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  • Keep my cats heathly
    My cats and Kittens love it and it help them be heathly and its good for them and as long as they are happy I am too. by on 02/27/2014
  • Great food!
    I have a picky cat. I tried every food on the market. Then I found this. She not only loves it, but she's starting to loose weight. I highly recommend this food. by on 02/27/2014
  • Good
    My cat really liked the food it made him keep him at a healty weight. by on 02/27/2014
  • Husky Kitty ;o)
    My cats love the Cat Chow Healthy Weight food. One of my three cats is very overweight??!! He is always at the food dishes waiting for more! Can' t wait to see some weight loss results for him :o) by on 02/27/2014
  • Missy loves this product.
    My cat's name is Missy and was 2 years old when I got her. She was over weight by a couple of pounds. So I wanted a food that she would eat and like. I thought I would try her on this one. She could not wait until I got the bag opened before trying to get at it. I got up one morning and found out she was trying to help herself. She got the bag down and was trying to opening it. She loves it and righ tnow I have 2 unopened bags so I don't run out. Plus she is losing some weight. by on 02/27/2014
  • Helping my Maine Coon get back on track!
    Thank you for helping my Ruthie get back to a healthy weight! He has more energy, is more playful, and is better tempered. by on 02/27/2014
  • Great!
    My cat just loves Healthy Weight! I tried many other healthy weight brands but this seems to be the only one he really likes. by on 02/26/2014
  • My cat likes it!
    It is a pretty good product, I got a free sample of it a while ago and my cat would not stop eating it! But she eats almost anything and that is why she needs some type of weight management in her life! lol by on 02/26/2014
  • Rita the not so fat cat
    I have searched for a while for a food that my picky kitty would eat, as well as help her lose some weight. Rita immediately took to the Healthy Weight formula and has since slimmed down 4 pounds! I have found the right diet for my little furball to help keep her with me longer. by on 02/26/2014
  • great for less active and overweight cats
    Cat Chow Healthy Weight still tastes like regular cat chow and has all the necessary nutrients cats need but without all the extra fillers and fat other cat foods have. My cat still feels like he gets enough to eat and can nibble all day without putting on exta pounds. My cat is a bit lazy but after starting him on a diet with cat chow healthy weight he's losing extra weight. Losing the weight has helped him become more active and will help him continue to maintain a healthy weight and live better. by on 02/26/2014
  • Many Cats - Many Tastes
    I have a household full of cats of various sizes, colors, and ages. Several of them have gotten quite rotund and I was getting desparate to find a way to cut down on the calories but still have the kitties eating and enjoying their food. When I read the labels on the Healthy Weight Formula bag I decided to give it a try. The kitties are eating this formula and have begun to loose some weight, especially Taylor, the walking bowling ball! by on 02/26/2014
  • Fat Cat can play!
    Alfie has been getting fatter and fatter because he doesn't want to play much. So I changed him over to this formula. Thankfully, his belly isn't getting bigger. Now, I am working with him to get him more active again. We love it!!! by on 02/26/2014
  • great product
    All my cats love this, especially minnie who now weighs 14.5 lbs.. by on 02/26/2014
  • She Loves It
    My cat loves Healthy Weight. The first time I gave it to her she dug right in. She's a little chubby and so I am hoping that this will not only help her maintain a healthy weight but will also continue to satisfy her. So far so good. by on 02/26/2014
  • trying to take some weight off
    I want to take some weight off my shotzie, tried this, she loves it!! by on 02/26/2014
  • Not necessary but liked
    I don't really have an overweight cat but I include this food in the rotation because it gives them another taste to enjoy. by on 02/26/2014
  • Purrrrfect meal
    My cat Smokey is like child to me, so when he kept getting sick after eating different types of food i finally tried this brand. He FINALLY kept his food down. Hes been eating your brand now for 3 years and its the ONLY brand he will touch. Thank you for making my cat happy by on 02/26/2014
  • Great for Overweight Kids
    I have four feline "kids", two of whom were significantly overweight. Feeding Healthy Weight for a month to the two overweights separately really brought their weight under control. Thank you, Purina. by on 02/26/2014
  • Watching Kitties Waist line?
