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  • Moe lost weight
    I had several overweight cats. Moe was borderline obese. I started feeding them this food and Moe has lost 6 pounds in 4 months! He now runs around and plays like the youngster he is.(6 years old) by on 11/01/2013
  • Ruby's opinion
    Ruby's opinion of this product is that she loves it. She is on a feeding schedule and just loves this stuff. We have tried other Cat Chow foods and really loves them all. by on 11/01/2013
  • Very good!
    I have had my cat for almost 2 years now, and since she is an indoor spayed cat, she has gotten a little chunky, but not yet fat. So I was looking to put her on a reduced calorie diet to help her slim down just a little, before she got to be too big. I ended up putting her on the Healthy Weight formula, and it is working out nicely. I followed the directions for feeding on the bag, and she is starting to slowly slim down a little bit at a time. Her coat is still soft, sleek, and shiny, just the way it is supposed to be, and she seems to like the taste just fine. I still give her treats every day, but on a very limited and moderate basis, and she still seems to be slimming down very well. by on 11/01/2013
  • Best cat food
    This is the only kind of cat food my cat will eat. by on 11/01/2013
  • Great food for cats
    My cats love eatting it very much , they come running for food. by on 11/01/2013
  • My cat needs to shed some pounds
    My 11 year old long hair, part Maine Coon, weighs in at 19 lbs. He is a very good eater, but a fussy eater. I was afraid that he would turn his nose up at a healthier"diet" food, but he dove right in. He loves the taste and had finished his portion eagerly. I hope to get him to shed a few pounds so that he can add a few more years to his life. by on 11/01/2013
  • Love my cats - feed what they need
    My cats love to eat. A couple of them were getting a little over weight. Decided to give this a try, and they love it. They seem to be holding their own, or losing a little weight. Their health is what it is all about. by on 11/01/2013
  • Cats like Healthy weight
    Cats do eat the Healthy Weight but only really needs it. by on 11/01/2013
    I got a sample of this in the mail and fed it to my cat, Annabelle. She ate it right away and begged for more...she loved it! When I bring a bag home, she sniffs the bag and knocks it over trying to get into it to get her food. I like it because it controls her weight...she is 9 1/2 and a little sedentary so controlling her weight is important to me. Taste is important to her (and me) so she eats her food. Thanks Purina! by on 11/01/2013
  • Great nutriton and healthy for your cat
    My cat loved this formula and took to it right away. I feel better giving her a more healthy product. I don't buy it every time but give it to her on a rotating basis. by on 11/01/2013
  • Love it!!
    My cats are big to begin with, this helps them maintain their weight. They seem to enjoy the taste as well. by on 11/01/2013
  • Weight Control that Works
    My two cats are both overweight, one more than the other. I switched them to the Healthy Weight product and it only took about two weeks to see results; they're already starting to get to a healthier weight and are more playful. I wasn't expecting results to fast, but it's been great and I can't wait to see how healthy they are after a few months of use! Highly recommend. by on 11/01/2013
  • average
    I tried this with my overweight cat, but she did not like the taste it seemed by on 11/01/2013
  • The taste my cat enjoys!
    Cara is a spoiled princess, and this is the food she loves! When she hears it being poured in the bowl she comes a'running! by on 11/01/2013
  • the Purina quality my cats enjoy...
    in a formula that helps to maintain their weight. my cats love the healthy weight. my only complaint as a consumer would be that I wish the largest size bag (13 lbs) was the same standard size as all the other formulas (16 lbs) by on 11/01/2013
  • Great Product
    I have a indoor cat and I use Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight to keep her fit and trim. by on 11/01/2013
  • Fluffy likes it
    Fluffy is a very fussy lady of almost 20 years. Fluffy will wait in the front hall for us to get home so she can get her treat of Purina Healthy Weight. This is a daily ritual for her starting around 5pm. by on 11/01/2013
  • 'Baby's' Purrfect Diet
    This year my cat's veterinarian advised me to put my cat on a diet. She recommended several foods for her. 'Baby' has been most satisfied with Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight cat food. She gives it 5 paw prints. And momma is relieved to know that she has lost some weight. We thank you for a great product. by on 11/01/2013
  • Great!!!
