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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 6944 reviewers.

  • great brand!
    Good for cats that have a Lil extra love'n on them. by on 08/01/2015
  • Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    I recently bought Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight for my 2 cats, Pricilla & Shaka & they absolutely loved it & I will keep buying it for them! by on 08/01/2015
  • My cat
    My cat eats everything and he eats this. I guess it's pretty good. by on 08/01/2015
  • Keeps my cat active and healthy
    The best blend out there to keep my older cat fit and trim by on 08/01/2015
  • Awesome Product
    I tried many companies but my cats really seemed to like this food them most. Would definitely recommend to any cat parent! by on 07/31/2015
  • Great Product
    A,gain all 6 cats will eat this product. Use to buy 3 or 4 different cat foods. Finally found one. by on 07/31/2015
  • Cats love it
    My 3 cats are 13 years old, healthy and happy. This food has helped maintain their healthy weights. by on 07/31/2015
  • not enough good ingredients
    Cars need the right balance of nutrition. Corn shouldn't be the first ingredients. by on 07/30/2015
  • Finally my cats weight stayed the same!
    Finally my cats weight stayed the same! I had a cat that seemed to gain weight each time I went to to the vet and once on this dry food, it seemed like her weight started to slow in growth and stabilize! :) by on 07/30/2015
  • The cats all love it
    All 7 wait at their bowls, eager for their gribblies. by on 07/29/2015
  • My cat loves it
    I usually buy this food for my cat and he really loves it . we have tried others but this one seems to really help his Appetite by on 07/29/2015
  • Good
    Healthy weight my cat love this cat food it's healthy by on 07/29/2015
  • Seems to really help!
    I love that the healthy weight keeps Rory fit and healthy. She gets all the nutrition that she needs, plus some extra! She does get wet food too and treats, but mainly she has hard food. She seems to really enjoy eating the Healthy Weight formula. She doesn't stick her nose up to it and doesn't pick out any pieces. She always seems to eat every bit that gets put into her bowl. Overall, Rory and I are happy with the healthy weight formula and would definitely recommend. by on 07/29/2015
  • Great Product
    My cats are all overweight, so this is a great food for them that doesn't cost a fortune. by on 07/29/2015
  • Robert loves it!
    The vet told me my cat Robert, was overweight and he needed to lose weight. I started feeding him Purina Healthy Weight a few months ago. He has lost weight without me having to actually cut back on the amount of food he likes to eat. He is happy and looks much healthier now. by on 07/29/2015
  • It helps!
    I had to recently take care of a cat with very bad weight problems.It was 17 pounds!So i measures his food and gave him certain servings it helped a lot!! by on 07/28/2015
  • They love it!!!
    I appreciate how Purina focused on the nutrition as well as the taste for our cat's food. I know that I am taking care of them and I know that they enjoy eating it. by on 07/28/2015
  • Just like your other products, my cats like it
    I have one cat who gains weight for no apparent reason. The vet can't find anything wrong, and she eats no more than my other cats. So, I put her on this. She doesn't seem to notice the difference from the other formulas. She hasn't been on it long enough for me to comment as to any weight loss, but I will update this when I see results. by on 07/28/2015
  • Vet recommended it
    I give this to my cats when they are getting a little hefty and they can't tell the difference! by on 07/28/2015
  • Great products
    This product is simply amazing. I've never quite tried something like it. by on 07/28/2015
  • Picky
    My cats will only eat this if they are super hungry. by on 07/28/2015
  • Will definitely buy again!
    My cat weighs 18 lbs and this is a great way to help her be healthier. She seems to enjoy the taste and I like that I could get it for a reasonable price. by on 07/28/2015
  • Great
    Great product to buy, my cat loves it and enjoys it ! by on 07/28/2015
  • great product
    Wonderful weight control and weight loss product, my cat lost 4 pounds and has been able to keep it off!!! by on 07/27/2015
  • Nobody liked it.
    Both cats ate less and the overweight cat didn't get any lighter. by on 07/27/2015
  • Perfect health
    I have tried the 'health weight' cat food and my cat is now at his perfect weight. And, he loves it, can't keep him out of the food bowl! by on 07/27/2015
  • great
    my overweight cat loves this and is very picky so she will eat this by on 07/27/2015
  • My cat only eats healthy weight!