    Great kitty food for those kitties that want to watch their waist line! I have a few pleasingly plump girls that swear by this! by on 02/26/2014
  • Awesome
    Purina does it again. You cannot go wrong with the products of Purina. by on 02/26/2014
  • Healthy for a treat
    I give my kitties a wet food diet and give this dry food as a treat. They love it! by on 02/26/2014
  • Perfect
    Keeps my cat healthy and happy. She does not complain eating this food. by on 02/26/2014
  • Purina Rocks
    my cats love all Purina cat food products, healthy and taste , they chow it down. by on 02/26/2014
  • 2 cats
    cats will pick this out of the bowl if I have a mixture and leave the rest, so now they eat just this by on 02/26/2014
  • healthy cat
    My male cat was a bit overweight...after placing him on a diet using this product, he has lost weight and is more active. Thank you !!! by on 02/26/2014
  • healthy weight
    My cats used to eat meow mix. They never ate anything else, they are very picky eaters. I received a free sample and gave it a try and they absolutely loved this food. Now I buy them healthy weight. by on 02/26/2014
  • Great Product.
    Thank you for making this type of cat food. I have one cat that is very overweight. He has been eating the Purina Healthy Weight for 6 months now and he's lost almost 6 lbs. It doesn't sound like a lot of weight but the vet said to me not to let him lose more than half a pound a month. His weight is slowly coming down and he's getting more active. I have another cat who eats the same food as the heavy one and she is happy and healthy. She didn't need to lose weight and has been maintaining the weight that she has always been. She has an extra bowl of different food up high where the big cat can't get to it as well. Keep making this and I will keep buying it. Thanks. by on 02/26/2014
  • Happy Cats
    My cats can't wait to be feed in the morning and evening. They enjoy the Healthy Weight dry cat food. Thanks by on 02/26/2014
  • Healthy Weight great product!
    My cat, Peanut, really likes this. He is usually a picky eater but he doesn't heisitate when he is fed this. by on 02/26/2014
  • Great
    This formulation has really helped in my quest to get my cat to a healthy weight. He is able to get around much easier these days. by on 02/26/2014
  • Fills her Up!
    Keeps my 16 yr old cat full longer. She doesn't move around as much now and helps to fill her up but keep her weight in check! by on 02/26/2014
  • Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    The kitties enjoy this cat food, it one of their favorites by on 02/26/2014
  • my cats love it
    my 2 cats are so picky of eaters, I couldn't believe they love the healthy weight cat food. by on 02/26/2014
  • Healthy weight
    My cats Love all Purina products but a couple of them favor the Healthy weight and let's know by sitting at the dish or knocking the dish if it gets to low or empty!!! by on 02/25/2014
  • Purines healthy weight
    My 2 cats live this food. I switched to this to help them lose a few pounds. by on 02/25/2014
  • Mew loves it!
    Our cat Mew needed to lose a few pounds. With the help of our vet and a Healthy Weight she was successful! by on 02/25/2014
  • Cats love it!
    My cats aren't over weight, and I want to keep it that way. They love this kind of food and they are usually pretty picky eaters! by on 02/25/2014
  • Trying a New Product For My Babies
    Just purchased our first bag of Healthy Weight this week. Was somewhat concerned it would have a taste they wouldn't enjoy but it was the total opposite. All four of them cleaned their bowl and seemed very contented. by on 02/25/2014
  • A large cat
    My family's overweight cat needs all of the help that he can get to get that weight down and be healthy again. His diabetes has made him rather large, but we love him all the same. This food helps keep him stable and not get any larger. by on 02/25/2014
  • love it
    I really did not think my cats would eat a dry cat food that said healthy weight on it but being they are a little over weight I figured I would give it a try. I am so glad I did my cats love Purina healthy weight cat food. I buy it all the time. by on 02/25/2014
  • Kitty favorite
    My cat loves this kind! She went nuts for it before I even got it out of the bag! by on 02/25/2014
  • Best product ever
    My cat was 20 pound which was a little too havey for him and it has helped him lose the 5 pounds he needed too by on 02/25/2014
  • Plus size kitty
    Just like with human kids, I have one cat whose weight is just fine but her sister is on the heavier side. So now that I have to start watching more closely what they both eat, I've made the switch from Indoor Cat formula to the Weight Management formula. And I must say, it's been an easy switch. They both are loving this new dry food as much as the previous one! by on 02/25/2014
  • My cat loved it, and he's a picky eater
    This product helped my cat lose weight. He's a very picky eater, and he loved it! by on 02/25/2014
  • Healthy and great tasting
    My cat loves the taste of his healthy weight food! I switched him to this food because I didn't want him to gain any more weight, as he was already slightly overweight when I adopted him. He's been eating this food for almost a year, and he seems to have maintained his weight. Thanks Purina for keeping my cat healthy and happy! by on 02/24/2014
  • amazong
    This product really helped my overweight cat get to a healthy weight!!! by on 02/24/2014
  • <3 Healthy Weight formula
    My cat just absolutely loves this food. The pieces are just the right size. She gobbles it down at every meal. It seems to be helping her weight, she has not lost, but has maintained her weight now for two years. This is a great feat. She is 13 years old and an indoor kitty so she doesnt get much exercise. I would recommend this food to anyone. by on 02/24/2014
  • We love this!
