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  • Cats really like it but one's allergic
    My cats really seemed to like the taste but we have since learned that one of our cats appears to be allergic to an ingredient in this version. Still love the indoor formula but had to stop using the Weight Loss version. by on 03/31/2014
  • cats love it
    my cats love this food, and really helps keep their weight where it should be by on 03/31/2014
  • My fussy cats love Purina Healthy Weight formula.
    My 4 fussy cats come running when they hear the Purina bag coming out of the cabinet. One of them even opens the door for me! They love the taste and nibble on the food a little all day. Their weight is now average, no more overweight cats in this house! They have energy and still like to play like kittens. by on 03/31/2014
  • Both cats like it!
    Only one of my cats is overweight, but BOTH love the Healthy Weight formula. It is a good product at a great price! by on 03/31/2014
    Our 2 cats, Shadow & Tigger, ages 9 & 8, were gaining weight. The vet told us we need to slim them down. At that time Purina just introduced their new Healthy Weight Cat Chow and we decided to try it. They liked it and they have lost a "little" weight! Good thing is...they have not gained weight. by on 03/30/2014
  • Great choice for a fluffy cat!
    Our girl ballooned over the course of 2 years. The Weight Maintenance variety helped us to cut her back to a healthier weight. Highly recommend this to anyone with a furbaby gotten bigger than ideal. by on 03/30/2014
  • Cats
    I feed this to cats when they meow. They like it. Don't know why there are so many varieties. I have never seen a cat not eat cat food. No variations needed. by on 03/29/2014
  • Popular favorite
    I have 2 overweight tomcats who have each lost 1/2 pound in the past month since I switched them to Healthy Weight and they seem more energetic and playful. by on 03/29/2014
  • cats love it
    i feed to my strays in my neighborhood i am a trap spay/neutar and release person by on 03/29/2014
  • My Cat Lost Weight!
    The vet said my cat was overweight at 15.2 pounds & he needed to get down to 12 pounds. So I put him on the Healthy Weight for two bags & he was down to 14 pounds. I then switched him to the Indoor Formula because it has more food in the bag for the same price & now my cat's heavier than he's ever been at 16.5 pounds! PLEASE PURINA make the Healthy Weight Formula bag the same size as the Indoor Formula (16 pounds) or lower the cost to compensate for the smaller amount! by on 03/29/2014
  • Great Product!
    My cat loves it! He can't wait to get his cat chow! by on 03/28/2014
  • My cats love it!
    I give this to my cats as a treat. just shake my container I keep it in and they come running~ by on 03/28/2014
  • New to Healthy Weight
    I just bought a bag of this food. So far the cats like it just as well as the regular. Hopefully, it will help some of my heavier cats loose a little weight. by on 03/28/2014
  • Tried to switch but failed
    I thought that this might be better for my senior cats. They didn't want to switch and looked around for a bowl of their usual Healthy Naturals dry food. They are back with Healthy Naturals and very happy. by on 03/28/2014
  • Healthy!
    I just got this cat food, it was recommended to me for my overweight male cat! It has helped him a little bit so far and I cant wait to see the results as he has eaten it for a while. He seems to love it and it is healthy for him! by on 03/27/2014
  • My cat needs it.
    I got this particular Purina because my female cat is a little pudgey around the middle. And I am not surprised she love it. by on 03/27/2014
  • a healthy weird
    This is perfect for controlling my cats weight! He loves the flavor and I can count on the results! by on 03/27/2014
  • Great
    Kind of hesitant to switch my cat to this formula since she's not over weight but she loves it. by on 03/27/2014
  • My Furkids Can't Get Enough
    Having three cats with three different appetites can at times prove to be a bit of a challenge at mealtimes. Bazinga is the picky one, Lizzie is the nibbler, and Sam is a glutton. Of the 3, Lizzie and Sam came to us overweight, having been fed 'people food' far too often by their previous owner. I wanted something that is cost-effective, will keep them full, and help them shed a pound or two. After several attempts with various brands/types, as well as puttiing all 3 on a feeding schedule, the Healthy Weight seems to be doing the trick. Lizzie has slimmed down from 13.5 pounds to around 9 pounds. Sam has gone from almost 23 pounds down to about 19; he's a Maine Coon, by the way. Our goal is to get him down into the 17-18 pound range. The biggest objective is keeping him away from his sisters food dishes! Bazinga's weight has always been normal, but on the Healthy weight I've noticed she vomits up her food far less often than with other varieties, and has produced fewer hairballs. The girls' fur is soft and shiny, Sam's is getting there (longer hair, you know). I am very happy with this product. by on 03/27/2014
  • Healthy Weight Healthy Cat
    I love this formula for my 9 year old indoor cat. He enjoys it with his teaspoon of wet food every morning and every night and it helps contribute to him keeping a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. Purina is definitely my favorite brand of cat products! by on 03/27/2014
  • Cats love this!