    My MooMoo cat was a hefty cat... hence the name MooMoo ( yes, like a cow). I switched her food to the healthy weight and now that is the only kind she eats! by on 07/26/2015
  • need to manage weight
    We have been using this to help our cat loose some excess pounds as she as become less active as she gets older it has done well she is now at a much better weight. by on 07/26/2015
  • he likes it
    he enjoyed eating it I didn't think he wanted to stop by on 07/26/2015
  • Two Happy Cats
    Both of my adult female cats seem to enjoy this food, even compared to food from other brands we have tried in the past. I enjoy the ingredients, and appreciate that it promotes a healthy weight, which is so important to keeping indoor cats healthy. The bag purchased was not too expensive when compared to competitors. Will buy this again. by on 07/26/2015
  • great
    Great for home with multiple cats. They keep their weight steady and they have lots of energy by on 07/25/2015
  • Great for the older, slightly overweight kitty
    My cat had been chunky for a while. Switched to this product and he has never looked as healthy as he does now. by on 07/25/2015
  • Very pleased
    I feed this to my cats mostly and they are within a healthy body condition and they seem to really enjoy the taste of the formula. I am very happy with this food. by on 07/25/2015
  • need smaller package
    She likes Purina cat chow healthy weight. But she doesn't eat dry food that much. So I need smaller package. by on 07/25/2015
  • Perfect for an indoor cat
    Our Little Girl (LG) loves her food and maintains a healthy weight. by on 07/25/2015
  • On his Weigh ...
    My 13 yr old tuxedo kitty loves to eat and with Healthy Weight formula, he can eat more, full fuller faster and has even dropped a few lbs ! by on 07/25/2015
  • over weight
    my 5 year old cat weighs 13 lbs.. she used to way 18. we are on our way ti a healthy weight ;) again! im excited because she actually has some energy now! by on 07/25/2015
  • The girls give it a 2 claws up!
    We r the proud humans 2 a core dozen colony cats & 2 very spoiled 3yr old indoor sisters.Everybody likes the taste & it helps keep the sisters fit & trim. by on 07/24/2015
  • My cat likes the taste
    My cat really likes the flavor of this food. He begs for it when I buy it, as opposed to his regular food. I haven't noticed any weight change but I believe it's doing him good. by on 07/24/2015
  • I love catchow
    My cats love this line. We have been feeding this to them since we adopted them. by on 07/24/2015
  • Great!!
    Purina products are always high quality and my cat loves them. by on 07/24/2015
  • Love it
    My Toby loves this food...I have tried other brands but this is the best. by on 07/23/2015
  • Awesome product
    Healthy weight is an awesome alternative for my too fluffy friends! by on 07/23/2015
  • Keep Me Healthy Please
    we started to use this product about six months ago. They both love it, and I feel that it keeps them both a little bit healthier . by on 07/23/2015
  • My cats seem to really enjoy this formula
    I recently bought a bag of this formula because I have a couple of cats who are really finicky and like a different brand -- but it frequently makes them sick and they were gaining weight. To my surprise they really liked this healthy weight formula. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has indoor cats--especially if they don't like the indoor formulas. by on 07/23/2015
  • Great weight loss product!
    After a month of feeding our Norwegian Forest cat this product, we noticed significant change in his weight and behavior. Way more active and healthy looking, plus he did lose 5lbs, which was definitely needed. He had maintained a healthy weight since and we continue to feed him Purina products. by on 07/23/2015
  • Filling and great taste
    My picky senior cat, Leia, loves Purina Healthy Weight food. She needed to lose a few pounds. I've tried several lower calorie products and Healthy Weight is the only one she will eat. The excess pounds came off slowly and Leia continues to eat Healthy Weight to maintain her good health. by on 07/22/2015
  • Healthy Weight
    my cat can be picky with choosing what food to eat but not with this! by on 07/22/2015
  • Great for unsupervised feeding
    Our 4 cats have a couple bowls where they eat. Some eat more than others and it helps to know they are getting a healthy diet when they choose to eat! by on 07/22/2015
  • New Girl
    Twitch had become quite heavy, we actually called her a speed bump because she was so wide and didn't want to move out of the way--we had to walk around her. After 4 months of being fed the Healthy Weight formula she is moving more, jumping up in our laps ( sometimes! ), but the best thing is, she is enjoying going out in the backyard with us and actually runs and plays. This is something she hadn't been doing for years and to see her happily scampering around the backyard and pouncing at bugs is wonderful. Although she hasn't actually slimmed down very much, just seeing her jumping after a bug, or pouncing on a blowing leaf is proof that she is feeling better and has become a healthier weight--finally! by on 07/22/2015
  • Great
    My cats love it. I have one that really needs to lose weight, but has had to have some of her teeth pulled for medical reasons, and she even loves it. by on 07/22/2015
  • Overweight kitty
    My kitty is a little overweight and this cat food has helped him lose 2 pounds. He likes the taste. I will continue to buy this formula of cat food to maintain his weight. by on 07/22/2015
  • Works great
    my cat was very overweight but I have three cats and cannot separate them for measured feelings. They seem to love it and are all a perfect weight. by on 07/21/2015
  • My Cat loves this food.
