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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 6944 reviewers.

  • It Works!!
    My Panther is pretty finicky when it comes to his food. The Healthy Weight really satisfies him without coming off like diet food! After using the food for almost a year I have definitely noticed that his weight has leveled off to a much more normal number which has also put him in a better mood. Thanks to Purina for another great product! Panther thanks you too! by on 04/18/2014
  • Beatrice Loves It!!
    Bea has always been a Purina kitty. I've brought home the new weight control product and sure enough, she loved it! She's happy, playful and enjoys mealtime!!! by on 04/18/2014
  • great product
    this is a great product for my cat. he is usually not too active so his weight was beginning to become a concern. this helped him lose some of his weight though and he loves the taste. by on 04/17/2014
  • Amazing!
    I have 2 cats and they have been eating a mixture of this and the indoor formula for almost 3 years now. They love it. Everyday they look forward to when they get fed. by on 04/17/2014
  • This really works!
    My cat was getting overweight, and I started feeding her this and she lost weight! This is one of my new favorites! by on 04/17/2014
  • Cat loves it
    My cat is a very picky eater, so it's hard to find something he likes. by on 04/17/2014
  • Healthy Weight formula works!
    We have 7 cats. One had bladder stones requiring surgery to remove them. The vet prescribed a specialty food to keep the stones from recurring but she and another cat both gained a lot of weight as all of the cats share the food bowls. With the vet's approval, we tried mixing the vet formula and Purina's Healthy Weight formula together - half of each - and both chunky cats have lost weight. All of the cats really like the taste of the Healthy Weight formula. We tried other more expensive brands of weight control that didn't do anything to help them lose weight. Thanks Purina! by on 04/16/2014
  • Pickie
    I have a very overweight cat. I have tried to feed these product. She does eat less because she will leave most of this in the bowl. It takes her three days to eat it. by on 04/16/2014
  • Healthy Weight foods
    My cats have fallen in love with the Healthy Weight food - I had a cat that weighed 18 pounds and after 1 year of constant play time and the change in food, she is down to 14 pounds. I highly recommend this food. by on 04/15/2014
  • My cat loves this food!
    After realizing that my cat was putting on a few extra pounds, I switched him to purina healthy weight cat chow. I was worried he wouldn't like the switch because it might not taste as good being diet food, but I was wrong! He loved it! In the beginning while mixing with his old food, he was picking out the healthy weight and leaving the old food behind. He really loves the taste! And now that we follow correct portion sizes.. He is back down to a healthy weight :) by on 04/14/2014
  • best for cats
    all my cats love cat chow help with cat hair, teeth are healthy, does not produce bad breath by on 04/14/2014
  • Lo-cal diet.
    I recently put my cat on a bit of a diet, got the free sample of this and she loved it. Will definitely be buying in the future. by on 04/13/2014
  • Took a while, but baby look at her now!
    At first, Smokey didn't want to eat her new food. But, to keep her healthy she needed to go on a diet. I reverted back to making the change a bit more slowly, mixing her old food with the Healthy Weight food. Now she only eats the Cat Chow Healthy Weight. And boy does she look good by on 04/13/2014
  • Purina the #1 cat food
    When it comes to my cats, healthy is better. Therefore Purina cat chow is my cats number one choice. Now my cats are healthy, happy, strong and ten times playful. So whatever makes my cats happy, makes me happy. I recommend everyone to buy their lovely cats Purina cat chow. Its a must! :) by on 04/13/2014
  • Tasty!
    Healthy Weight formula has a great flavor, says my cat Momo. I didn't have to mix it with his current food or switch him slowly. We're on the right road to losing a few pounds now! Thank you. by on 04/13/2014
  • Cats like it
    Very good product. My cats think they are being feed treats. by on 04/13/2014
  • Really works
    This product is great. Not only can I see the weight changes in my cats but they really seem to like the taste as well. by on 04/13/2014
  • Fat cat getting smaller
    We started our cat on the Healthy Weight formula a few months ago. Despite the fact that my husband insists on free-feeding, the cat has still lost some weight. My husband is a pushover for the "begger-eyes" and our cat loves the taste enough that she actually begs to be fed whenever a human passes her bowl! Our vet is happy with our cat's health, other than weight, and is pleased that we chose the Purina Weight Control formula to help get that extra weight off. Our cat has progressed through the Purina Kitten Chow and Purina Cat Chow Indoor, so what else would we choose for weight control other than Purina Weight Control? by on 04/13/2014
  • great product
    This product helped my cat get down to a healthy weight by on 04/13/2014
  • Thanks to Purina Healthy Weight
    I have to admit my cat was way over weight! When people would commit about it I would tell them he's just old, but he's not! He's only 3 years old lol. I love him and wanted him to stick around a lot longer so I switched to Purina Healthy Weight. He can be a picky eater but he loved it and eventually the weight started to fall off of him, today he is at a healthy weight! by on 04/13/2014
  • Delicious and cost effective!