    I only have to shake the bags to get the cats running for it! They love this! Its good for them, and from a quality brand that i love and trust!! by on 03/26/2014
  • Great Product for Weight Control!
    I have been feeding my cat Shadow the Purina Healthy Weight since he gained so much weight after he was very sick. The doctor had him on several drugs including steroids which made him gain weight. He needed to lose weight, so I put him on the Purina Health Weight. He loves it. I like it because it is good for him and I like it that the pieces are small and bite-sized. by on 03/26/2014
  • My boys love it!
    I have 2 cats, brothers, and they both seem to love their Purina Healthy Weight food! Great nutrition and helps maintain their weight since they are indoor cats! by on 03/26/2014
  • no fat cat
    This really keeps my cats weight under control. No fat cat here. by on 03/26/2014
  • Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    My cat has been overweight for awhile. He loves the healthy weight taste and runs for the bag plus it has helped us trim him down some. He was about 20 lbs and is not an overly large cat. by on 03/25/2014
  • love this brand
    my cat loves this kind. and is a cat chow kitty! our fur baby just loves it. she seems much happier with this brand of cat food over all other brands. we love out cat. and she deserves the best! by on 03/25/2014
  • love
    We loved healthy weight for my kitty spaz when he was overweight!!!! by on 03/25/2014
  • My cat loves this food
    This is the only food my cat eats she even prefers it over canned food by on 03/25/2014
  • Purina cat food review
    Excellent product, my cats love this brand & I highly recommend it. by on 03/25/2014
  • Kitten Chow - Nurture
    At 175 days young, Chocolate Smoke nibbles on Kitten Chow multiple times daily and is now four pounds seven ounces. by on 03/25/2014
  • Kitties Love It!
    Both my kitties love this food. It's the best dry cat food around! by on 03/25/2014
  • Great
    My cat loves this it is good for him and chew easy by on 03/25/2014
  • Healthy Weight
    The particles are very different in shape and size. Colors indicate the flavors.. I have two very fussy cats who dig into the bowl for their favorites and tend to leave a mess as they do so. Upon feeding Muff in her bowl, I have noticed that she has eaten all the pieces equally. Muffin likes fish over meat, but no mess in her eating area. you can hear her crunch as she eats....Sadie, does a massive eating routine. her bowl empties quickly as she eats. she cracks and chews and sits by the bowl until it is finished. I have fed Sadie for three days now with nothing but crumbs left. the flavors of meat and fish mixed are great. For both my cats. I like the texture and they like everything else! by on 03/24/2014
  • Very Good for My Little Chubbers
    One of my 4 cats is a tad overweight, Since mixing in this Healthy Weight formula with their Indoor formula, he has lost weight and is now more active. by on 03/24/2014
  • Helps both my Elderly and Younger cat
    Both of my cats, one being geriatric, and the other being 3 yrs. old, both need lean nutrition, which this food provides. Excellent product. by on 03/23/2014
  • Best product in the world!
    My cat's will not eat anything else but healthy weight! They tore open the bag once when I left it out because I just bought it. I have to keep it in the closet now because they would eat the entire bag if they could! by on 03/23/2014
  • Great
    My cats love all Purina Cat Chow foods. They like the taste and they eat it every day! by on 03/23/2014
  • No surprise here, Scooter Pie got fat!!
    He was so starved when I got him, he eats constantly. I was so happy when he put on some weight, but after about 6 months he started to jiggle when he walked! Seriously it was cute, but I knew it was not healthy for him. He also developed the cutest, pudgy, chipmunk cheeks! I could just squeeze him like a nurf ball! But, being a half way decent mommy I got him some Healthy Weight Cat chow and he's slimming down little by little. I'm also playing with him more and I think that is helping too. He loves to play catch, he prefers to play it with treats, but I'm transitioning him to chase his toys. by on 03/23/2014
  • Good for my cat
    My cat is overweight and she loves this food. She has lost some weight. Not much but she's getting there:) by on 03/23/2014
  • Enjoyable
    My cat is pretty chubby so I decided to try out this healthy weight formula. What's great is that he likes it. I'm glad because I thought that maybe the food wouldn't be as flavorful- but I was wrong. by on 03/23/2014
  • Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    I have three cats and this is the only food that all three of them will eat! by on 03/22/2014
  • All my cats love it!!!