    My cat will not eat anything else. SHe loves this brand so much. I tried switching here and she snubbed her nose at it and I had to go buy her Cat Chow. by on 11/01/2013
  • Awesome product
    Great to see a product made with healthy ingredients at a pretty reasonable price. by on 11/01/2013
  • Queen BEE
    One of the only two types of food my (I'm above everyone) cat will eat . by on 11/01/2013
  • Great Product!
    My three cats needed to go on a diet. Once I started using only Purina Healthy Weight, in May 2013, there has been a remarkable difference in weight & energy. Thank you Purina! by on 11/01/2013
  • Not for Mine
    Received a bag as sample and my cats loved, so I bought a large bag and it took forever to get rid of because my cats would only eat it if they really were hungry by on 11/01/2013
  • Its okay
    I have an overweight cat. For the price... its not really worth what little results we have acheived. I can't even attribute any of the results to the food absolutley because I have been making effort to engage my fat cat more. My cat eats it, but doesn't gobble it all up right away. I just don't know. I would buy it again but not rave about it to anyone because I don't know if the results are from the food... or him not eating the food.... or me engageing him more. by on 11/01/2013
  • Rosie
    Does not seem to be losing weight. Giving amount that it says. by on 11/01/2013
  • has helped
    oldest cat has helped he was very heavy and this has helped him with his weight by on 11/01/2013
  • Excellent Product!
    My cat maintains a healthy weight and that is where Purina's Healthy Weight helps out along with her semi active lifestyle. She is a great companion and very loving. We were using the Indoor Cat which was great; however, since changing to Healthy Weight there was a noticeable difference without extra effort to maintain her weight. She loves the food and she is a finicky eater. by on 11/01/2013
  • Chubby cat loves it!
    My very large cat, Buster, has no idea anything has been slimmed down in his diet. He at one point weighed 30 pounds, and is down to 26. If I can get him down to 20 pounds I'd feel better for him! The one thing I see most beneficial to this diet are his firmer stools. Buster will be 11 on Dec 23rd, and has always been a Purina kitty! by on 10/31/2013
  • "Healthy Weight" good for overweight cats
    One of my cats has asthma and needs to be on steroids. As a result, she is always hungry and looking for food. We are able to feed her a bit more of Purina Healthy Weight than other dry foods and still keep her weight down to a reasonable amount. by on 10/31/2013
  • One in every crowd
    With 3 cats, I could be sure that one would be the hungry one. At meal time, Truffle eats quickly so he can eat any leftovers and then beg for more. Healthy Weight makes my job of keeping his weight under control much easier. He will probably never be too thin, but now at least people don't say "Wow" when they see him. by on 10/31/2013
  • awesome product
    My cats love this cat food. My cat Boots, has lost weight and is more playful! by on 10/31/2013
  • A diet food my cat will actually eat!
    I have a finicky cat. He is also affectionately referred to as "Butterball" because his weight has ballooned up over the past few years. This food is one of the few weight control cat foods that he will actually eat. Maybe next year for Thanksgiving my Butterball will be closer to a chicken size than a a turkey thanks to Purina. by on 10/31/2013
  • Good Food
    This food was palatable for my cat yet she did not enjoy it as much as the other formulas. The price and value is good. by on 10/31/2013
  • Skinny Ham
    My cat Ham was almost 20 pounds when I discovered this food and now he's down to 14! He loves the taste just as much as his indoor formula and now he's a trimmer, fitter boy. Much less expensive than other diet cat food. by on 10/31/2013
  • Vet recommended.
    One of the cats dropped at our house weighed 30 lbs. The vet recommended this food in our price range. He now weighs 24 pounds and is happy at mealtime. Thank you. by on 10/31/2013
  • will see how this goes
    Bought this for my 9 month old as Ive been seeing some weight gain after she got spayed. She is still finishing up her last batch of kitten chow by Purina and she seems to like the taste of this one, hopefully she loves it! by on 10/31/2013
  • Healthy weight, keeps your cat spry.
    Love this, lil dude does too. He is a big boy, over 20 lbs., so he will be getting this soon. On a reg. basis. by on 10/31/2013
  • My Cats Love Healthy Weight!
