
  • Purina Cat Chow Naturals Is The Best!
    My cats will only eat this so I have stopped trying any other choices for them. by on 07/28/2015
  • Cats favorite!
    I have been feeding Naturals, in addition to daily wet cat food, to my two kitties for 10 years. I have tried at times to add other dry cat food to their diet for variety and they always look at me like "what are you doing?" and won't eat other dry foods. So, I've finally learned just to stick with Naturals. They eat it every day, are very healthy for 10 year olds! by on 07/28/2015
  • Cats know taste, I know ingredients and value
    I have one cat with a sensitive stomach, so finding something that he can eat and not spit up is important. I tried the expensive brands, tried sending away for exotic food and he still had issues with whatever I put in front of him. I finally decided to try Purina and settled into the natural line and haven't looked back. He eats the dry food without issues and all 4 of the beasties are thriving. Whatever it is that he couldn't tolerate isn't in this formula and I'm glad because despite the fact that they get wet food regularly, I like to keep the dry food available to them so they can eat when I'm away. This works out for them and for me. More importantly, my Mr. Sensitive is happier and healthier. by on 07/28/2015
  • Naturals - our brand
    This is the only kibble we buy for our little guy. I told my son about it one day when he was shopping for me, it says "Naturals" on the package, and it's a green bag, and that's the only kind we need. So he came home with something else, in a green bag, but did it say "Naturals" anywhere on it? So I do all the shopping myself now. by on 07/28/2015
  • Kitty loves this food
    This is the only food my cat will eat. Recently I have been trying to introduce him to other foods with the first 5 ingredients being real meat as the hype seams to be these days but he wants nothing to do with it. My vet says if he's happy with this to let him continue with it. Is their a purina food that's more high end? One way or the other I certainly recommend purina! by on 07/28/2015
  • Good first time
    I've been feeding an stray cat for a while now and of course u tried different brands since I had no idea of his likes. He seems to enjoy it and has gone thru a few bags now. If you are not sure purchase a small bag sibyour cat can taste if he doesn't like it I'm sure the humane society could make use of it. :) by on 07/28/2015
  • All like this one!
    I have 4 cats and it is rare that I can find a dry food that all of my cats will eat. Until they get tired of it I will continue to buy it for them. by on 07/27/2015
  • Best for our cats
    Best food for our cats by far. They love it and don't get sick. Waste odor is not ad bad as other foods by on 07/27/2015
  • treats
    i use this product for my cat treats, healthy, and they think they are getting something special. that way i know there getting a treat with no additives.and it helps with hairballs, with 5 cats that means alot. by on 07/27/2015
  • My Cats LOVE This!
    I am so glad I found a cat food that my cats enjoy and that is good for them. My one cat has some issues as far as UTI's so giving him natural food helps with his system. He absolutely loves this stuff and it isn't over priced like a lot of natural cat food. I would recommend this to any cat owner to try! by on 07/27/2015
  • New and Refreshing
    I have 2 Rescue Cat's both of which are very particular of what they eat. We have gone through several types of quality foods and after trying the natural they are hooked. They just absolutely love it. I no longer have to throw away bowls that are 3/4 of the way full every day. I now have to fill the bowl twice a day. Plus they still eat their regular 3-4 feedings of canned so Thank You For Such A Wonderful Product. They Love The Turkey and Rice. I just wish someone would make a product without any chicken in it. Like just Turkey and Rice without chicken byproducts for my other cat who is allergic to chicken. She hates Rabbit and Venison but doesn't have much of a choice other wise. by on 07/27/2015
  • he likes it
    he enjoyed eating it I didn't think he wanted to stop by on 07/26/2015
  • excellent product
    My cat loves this food. It is all natural and does not make him get fat. by on 07/26/2015
  • Better quality food
    This cat food contains chicken meal. It has more protein than just plain chicken. Since cats need mainly protein in their diet, it is a better choice. Taurine is a necessity as well. I always choose the natural products. by on 07/26/2015
  • great product for picky eaters
    my three cats are all picky eaters and they just love purina natural cat food no waste of this product and my girls are happy. ju by on 07/26/2015
  • Purine Naturals
    I usually feed my four cats a variety of dry food each meal & they eat this one first. No dyes, all cats love it. by on 07/26/2015
  • protein addict
    I love this kind of cat food because of all the protein in it for my cats by on 07/26/2015
  • Great for home with multiple cats
    Great for home with multiple cats. They keep their weight steady and they have lots of energy by on 07/25/2015
  • I like the small package
    My cat loves Purina cat chow naturals. But when she eats it every day, she gets tired of it. So I change her meal menu every day. This product has small package, so I love it. It is so convenient for my cat. by on 07/25/2015
  • Kitten to Adult cats