    All my cats love Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. They run when I open the bag. Even my outside ferals love it! It is a great product and I love buying it for my cats!!! by on 03/22/2014
  • Healthy weight is great ;)
    When it came to transitioning Fritzy from kitten chow to adult food we knew we wanted to stick with Purina, but we weren't sure which variety was best. We bought healthy weight by chance (thanks to a coupon) and began mixing it with Fritzy's kitten chow to get her used to it and within two weeks time she had adjusted well and was eating healthy weight alone. Our cat is very spoiled and gets fed throughout the day (probably some days more then she should) and healthy weight helps keep her in check. by on 03/22/2014
  • works
    My cat had a weight problem, and I started feeding him this, within 3 mos. There was a weight loss!! by on 03/22/2014
  • Great Product
    Love that it helps in weight control as my older guy isn't as active as used to be. by on 03/22/2014
  • Mewmew loves it!
    Our senior kitty Mewmew needed to seriously loose a few pounds. But his helped her get to her ideal weight! by on 03/22/2014
  • love it
    my cats love it. it fills up my little dahlia she only eats a half a cup of food all day where with other brands she would eat more. by on 03/21/2014
  • I only wish I could use it!
    Because of artificial color and other additives, I can't use this for my sensitive cats -- although I wish I could, because they've gained so much weight from over-indulging in the Purina Cat Naturals! I wish Purina would consider deleting all the artificial additives and dyes and make all their formulae "natural." by on 03/21/2014
    My older cat is having a weight issue, so we need to feed her something that will help her weight. I was worried she wouldn't want to eat this, but she really likes it. by on 03/21/2014
  • I discovered this by accident.
    My son picked this up instead of the indoors cat chow once. My cat loved it. The fiber must have had a problem with his tummy problem though so I mix this with the indoor food to cut down since he likes this flavor better. by on 03/20/2014
  • Purina Healthy Weight Cat Food Review
    Purina Healthy Weight Cat Food lives up to its claims of helping my cat build lean muscle & maintain a healthy weight due to it being high in fiber with a great taste & hearty crunch that my cat seems to really love & enjoy being fed on a daily basis. by on 03/20/2014
  • Weight control
    I am always looking for some low-calorie options for two of my cats. by on 03/19/2014
  • Healthier Cat
    This worked well for an older pudgy cat. He likes it as well as a regular formula and I don't have to worry about overfeeding. by on 03/19/2014
  • my cat loves purina
    my cat will eat any purina food. i have given her 9 lives before and she wasnt a fan of it. she prefers purina any day! by on 03/18/2014
  • Weight Loss is good!
    I am very glad that Purina came out with a Healthy Weight product. We have an over weight cat and he loves to eat.We just started using this and we are excited to see some changes very soon. by on 03/18/2014
  • Happy Cat
    Our cat lost weight, liked the taste, happy are we by on 03/18/2014
  • Great taste
    I have one Kitty which eats only Purina Healthy Weight. I mix this food in with the regular Purina Cat Chow. My cats really love that. by on 03/18/2014
  • it's all my 5 cats eat :)
    I have 5 cats and they are all adopted :) At the animal shelter they recommended us Purina Cat Chow since then we feed them with Purina brand. All my cats love it. They are indoor cats so control their weight is very important. We had tried so many brand but Purina Cat Chow Healthy weight they love the most :") by on 03/18/2014
  • Good product
    Great product for my over weight cat, he weighs 28 by on 03/18/2014
  • my fat cat is loosing some weight
    dotty is a big cat and he needed to loose some weight. so I tried healthy weight and he looks good. he lost a couple of pounds. by on 03/18/2014
  • Exactly What They Needed!
    I have 3 kitties, and the youngest one Sierra was having digestion problems. We tried everything, and finally found the healthy weight cat chow. Because it is high in fiber, it helped Sierra tremendously! The other 2 love it also! by on 03/18/2014
  • Helped Clyde get his weight down to normal (when we first adopted him)
    Clyde really enjoyed it, even though he was on weight reduction at the time. by on 03/18/2014
  • The Only Cat Food my Buddy Love will eat!