    My sweet girl China loves the Purina Healthy Weight Food. China is 13 years old and during her life time I have tried many different brands of food, but she likes eating the Purina Healthy Weight food the best. Thank you for making this good tasting food for my loving girl. <3 by on 07/21/2015
  • My little girl loved it
    She was starting to put on some pounds and I went straight to this food for a while, since I already buy the Indoor variety. Worked like a charm. by on 07/21/2015
  • Healthy weight
    My cat is very picky and loves Purina one! And since I switched to the health weight he hasn't thrown up. by on 07/21/2015
  • Great food
    My cat loves this food and we are noticing some weight loss already. by on 07/21/2015
  • 3 furbabys
    all 3 are over 10 yrs old and they just love this brand by on 07/21/2015
  • Passes the Finicky Taste Test
    My 9 year old black furry companion Sheena has extremely fussy taste when it comes to her food. She also tends to add on weight with certain dry foods. The Purina Healthy Weight formula meets all of Sheena's needs. It keeps her at a good weight and she enjoys eating it everyday unlike other brands that she quickly grows tired of the taste. A+ from us! by on 07/21/2015
  • My girls just love this
    I found a free trial in their kitty litter , when I was opening the small bag They both came running thinking it was treats, so I gave it to them like a treat Oh my never had I guessed they would love it that much , So I bought a bad mix it with there food here . And spit out there old food and only eat this, so I give 5 stars , by on 07/21/2015
  • Healthy product
    Got a rescue cat from the neighborhood who the neighborhood fed him well and needed a little help in reducing his weight and making him feel better this is an excellent product to do it. Red my rescue is now average weight and is able to climb over fences and under fences a little easier now. by on 07/21/2015
  • My cat didn't like it
    My cat use to be a good eater now he doesn't like it by on 07/21/2015
  • Healthy weight kitties
    Wonderful quality and value,must be tasty because the kitties love it,I will continge feeding healthy weight by on 07/20/2015
  • fantastic product
    all four of my cats love purina weight control formula! its the one i feed my chunky kitties by on 07/20/2015
  • My cat lost weight!
    My cat actually lost weight on this! I wasn't sure it would work, but it did!! by on 07/20/2015
  • Must be tasty for cats!
    It worked great right away for my cat's taste buds! by on 07/20/2015
  • Great Product
    I have 1 overweight cat that I feed this product to. He likes the taste so will continue to purchase. Too early to tell whether or not he's slimming down. by on 07/20/2015
  • Love it
    My cat Boots was getting a bit chunky, so I started using healthy weight. He is now back to his normal weight! by on 07/20/2015
  • cats love it
    i love all the purina products, my cats can be picky eaters but i dont have a problem with purina family products. My cats thank you. by on 07/19/2015
  • Amazing product
    My oldest cat has been on this brand for years and it has surely maintained her weight and she thinks it's delicious. by on 07/19/2015
  • Great catfood
    My cat is finicky but he really likes this blend. He requires weight management food so this one is great!! by on 07/19/2015
  • Better Food, Better Results
    My cats are doing much better with their weight and they are having less hair balls. What a great product.. by on 07/19/2015
  • Always a hit, with my two picky eaters!
    My two "Furry Kids" worry more about this dry kibble, than they do their regular "wet" food. Sure, they like the wet food, but what seems most important to them is, that the dish has fresh "Healthy Weight" kibble in it. Try and feed them and not put down fresh Healthy Weight food, you Will hear about it! by on 07/19/2015
  • Great Healthy Weight
    I can't tell if my big girl is losing any weight, but she sure loves it. She seems to prefer it to the stinky gushy food I put out for my little old lady with no teeth. by on 07/19/2015
  • happy tummy=happy cats!