    We have indoor cats and only one of the is overweight. We have found that all the cats love the taste of Purina CatChow and the healthyweight formula helps keep the 'overweight' cats from gaining too much! Besides this, the price is a great way for us to enjoy the love of multiple animals while staying in budget! by on 04/12/2014
  • Healthy Weight for weight loss without the struggle
    Monkey is getting older and doesn't get around as much as he had in the past. Recently we switched him to Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and are pleased that he both enjoys the food and seems to be losing weight. Good value for the money and good for our pet! by on 04/12/2014
  • healthy weight
    My cats just love healthy weight purina cat chow. Helps them to maintain a healthy weight along with satisfying my cats. by on 04/12/2014
  • wonderful product
    Love this product. It gave my cat more engery, thicker and healthier fur, more leaner body. He was happier. Before using this product, he always had an upset stomach, no energy. His fur was very thin and limp. Excellent product! I highly recommend. by on 04/11/2014
  • lost weight for cats
    My cats are over weight so I got a free sample in the mail and tried it out and they love it so it is the only food I buy for them until they lost the weight then I will try the other purina cat food out on them. by on 04/11/2014
  • 3 cats
    A food all three of our cats love. Also one of our cats is overweight and this is helping him slim down. by on 04/10/2014
  • Great Cat Food!
    My 2 cats really enjoy healthy weight cat food trying to work on my 1 cat Telia to get her weight down !! by on 04/10/2014
  • Delicious and nutritious
    Healthy choices for my kitties are what I strive for when I make purchases. Purina is a fantastic product that my cats enjoy eating. by on 04/09/2014
  • Picky Sophia's favorite!!
    My little girl (ok, so not so little). My "fuzzy" girl (can't call her fat, she gets mad) goes bananas for this food when I open a new bag or open the container to refill her bowl. by on 04/09/2014
    My cat will go hungery if not purina!!!!! There coats are shiny. and soft!!!!! PRICE IS AWESOME!!!!!! THANK YOU For a great product!!!!! by on 04/09/2014
  • Butters Loves This!!
    My cat cannot wait until breakfast & dinner time to get his Purina Healthy Weight! When we got him he was 12 pounds, already a big guy, and this food helps us make sure he doesn't put on anymore weight. Thanks Purina! by on 04/09/2014
  • Satisfied
    Keeps my cat energetic and helps her diet. Toast is a lardy kitty. by on 04/09/2014
  • not bad
    cats don't dislike it but I notice they don't go crazy for it like other kinds of cat chow by on 04/09/2014
  • My cat loves it
    My cat is very choosy. I have purchased other brands before but I can tell he likes Purina so much better! by on 04/09/2014
  • Overall opinion of this brand.
    Purina Healthy Weight Cat Food is a perfect balance of great taste and nutrition for adult cats. by on 04/09/2014
  • Tiger Loves Healthy Weight
    When Tiger was able to dry cat food, a friend of mine gave me some samples when it was called Healthful Life and Tiger has been eating it eversince. Now, I have that, Purine Cat Chow and Natural out in the bowls and he will eat only the Healthy Weight. Our other cars will eat the other Purina dry food. Tiger is a big cat with a long sleek body but he has never been fat. He also has long muscular legs and loves to jump scaling our walls. by on 04/09/2014
  • cat chow
    my cats love all cat chow brands and i qill always feed them this brand it has the top nutrition then all the other brands out their and my babys love it..... by on 04/08/2014
  • YUM
    My kitties were suffering from a little bit of being overweight. I didn't know what to do, I did not think he would like this food at all, turns out, HE LOVES IT by on 04/08/2014
  • My cat loves it
    Great stuff healthy my cars are happy I would. Recommend it to anyone by on 04/08/2014
  • amazing
    This food is great it gave my baby girl an extra hop in her step! I woild recommend this to everyone!!! by on 04/08/2014
  • Healthy Weight for Muktiple Cats
    This is a great product if you have an overweight cat and a cat at a healthy weight. It assists the overweight cat in their mission to lose those excess pounds while helping the cat that is already at a healthy weight maintain where they are. Not to mention the fact that my cats, healthy and unhealthy weight, love the taste! by on 04/08/2014
  • My cat loves it!