    My cat, Buddy Love, is possibly the most fussy cat on earth! He is very particular about what he eats and has fallen in love with Purina Healthy Weight cat chow! Thank you Purina for giving my cat the food he loves to devour, all the while keeping his weight trim & lean! by on 03/17/2014
  • My 2 cats love this
    My 2 little vultures love this blend, plus, it got them down to a healthier weight. They were both kinda heavy, but they are both right about where they're supposed to be, now. by on 03/17/2014
  • Healthy Weight
    Usually, I feed my cats the Indoor formula since they are indoor cats and do not get outside to chew the grass. However, I started to feed my 7 year old cat the healthy weight as he was getting a little round. I saw him gradually start to lose weight and be more active. Then, I saved a little kitten that was approximately two months old from a parking lot. They both get along great and they started playing together and getting more exercise so I put them back on the Indoor formula. I also feed them wet food and give the kitten the kitten version to make sure she grows healthy and strong. It doesn't seem to matter to the cats what Purina formula I feed them as they seem to like them all. by on 03/17/2014
  • makes a cat happy
    My cat loved the taste and small pieces were easy to chew. Besy of all its good for yhem! by on 03/17/2014
  • Chunky no more
    I switched my Saffron to this from the cat chow when I noticed she was getting a little chunky. She was up to 12 lbs and she has a small frame any way. It was about 1 year ago when I switched and she is holding at about 9.5 lbs and she has become more active the more weight she lost. If you have a cat who is getting chunky I would recommend this food. by on 03/15/2014
  • Great for picky but overweight cats
    I have two kitties here in my household, a brother and sister duo, and the female was well overweight. It was recommended that she be placed on a diet. The Purina Healthy Weight food makes feeding her simple and she loves the taste. by on 03/14/2014
  • My cats must know he's over weight
    I of my cats was not thrilled with this product from purine. I thinks he knows how to read & he got insulted because it's for overweight cats. by on 03/14/2014
  • The one and only!
    Our boy, Tah, is one of the pickiest we've every seen. He would prefer not to eat at all if you aren't giving him what he likes. We have even given him dinner from our plates at times because he would not eat any of his cat food...until Health Weight! He simply loves it! He waits by his bowl in the morning until we give him a fresh helping and when he gets low, he comes and lets us know that he wants a refill! Thank you, Purina!!!! by on 03/14/2014
  • Meows for More
    My 6 year old cat is quite picky! I've tried many different brands that he would just turn his nose up to! He loves Purina Products. I have a younger cat also and both started to put on a little weight. I was nervous to switch to the healthy weight control formula, but thy both LOVE it! I've been using it for a month now and they already look a bit more slender. They love the food and don't even know that it's good for them! by on 03/14/2014
  • not bad
    this is good way to feed your cats a good diet and not have to worry that their food will taste like diet food! by on 03/14/2014
  • wonderful product
    My cat Elizabeth loves this product. It keeps her at a healthy weight while satisfying her. by on 03/13/2014
  • Worried my big girl would turn her nose up to the Healthy Weight Cat Food
    My Boo Boo is a big girl. She runs and plays,and is in good health but her weight has always concerned me as she ages so I bought her the Purina Healthy Weight cat food. You see healthy weight and worry of it being bland but not with Purina Healthy Weight. Boo really likes it! I am assured by this because she has her own bowl that only her Healthy Weight food goes into and when she hears the food pouring into her bowl she comes running. She has never eaten from the other bowl with another Purina cat food in it so I know she enjoys it. by on 03/12/2014
  • Penny Likes it!
    Penny, my cat, likes the taste of the Healthy Weight brand, but just not as much as the regular kind. :) by on 03/12/2014
  • Tazzie
    This is a new product I have just discovered. I have an obese cat (30 lbs!) and have tried several healthy weight products. This is the only one has not turned down. I often mix a little bit into his chow or indoor formula, although he will dig through and just eat the healthy weight; so there must be something tasty in there! I know changes in food need to be gradual, so I am hoping I can eventually get him onto the healthy weight diet so he can achieve a healthy weight himself! by on 03/12/2014
  • no more fat cat
    my cat lost 7lbs on this product. she is 14 yrs old. she is more active now and more enjoyable to be around,and enjoys being around us more! i would highly recommend this! by on 03/11/2014
  • Good for managing!