    My cats all love this product. It seems to be great tasting, as they consume every morsel. I love that it is healthy for them, and helps maintain my older cat's weight, as well. by on 02/24/2014
  • good quality cat food keeps kitties healthy and happy
    good quality cat food keeps kitties healthy and happy by on 02/24/2014
  • Happy Cats
    I was looking for a healthier food for my indoor cats, but was a little nervous switching foods as we all know can turn into a battle of wills with the cat usually winning. So when Purina came out with Healthy Weight I had to try it. My cats already love the Indoor formula, so I hoped the transition would go well. Well, it went better than I expected - they LOVE IT! I still had some of the Indoor formula and they actually turn their noses up at that now and insist on the Healthy Weight. Thank you Purina for making my life and the lives of my cats SO much easier - and healthier! by on 02/23/2014
  • Cats love it
    cats love it and it's keeps them healthy...what more can you ask for? by on 02/23/2014
  • Good product
    Good product for the value. Cat loves taste, I love price by on 02/23/2014
  • Butters Loves Healthy Weight!
    My cat Butters eats this every morning & night and loves it. It helps him maintain his weight as an indoor cat. He eats it all up. by on 02/23/2014
  • Keeping kitty healthy.
    Hoping to help my cat lose weight and keep him from becoming diabetic. So far, so good. He seems to enjoy it as much as he did the higher calorie food. by on 02/23/2014
  • My cats' favorite dry food!
    We switched to Healthy Weight when our youngest cat graduated from Kitten Chow so that all three of them would be eating well and staying healthy. They all love this food and get very excited when they see me pouring a fresh bag into their self-feeding dish! A big thank you to Purina for always providing the best for our kitties. by on 02/23/2014
  • Cats like it!
    I have a few "fluffy" cats so decided to try healthy weight cat food. I wasn't sure they would like it, but they loved it just as much. Thank you purina!! by on 02/23/2014
  • Great Cat Food!
    My cats have been fixed and were gaining a lot of weight. Purina Cat Chow Heathly Weight has helped them maintian a lower weight, be healthy and they are very playful. They love the taste, too! Great cat food. I wish it came in a 16 lb bag for the price of the 13 lb bag though. by on 02/23/2014
  • Saved from diabetes
    I have three cats...one of them happens to have feline obesity. Tippy was near the point of having diabetes. He would need insulin shots everyday just to make him feel ok. Thanks to Healthy Weight...He's gotten his weight down just enough to avoid such an unhappy life. Thanks Purina! by on 02/22/2014
  • Fat cats
    I took on two Maine Coon kittens...Maggie & Chester. First I fed them Purina Kitten Chow and when they were older, I switched to Purina Healthy Weight because Maggie was getting fat. They are both doing wonderful -- Maggie lost some weight and Chester is the same. They have NEVER been ill, have shiny coats, bright eyes, good teeth, and are basically very very healthy cats. I credit Purina dry foods for this since Purina Cat Chows are all they have ever eaten. I would never switch-- looking at the health of these cats is all the proof I need and they LOVE Purina Healthy Weight Chow. by on 02/22/2014
  • techboo
    My cat loves this food good food for an older cat on a diet by on 02/22/2014
  • Didn't work
    Frankly, I was disappointed in this product. Two of my cats are overweight, so I put them on Healthy Weight and an exercise program. After a year, the exercise program toned them up some but they remained at their original weight, 19 and 22 pounds. So I went ahead and put them back on Complete because they liked the taste much more. At this point, their weight remains stable. by on 02/22/2014
  • makes a great treat!