    I have three cats - one who LOVES wet food and if it were up to him would only eat that, one who LOVES dry food and it i were up to him he would only eat that and a third cat who likes both dry and wet food equally. Because we leave out dry food often, the cat who loves the dry food the most started to gain weight and swell up, that's when we switched to healthy weight. All three of our cats love the taste and eat it so quickly, even the one who doesn't really like dry food that much. And the one that loves dry food and was swelling up has become more active and has lost weight! by on 10/31/2013
  • Cat-alicious!!
    My boys love this and I feed good feeding tit o them as it is healthy. by on 10/31/2013
  • Cats love it
    My cats really love this product, even more than canned food. by on 10/31/2013
  • Fantastic!
    My cats LOVE it! They eat it up as soon as I put it down... by on 10/31/2013
  • She likes it!
    To look at Her Plumpness you'd think she'd eat anything in sight, but this is the first reduced- calorie food she likes. by on 10/31/2013
  • My cats love this!
    All three of my cats will eat this. They are all indoor cats and don't get much exercise so I try to control the calories they intake and Purina helps me to do this. by on 10/31/2013
  • our cats love this!
    We have 5 cats (all rescues) and they all love the Purina Healthy Weight. We started feeding this to our cats because one of them had a weight problem and just to try to keep everything simple, we tried feeding this all of them and they all love it! by on 10/31/2013
  • fat kitty
    my cats usually enjoy new stuff but they realy did enjoy the taste of the fat kitty food as we call it by on 10/31/2013
  • Pet enjoys as much as original cat chow
    My cats eat the healthy weight formula just as eagerly as they did the original cat chow. by on 10/31/2013
  • Purina Healthy weight formula
    My cat, that is overweight. Hated this food. She just wouldn't eat at all. After two and half days, I gave it and gave her, her old food. She immediately began eatting. So this purina product was one I won' t be buying again. by on 10/30/2013
  • Meww to go
    My tabby looked like she was loosing weight while eating this brand. I will get more. by on 10/30/2013
  • A Great Change for My Cats (and Me)
    I had been buying the higher priced brands for years. Last year, I took the time to compare the ingredients and found out the only thing more was the price. I switched to Purina Cat Chow and my cats like it just as much and I like saving money. There are plenty of varieties to meet every cat's needs. I have been using Healthy Weight and my cats are staying fit and trim. I have recommended the switch to other family members as I feel confident this is a good product for my cats. by on 10/30/2013
  • Great Food!!!
    My cat is very picky with his food. But, He loves the Healthy Weight. I am so glad that Purina has this. It keeps my cat at a healthy weight and is affordable. Thanks PURINA!!!! by on 10/30/2013
  • Good product
    There was a time when 2 of my cats got shall we say plump. This made a difference. by on 10/30/2013
  • No Good!!
    My 5 cats won't eat it. I don't like the amount of soy beans in it. I would not recommend this food. Purina Cat Chow Complete is their favorite. Just feed less of it for weight management purposes. I don't even feed it to colony cats. by on 10/30/2013
  • My cats enjoy this food
    My cats seem to really like this weight management food. I was skeptical but they are eating it. I have yet to see my fat cat lose any weight but there is always hope. by on 10/30/2013
  • Happy & healthy
    My cat Jasper taste tested healthy weight cat chow and liked it so I am going to change him over to it because he is getting old and he needs the extra help to stay healthy. After 17 years of the regular cat chow I know I can trust all of Purina's foods for my best cat Jasper !!! by on 10/30/2013
  • Likes but doesn't really need
    My cat likes this flavor. I got a free sample and later, although she is not over weight I purchased it for her anyway because she seems to like it so much. I'm hoping you will come out with the same flavor for a cat who doesn't need help with weight. by on 10/30/2013
  • Pretty good product!
    My 2 1/2 year old cat loves it and needs it, but it's hard to feed him THIS and my 6 month old kitten another kind of Purina...they eat from both bowls. LOL! by on 10/30/2013
  • Tasty treat for a healthy diet
    My husband and I received a sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and our 3 cats were simply ravenous for it like it was the tastiest treat they had ever had! For awhile that's just what we used it for, treats. Then because they loved it so, we switched to it as a full time meal. Our cats just know what they like and Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight is IT! by on 10/30/2013
  • Great Product
    My cat Zack love this. Eats it right up! When I bring the bag in from the car he is all over it. by on 10/29/2013
  • Loves it!
    My cat really enjoys this food. She eats it more often than Friskies. by on 10/29/2013
  • Great Product!