    I have a friend with a highly food-motivated cat who LOVES to eat. She uses this food to keep her cat's muscle:fat ratio in check. I tried it with mine, and she's definitely more muscley now! by on 03/11/2014
    It definitely helped my cat. It also seemed like she actually enjoyed it very much. by on 03/11/2014
  • great
    Good price and healthy food for my pet. My cat seems to love it and I know he is getting a healthy diet on Purina healthy weight cat food by on 03/10/2014
  • Great results!
    Actually bought this for a neighbor's cat who was a bit overweight. It took much convincing from me that the cat would live a healthier and longer life is she lost just a little weight. Well my neighbor was certain her cat wouldn't touch this food. She was wrong! Her baby loved it and we are seeing great results. Thank you for keeping cats healthy!! by on 03/10/2014
  • happy kitty bellies.
    My cats can barely wait for the food to hit their dish before they start trying to eat it. Decently priced fora weight management food. by on 03/10/2014
  • Amazed
    We are on our 3rd bag of this food and the change in momma midnite is nothing short but amazing she is playing again like a kitten tossing toys into the air and chasing them and for my 16yr old overweight cat the change is truly amazing thank you purina for giving me my old midnite back by on 03/10/2014
  • my cats love it
    My cats love it. I can't say anything bad about it. by on 03/10/2014
  • slim kitties
    i like to keep my kitties slim so that they can stay healthy by on 03/10/2014
  • No more Fat Cat!
    My fur baby loves her CatChow!! She loves the taste and I love the price! by on 03/10/2014
  • My Chubby is losing weight
    Help her maintain a healthy weight. It's a flavor she love's with a = hearty crunch by on 03/10/2014
  • Excellent Product
    This is an Excellent product! My cats just love it. I would highly recommend this product. My cats come running when they here me open the bag, they can't get enough. Keep up the good work. You make fabulous products! Thank you. by on 03/09/2014
  • Feeding to both chubby and Healthy weight kitty's
    I purchased this food initially for one of my little guys who has been putting on weight. My other cat, that is of a healthy weight actually prefers this food over the regular Kit and Kaboddle that I was feeding both of them. So now all three of my cats are eating this brand. by on 03/09/2014
  • Helps keep my not very active cat healthy!
    Healthy weight formula helps keep my girls healthy and active! by on 03/09/2014
  • Keep you cat lean
    My 2 cats love Healthy Weight, never tired of the food. Its their favorite by on 03/09/2014
  • Made the switch!
    My two cats have been gaining weight as they get older, so I switched to Purina healthy weight. They really like the taste, and it seems to be helping! by on 03/09/2014
  • fat cat
    my fat cat loves this food, so she doesn't know that she is dieting by on 03/09/2014
  • Great Product
    Good product to help with a cats weight issues .... by on 03/09/2014
  • healthy kitties
    My kitties are playing more thanks to healthy weight by on 03/09/2014
  • great way to help your cat stay on weight track
    my vet says this is a wonderful product d=so my cat doesn't grow to obesity...she loves it and looks forward to it every a.m... by on 03/09/2014
  • Great for Older Cats or those with Weight Issues
    My vet recently recommended that we put our Maine Coon, Mishka, on a diet due to her weight. While she is only a tad bit overweight, we wanted to make sure to keep her healthy. After trying many brands, we selected Purina Healthy Weight formula. This blend has the taste our cat loves, the nutrition she needs, and will help keep her fit and trim. Thanks Purina! by on 03/08/2014
  • Purina healthy weight
    I have feed my cats that are a little on the heavy side this and it seems to get them back down to a nice healthy weight and keeps them at it.. by on 03/08/2014
  • overweight cat
    I have a older cat which is overweight and does not get much activity, due to age. I have been using healthy weight for some time, my cat like s the taste and is showing signs of weight loss, seems to have more energy so will keep using along with other purina cat food THX by on 03/08/2014
  • Healthy Weight Formula
    My cat LOVES this!!! Must not taste like diet food...ha! Seriously, she really enjoys this food & it has helped her a lot. She is playing & running more. I will continue to buy this for her. I rotate between Healthy Weight Formula & Indoor Formula & she is a very healthy & happy cat. by on 03/08/2014