    We tried almost all the kinds of purina cat chow and i must say our cats love the healthy weight. Its like they are always hungry and craving for it. We also notice that they became more happy and healthy as well! by on 07/18/2015
  • Great taste that they love.
    I started feeding my cats this product when Max was diagnosed with Diabetes. So instead of keeping food down all the time, they all had to adjust to two feedings a day. Since they all were slightly overweight and Max was really overweight I started them on the weight management product. Since starting them on this food, which by the way they all love it, Max has dropped down to a healthier weight and the others are all at a good weight for their size. Once Max drops a few more pounds then I will start rotating between the other flavors, they love them all. by on 07/18/2015
  • Okay Product
    My cat only likes to eat it sometimes. I like the ingredients in and I think it is a good value. by on 07/18/2015
  • Great product
    This food, along with a little more play time has worked wonders for my once plump cat! by on 07/18/2015
  • my cats love it!
    I have 2 cats, both of whom are slightly chubby........ They still aren't at their ideal weight, but they haven't gained either, which was important for them not to do. They both loved the dry food and have been on it for a few years now. by on 07/18/2015
  • Excellent Product!
    Since I have switched my cat to the Healthy Weight formula he has had more energy and has maintained a healthy weight. by on 07/18/2015
  • wonderful product for our cat !
    Our cat is a bit on the fluffy side if ya know what I mean so when we found this product and tried it with midnight she loved it! It's all we buy now! by on 07/17/2015
  • Chubby fur ball
    Hello One of my cats is less active and put on a few pounds. I put him on a diet and he is satisfied with Purina Healthy Weight. It is a great value for the size of the bag and he enjoys it. by on 07/17/2015
  • Time for a change
    My cat needs to lose a little weight so I tried this product. After a slow transition she really seems to like it! by on 07/16/2015
  • my cat loves it
    My cat loves this product. He seemed to always want more. It helped him maintain his weight. Its high in fiber which is good cause he was having trouble. Made him go right away! by on 07/16/2015
  • Great
    this food is great! it helped my. Overweight cat very well by on 07/16/2015
  • Happy kitties!
    Our cats love this food! We have some chubby ones and it is helping them shed some pounds> There has never been any other food in this house except Purina products starting with the Kitten Chow. We love happy, healthy kitty's! by on 07/16/2015
  • Absolutely amazing
    I absolutely love this product. It's done wonders for my cats they have lost the weight they needed to and are now sitting at a healthy weight. And it helps that they love the food. by on 07/16/2015
  • healthy weight
    I have a Rag Doll maile cat who weighs 20lbs....he likes to graze all day. He has been eatting health weight for about 6 mounths and it has seemed to help him lose a litttle weight.. by on 07/16/2015
  • keeps our guy in check
    This is best we've found that keeps Garfield at his healthy weight by on 07/16/2015
  • My cats love this dry food
    I have a stray that I took in. For being a stray he was over weight and having a hard time breathing. I started feeding him Healthy Weight dry cat food and he has lost a few pounds. He is no longer having a hard time breathing. Thank you for making this product. by on 07/16/2015
  • Excellent Product!
    My cats enjoy this food. I have noticed that they enjoy this and enjoy when it is time to eat since starting them on healthy weight formula. I recommend this food to other cat owners. by on 07/15/2015
  • Cats love it
    I was worried that our cats would not like the Healthy Weight food, but they love it by on 07/15/2015
  • Great Product!
    The price is better than the other brands, and the quality is just as good or better. My cats love it! by on 07/15/2015
  • Picky kitty loves it
    we have a very picky former stray cat that we rescued from a busy parking lot. once he came home with us and started eating better he gained a lot of weight. now with this formula the vet says he is the perfect weight and much healthier.thanks by on 07/15/2015
  • Milo
    We have tried all cat chow products and we love this one the most. by on 07/14/2015
  • Healthy and taste she loves!
    My 3 year old cat, Kitten Little, began to become more of a Kitten Large! I switched from another brand to Cat Chow healthy weight. This is the first diet cat food I have ever purchased she loves to eat. It also has made a difference on her size! by on 07/14/2015
  • great change
    I had been using another formula and they were not pleased but this one has them eating regularly and looking healthier. by on 07/14/2015
  • it works
    it helped my cat maintain a healthy diet when she was starting to gain more weight. by on 07/14/2015
  • Good Stuff
    My cats are very picky about what they eat but they love this food! by on 07/14/2015
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