    My two adorable indoor kittys, Tomtom and Shadow, are big on getting treats...a little too much, too! Since I got a bag of Healythy Weight formula for my adorable outside kittys, I tried a few kibbles of it for Tomtom and Shadow's routine snacks...and THEY LOVE IT!:) thanks Purina for keeping my loved ones happy and healthy! by on 02/22/2014
  • Healthy Weight
    With nine cats ages nine through twelve, it became very important to help my aging pets maintain a healthy weight. They all love the taste of Purina Healthy Weight, and, although they are not as active as they once were, this formula is helping them to not gain a lot of weight. I am so glad I found Purina Healthy Weight to help me care properly for my "babies". by on 02/22/2014
  • Thunder Cat
    My cat is less than 20 pounds and needs to lose some weight. I am trying the amount you say and I do not see results. Been doing this a long time...... by on 02/22/2014
  • Finicky Sam loves it!
    My cat Sam is part Maine Coin cat, so he is a big cat anyway, but over the years he has gotten overweight from being an indoor cat. We decided to try him on this Healthy Weight cat food to see if it would help. We had tried other "diet" foods in the past but Sam would just sniff and walk away. From the first bowl of the Purina Healthy Weight he loved it, and he has actually lost weight! And our cat Lillian has chosen it as her favorite as well. Thanks Purina! by on 02/22/2014
  • cats love. it
    My three cats love it, and I put some out for the neighborhood cats who visit. They love it too by on 02/22/2014
  • cats love the taste!
    I normally feed my cats the hairball control food bc 2 of the 3 are long-haired. There was a sample of this in the bag and I started giving some to them as after dinner treats. Now it seems like it's all they want! by on 02/22/2014
  • Healthy Weight...
    ... is important to us all so feed Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight by on 02/21/2014
  • My Cats Don't Like It
    I tried this product when it first came out but my cats wouldn't eat it. Apparently the smell did not appeal to them for some reason. by on 02/21/2014
  • Preferred
    Our 10 month old, 11 pound Maine Coon Cat prefers the Healthy Weight formula over canned food. We put a bowl of the Healthy Weight and a bowl of canned food out and he will go for that while his mama eats the canned! Since he does know it's god for him it must be the taste! by on 02/21/2014
  • Excellent treat product!
    Both of my cats are on veterinary diets. However, I give them these as treats. They love them! by on 02/21/2014
  • Meets my needs
    It is good to have an affordable dry cat food to help our threatening-overweight cat keep his weight more in balance. He loves to crunch away on it. by on 02/21/2014
  • Twinkie loves it!
    My cat loves this formula. I had him on a more expensive brand you can only get at pet stores, then decided to try this when it was introduced and my cat loves it! I also love that I can get it at the Supermarket. Convenient and reasonable and evidently, tastes good by on 02/21/2014
  • great stuff
    my cat loves this stuff its well worth the money u should deffs get ur cat some by on 02/21/2014
  • USe in winter
    I use the healthy balance cat food in the winter to make sure my cat is not gaining too much weight. Since he is indoors all winter and not outside running around. by on 02/21/2014
  • Just Switched
    Just switched to this from Indoor Formula - All 4 loving it! by on 02/21/2014
  • They love it
    I first received a sample an my cat loved it. After we got the 2nd cat we found she liked it too by on 02/21/2014
  • Healthy Weight
    I am glad they have a good brand of cat food that my cats love. by on 02/21/2014
  • Perfect choice!
    My first cat gained weight quickly at 4yrs old when we adopted a one yr old cat. Jealousy and hunger met at the food bowls. After starting the Purina Healthy Weight, he slowed down his eating and really chewed his food. The younger cat who we learned has a very sensitive stomach has been able to eat this food without getting sick shortly after. And she's very finicky! I think the ingredients are natural and healthy, with good flavor, that has met both the cats' separate needs. by on 02/21/2014
  • The girls love it
    My 3 fur babies love this. I love the cost as well by on 02/20/2014
  • Fat cat
    Cat loves it and I hope it helps her lose some weight. by on 02/20/2014
  • chunky kitten
    This food seems to be doing a great job. It is helping my cat be healthy and happy. He plays all of the time and has so much energy. He actually plays til he needs a nap by on 02/20/2014
  • Great
    My cat loved this food and it seemed to help his weight a bit. by on 02/20/2014
  • Love it
    I was worried about switching my cat's dry cat food as I did it once before and he didn't like it! He stopped eating until I switched it back! But he loved it! by on 02/20/2014
  • Love it!!