    Both of my cats love this food. They can't wait until feeding time every day! by on 10/29/2013
  • Loki eats
    Our cat Loki eats one or two bits at a time and keeps coming back for more. Being the picky eater that he is..... seems to mean it ain't bad stuff. by on 10/29/2013
  • Overweight Cats
    I must watch my cats when feeding them, some them is really overweight. For now feed my cars Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight, I know they get the nutrients they need to keep their body fit and at a healthy weight. by on 10/29/2013
  • really helped
    I noticed that my cat was getting kind of chubby so I switched to the HeaLTHY Weight formula.....it helped keep his weight under control. by on 10/29/2013
  • my overweight cat loves it
    My cat is on a diet and now eats on a schedule. She loves the taste and quality of this food. It has helped her lose the weight she needs to and maintain a healthier weight. Thank you Purina! by on 10/29/2013
  • Healthy Weight
    Helped my unhealthy cat slim down and gave her much more energy! Very easy chart to help figure out how much you should be feeding your cat. by on 10/29/2013
  • Healthy cats!
    My cats weight has been more manageable with the Healthy Weight Purina. by on 10/29/2013
  • Cats love it
    Both of my cats have become overweight eating so called healthy cat food. They love the taste of Purina Healthy Weight food. I am hoping over time they will lose a couple pounds. by on 10/29/2013
  • What the vet ordered
    Our cats already ate Purina Indoor Cat Chow. Our vet wanted our cats to keep their weight under control as they got older, and there was a free sample offer for the Purina Healthy Weight product. So I got the sample and gave it to our cats. I was afraid that this product wouldn't appeal to them because it was lower in calories, but both cats loved this food! They even preferred it over their regular chow. Now I buy this product exclusively. by on 10/29/2013
    My cats prefer Cat Chow brands to any other and they recently tried the Healthy Weight and gave it 2 paws up. Cat Chow Natural is a long time favorite too. by on 10/29/2013
    It is important that my kitty stays healthy as she gets older, that is why I feed her Purena Cat Chow Healthy Weight. by on 10/29/2013
  • Special Treatment
    My oldest of 4 fur babies, Katoom the King,15+ years, recently lost two teeth,he has always loved his dry food, and this past year started feeding him Purina Healthy Weight. It became his new favorite-when he started having trouble chewing,instead of feeding him more canned food to compensate I started mixing his Purina healthy weight with some warm water and let it soften alittle- he loves it! He prefers this instead of canned food now! Thank-you Purina for making food that tastes good and is good for our fur babies. by on 10/29/2013
  • Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    We decided to try this product because our cats are a bit overweight. Although they enjoyed the food, it didn't seem to make much difference in their weight. We used it for awhile, but decided to go back to our other Purina One which they love more. This is a product that they did love the taste of, but we didn't see the results that we needed otherwise. by on 10/29/2013
  • Gabbi Loves the New Healthy Weight
    We have 2 cats. Riley, the younger one, is lean & mean. However, Gabbi, is short and tends to pack on pounds. Our vet incourages us to watch her weight which for a multi-cat is challenging. When you provided a nice coupon I picked up a bag. I mixed their regular Purina Indoor with the Healthy Weight. She did not miss a beat in chowing it down. Now it's straight on Healthy Weight. Time will tell if she either does not gain more weight or actually slim down. by on 10/29/2013
  • great
    Well it helped keep my cats weight down and they seemed to really enjoy it !!!!! by on 10/29/2013
  • Great Taste
    I have 4 cats and 1 is so picky.... but he LOVES the taste of Purina Cat Chow Healthy weight.... so happy I found something he likes and its good for him by on 10/29/2013
  • Sensitive stomach
    I originally received the sample of this food while trying to find a product that was not recycled onto my carpeting.I have 2 cats ...1 overweight so this was a good one to try.The other cat has a very sensitive stomach.Well I was very pleased to find he could eat and actually keep the food in his belly not my floor.I am still very pleased with the product and that it is great for my cats. by on 10/29/2013
  • Well-rounded product
    This is a great product! My cat has stayed at a consistent and healthy weight since she has started eating this food! She enjoys it as well!! by on 10/29/2013
  • Always in the food bowl.