    My kittens are growing fast! It's time to wean off the Purina Kitten and get the guys going on a good diet for their young adult years. This product appeals to me since it promotes a natural diet. The cats are loving it so far. Thank you! by on 07/25/2015
  • Excellent product
    All of my cats love this food. It is the first food that all like making it unnecessary to but different food foe each cat. After trying some of mine, my daughter now uses it for all of her cats too with the same results. by on 07/25/2015
  • My Cat Loves Purina Naturals
    I tried so many different brands of cat foods and this is the only one I will buy for my cat. Other foods he wouldn't like or they would make him sick and throw up. Purina Naturals is amazing and my cat seems to really love it. Also he never has hairballs and it makes his coat very shinny. Every time I buy him a new bag he gets so excited and rubs his face all over the bag by on 07/25/2015
  • 3 Picky Cats
    As the owner of three beloved, put picky cats, we love this product! Purina Cat Chow Naturals is a little more expensive than some other basic cat food on the market, but my pets enjoy it far more than other MUCH MORE expensive products. My 3 cats love it! by on 07/25/2015
  • Awesome
    This is wonderful. No dyes in it. Just really great. by on 07/25/2015
  • Nom nom good
    My cats say that Purina Cat Natural is nom nom good. by on 07/24/2015
  • My Cats Enjoy
    The cats seemed to eat this more quickly than the other cat chows. They must enjoy the flavor and crunchiness. by on 07/24/2015
  • Great All Natural dry food
    All my cats love it and they gobble it right up. I always hesitate trying new foods for my pets but they loved it right away... will keep buying it. by on 07/24/2015
  • I love catchow
    My cats love this line. We have been feeding this to them since we adopted them. by on 07/24/2015
  • Great!!
    Purina products are always high quality and my cat loves them. by on 07/24/2015
  • best food
    this food is great! my cats love it and it is great for my cat with a sensitive stomach by on 07/23/2015
  • my cat loves this
    My little girl Zo loves this- she is mostly a dry food kitty and she smells the bag and then eats her food-- i shake the bag and let her see that she is getting her food and then she eats-- makes me smile-- by on 07/23/2015
  • Awesome product
    PCC Naturals is a more affordable natural cat food! by on 07/23/2015
  • Can't get enough.
    My cat loves the taste of Naturals. He gets very excited when he sees the bag. by on 07/23/2015
  • Great value for money
    I love that there's always done kind deal out for the Natural products, that with your regular coupons motivated me to purchase more, plus our cat loves it. We try to alternate between this and the healthy weight products to keep his weight in tact. Overall great stuff! by on 07/23/2015
  • All our Cats need for great Health!
    We had a Doll Face Persian and An American Bob Tail they are 9 & 10 years old. Naturals gives them every thing they need to stay healthy and active. Both Cats love the taste. Roger by on 07/23/2015
  • Great cat food
    This product is the only cat food I feed my cats..Any other cat food makes my cats sick...Plus this does not contain dyes that the other cat food has to make cats sick...This is a great product for cats to enjoy! by on 07/22/2015
  • Good food
    Glad they came out with a dye free food! Quality don't mean it had to be pretty to look at! by on 07/22/2015
  • My cats love it!
    I used to have a terrible time with my cats throwing up after eating other brands. I understand that it happens, but it was happening quite often. I got a sample of Naturals and tried it, the cats went crazy for it and didn't get sick. I bought it and the cats love it. They recently went for their vet visit, vet asked what I was feeding them because their coats were so glossy, their eyes were clear and their teeth and gums looked great. They have lots of energy since I switched to Naturals. I went to pick up a bag when I ran out, unfortunately the store was out and I had to buy another brand, not a good idea, cats were throwing up again. Next trip to the store I bought 2 bags, so I won't run out again! From me and my cats, Thank You! by on 07/22/2015
  • Best you can get at ShopRite
    This is my cats' favorite food of all the cat chows, and it seems to be the best one you can get at local groceries, with no preservatives. I tried switching them to something less mainstream and they wouldn't have it. by on 07/22/2015
  • They really like it!
    They seem to eat this food the fastest!!! I cant keep it in their bowls!! They love it! by on 07/22/2015
  • Awesome
    I think my cats just love Purina Cat Chow as a whole and so they have pretty much loved every product. I feed neighbor cats as well so it's pretty awesome the cats like the Purina and aren't picky so I can get what's on sale as long as it's Purina by on 07/21/2015
  • Great natural product!
    I have been feeding this to both of my cats for over a year and they rather enjoy it. I believe in feeding them a food without by-product and this one I can actually afford. It also solved a digestive issue my older cat was having when many other brands would not. Thanks Purina... by on 07/21/2015
  • Best stuff for a great price!
    I've been using this for years! My cats love it! I tried switching just to try new things but they loved this product so much they refused to eat the other stuff I bought by on 07/21/2015