    We have tried many different cat foods.....this one wins out!! My cats LOVE IT!! by on 02/20/2014
  • Great Product!
    All our cats love the taste and gobble it right up, even our dog likes to sneak a taste now and then! by on 02/20/2014
  • good for chubby cats
    I fed my overweight kitty this and he was able to get back to a healthy weight without having to cut down on the amount he could have. by on 02/19/2014
  • Good Food for Cats
    I have two cats, one who is normal weight and one who is overweight. The overweight cat we acquired from a friend who passed away recently. Both of our cats really like the healthy weight cat food from Purina and to keep them from fighting over each other's food I feed it to both of them. Keep up the good work on improving your cat food! by on 02/19/2014
  • 5 Cats can't be wrong
    Five finicky boys loved this food as soon as it was poured in the bowls. by on 02/19/2014
  • Why do my cats love this so much?
    I don't know why my cats prefer the Healthy Weight product over everything else. Since, I'm not a cat, I don't know if it tastes different or is easier to chew or what, but this is their preferred dry food, even the ones who are not needing to watch their weight. by on 02/19/2014
  • Healthy but still tastes good
    I was actually surprised when all four of my indoor cats like this food. They look forward to feeding time and come running when they hear the food going into the bowl! Finally a healthier diet that tastes good too! by on 02/19/2014
  • Yummy!
    My cats run for the bowl when its time to eat. Thanks by on 02/18/2014
  • Great Product!
    This is by far the best cat food from Purina! My two cats LOVE all Purina cat chow products, but Healthy Weight is their absolute FAVORITE! Thank you for making yet another fantastic cat chow! by on 02/18/2014
  • Only food for Lucky and Jack
    I have two male cats. One is about 7 years old the other is about 4 years old. I have tired several brands of cat food and they will attempt to eat them but you can tell they do not enjoy it. They will still meow after I would set the food down and basically tell me they didn't want it. So I got a sample of Healthy Weight in one day and I split the bag between them and they went to town. When it was gone they went to the bag and was licking it t get more. So off to the store I went and we have not looked back. by on 02/18/2014
  • My Picky 13 year old's Favorite !
    My very finicky 13 year old Calico Shorthair has always been a picky eater. It was hard to try to switch her to a new food that was good for her, as she has put on weight ever since she's been a strictly indoor kitty these past few years. I used to give her another indoor/weight formula dry food, but it was discontinued, so I was extremely pleased when I got a free sample of this new dry food in the mail. I gave her some and was delighted to see that she absolutely loved it. I've been buying this one for her ever since , and it's the only dry she ever eats now. Her weight has been steadily improving , she's not as chubby as she used to be , and she's got much more energy . She used to cough up more hairballs, but since I've been giving her Purina Healthy Weight , that issue has significantly diminished . Thank you for making a dry food that my Kitty loves, and that's also good for her by on 02/17/2014
  • Really helped
    I got got my cat and he was overweight I started feeding him this and it reall helped it has helped keep his at what it is supposed to be. by on 02/17/2014
  • Works Great
    I once had an obese cat, my vet had told me my dear sammy was considered an obese cats..this food took her back to a healthy weight, by on 02/17/2014
  • Yes!
    Keeps my cat happy and healthy! She LOVES her cat food. Which is great because she's a picky eater. I have tried other cat foods and she won't go near them. Purina is the ONLY brand she likes. Seriously. When ever I'm lacking on my duties she will sit by the bag and meow for me to fill her bowl. by on 02/17/2014
  • Great food for cats
    I have used this cat food for years & am known for my long-lived (geriatric) cats. Must be the good Purina food! Wish Purina would come out with a geriatric food for older cats. by on 02/17/2014
  • Time to slim down
    My cats have enjoyed Purina Cat Chow Complete since they advanced from Kitten Chow. Unfortunately they enjoy eating more and getting exercise less as they get older. They continued to gain weight on the recommended serving size. Reducing the amount wasn't an option. Alpha kitty just ate more than her fair share. We started mixing Healthy Weight about half and half into their food bowls. Unlike other cat foods, they didn't eat around it. They cleaned their bowls. Now we have switched completely to Healthy Weight and they seemed satisfied but are losing some weight. This has made them more willing to be active as well. by on 02/17/2014