    Healthy Weight is what I feed my food oriented cat. I have one cat who is very active and food isn't an issue, but with his brother its the other way around. Food is first! So I feed him Healthy Weight and try to play with him more to keep his weight managed. by on 10/28/2013
  • wonderful and nutritious
    great way to keep a cat on a healthy plan. Terrific for all cats, obese or at any average weight. It adds the much needed nutrition to keep them strong and healthy. by on 10/28/2013
  • No longer Pudge
    After my friend referred to my cat Smudge as Pudge, I picked up my first bag of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. After just a few months I can honestly say, no one will be calling her pudge again! by on 10/28/2013
  • Works great for overweight cats!
    I started using this when my cat was a little heavier than she was supposed to be, and it has worked wonders for her. And she loves the taste! by on 10/28/2013
  • Healthy weight
    I've been using Purina Healthy Wegh cat food for a few years now. My cat used to be quite a bit overweight, but she's looking much sleeker now. by on 10/28/2013
  • Won't eat
    My cat is not crazy about this food. He will eat a few bites then walk away. He loves regular chow and Naturals. by on 10/28/2013
  • Great
    I love the fact that it meets all of cats' needs, and my cats love its taste. by on 10/28/2013
  • Fit and Trime
    I give my 5 years old male cat a scope in the morning and one in the evening and he eats all of it and looks forward to it every day. by on 10/28/2013
  • My 9 year old cat Maxie loves this food!
    My cat Maxie loves this food. Our new kitten loves it also. Have a hard time getting him to eat his kitten chow. by on 10/28/2013
  • Healthy Weight for healthy Cats!!
    We buy Healthy Weight, among other Purina cat food, for our five Cats. They love them all. We just mix them all together. We love the Healthy Weight especially though because we have a couple of overweight Cats. Maxie, the Mama Kitty, started gaining weight after she got fixed. She doesn't eat a lot, but she is pretty hefty. Taz, he is also fixed and he just got real lazy and also put on the pounds. Our Cats love the taste of the Healthy Weight. Thanks Purina! by on 10/28/2013
  • A cat favorite!
    My cat really enjoyed this one when he was a bit overweight. If i was late to feed him he'd rip open the bag himself. He is a healthy weight now and we've switched to another Purina variety. by on 10/28/2013
  • Evakool
    I know Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight taste great and helps promote a healthy weight and lean muscle and is high in fiber by on 10/28/2013
  • Healthy weight, flavorful
    My older cat enjoys it as much as cat chow and doesn't need the extra calories. by on 10/28/2013
  • Cat goes Bonkers!
    My cat loves this food and gobbles every last bit. She eats it for days on end and doesn't even when to change it up when I give her another kind of kibble! by on 10/28/2013
  • Healthy Weight Lives up to it's Name
    Mt 8 year old cat Snookie was putting on a little to much weight. I thought I would try Purina Healthy Weight, I gradually added it to her regular Purina Indoor formula and she seemed to really enjoy it, she is on a constant diet of Healthy weight now and has lost the extra pound I was concerned she had gained, she loves Purina Healthy weight, the morsels are all one size which she seems to prefer. I highly recommend it! by on 10/28/2013
  • Cats Love
    I have two cats that love the healthy weight cat food. It's so good for them since one of my cats was a few pounds over weight and I had to get her weight down this food did the trick she is more healthier and energetic. Every cat should try this for a more happier and healthier cat. by on 10/28/2013
  • Cats love taste
    We have tries all the Purina cat chows and they love this one ....but it makes their poo ....stinky by on 10/28/2013
  • Affordable Quality
    I was purchasing Purina One Healthy Metabolism for my cats. While it is an excellent product, we needed to find a more cost effective alternative. After trying a few different products that none of our cats would eat, we tried Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. All of them love it, and so does our bank account! by on 10/28/2013
  • Cat's love it
    Both cats love the taste of this, helps to control their weigh issue by on 10/28/2013
  • Excellent!
    As my cat has gotten older he has put on a little extra weight. I generally buy this Purina healthy weight formula and the indoor cat formula as well. My cat loves the taste and I love the price! by on 10/28/2013
  • My older cat has lost a little weight
    My older cat isn't as active anymore and was getting a little bit chunky. I switched her over to this and she has lost a little weight without having to feed her less and deprive her. Awesome by on 10/27/2013
  • Loving Purina
    One of the many Purina dry Cat food he enjoys having. by on 10/26/2013