    i have two cats both the same age but from different litters. one is triple the size of the other so i feed her Purina Cat chow healthy weight. She loves it and i love it! i love knowing i am feeding my cats good quality food and she still enjoys it. by on 04/08/2014
  • cats love it
    My cats were over weight I gave them this product and the have lost some weight.the love the taste.and I'm glad its healthy for them by on 04/08/2014
  • Healthy Made Easy
    Thanks for making a difference in the health of cats! This is an easy start to help my fatty catty! by on 04/08/2014
  • Scamper gives it two paws up
    Scamper is my first house cat. I hadn't intended to get a cat but he was a rescue, needing some tender loving care after an unknown injury badly damaged his back and hip muscles. Because of his injury, it's crucial he be at a lean, healthy weight. PHW has been great to help him maintain his energy while still keeping his weight down. I break his meals down into several small feedings through the day and he must love the taste because his bowl is always clean! by on 04/07/2014
  • Fan Favorite!
    The Healthy Weight formula is definitely my boy's favorite food. I've tried other brands but this is the only one he has never turned his cute nose up at. He doesnt seem to be any more hungry with this formula than usual.. meaning he's still getting proper nutrition. by on 04/07/2014
  • great product
    I love this cat food for my cat Batman! He is a big boy since he is part maine coon and this food helps keep him at a healthy weight. He also loves the food which is a plus! by on 04/07/2014
  • Super product
    My cats are very picky, and i dont like to change their food. But i recently did. And they absolutely love this food. Im very happy with the overall taste, quality, and price for it. I highly recommend it!!! by on 04/07/2014
  • i like this cat food
    I switch off between all three brands of cat food . I enjoy that my cat will eat it and less bad stuff i it by on 04/07/2014
  • my picky cat likes it
    My picky cat would only eat kitten chow. He would not eat cat chow or any other cat food. I bought healthy weight because he is an overweight cat. I was worried but he loves it!!!! Thank you!!!! by on 04/07/2014
  • yummy and low cal
    My cats love the taste and I love that it helps their waist line. by on 04/06/2014
  • My cats love it!
    I've been keeping my cats in check on their weight, and with this food it makes it easier to know they can sustain a healthy eating habit. by on 04/06/2014
  • just great
    Cats love good food.I only feed mine the best .all colors and sizes and ages,but there all very happy by on 04/06/2014
  • Still a winner!
    I have tried several different brands for my animals and Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight always comes out on top! by on 04/06/2014
  • Great Food
    I really enjoy giving this food to my cat because I can tell he really likes it. He always eats all of it, then he sits by the window and licks his little nose and wiskers. It looks like if he were trying to lick off any food that was on there. by on 04/06/2014
  • snowball
    purina is the only kind he will eat loves it and his healthy by on 04/06/2014
  • kitty likes!
    good product, good price. my indoor and ferals like it! by on 04/05/2014
  • I love Purina
    I love Purina, have always feed my cats their products. They are quality products for a reasonable price. by on 04/05/2014
  • Heathly Weight
    I been feeding this product and my cats are more active and lost a little weight. by on 04/05/2014
  • Great New Cat Food
    I recently took my two cats to the vet for their annual check-up, and they told me my cat Smokey was overweight, but that my other cat Allie was a normal weight. I needed a cat food that could help me get Smokey down to a healthy weight, but also keep Allie at one as well. After reading about this product online I bought some, tried it with the cats, and it has worked great. Smokey is slowly losing, Allie seems to be maintaining, and they both seem happy with the taste. This will be the food I buy for them from now on. by on 04/05/2014
    I have only purchased one bag last week for 2 of my 3 cats, as 2 are overweight. So far, I am TOTALLY impressed, as the 'fatty's LOVE the flavor and I like that it has added protein, which they need.' by on 04/05/2014
  • fit and trim
    I love that I don't have to worry about my cats food. Knowing it is from Purina gives me piece of mind. The Healthy weight formula makes it super easy for me to give my cats the right food with the best nutrition. Thanks Purina! by on 04/05/2014
  • My Milos
    Milos has had a less than favorable beginning. Being a stray, he tried to keep warm by crawling up into a truck engine yet, nobody would take him to the vet. Nobody seemed to care. An employee from a vets office saw him and took him to be taken care of. Milos lost a front leg but, what a personality! His vet gave him a new lease on life with the medical attention he gave him, we adopted him and have given him a different type of life. A stray one day turns into an inspiration the next. Needing to be careful as to what to feed this guy due to weight gain, not being quite as active as some, Healthy Weight Cat Chow works the best for us! by on 04/05/2014
  • Purina Healthy Weight Cat Food
    My kitty thinks it is special treats when she gets to eat a different kind of food. by on 04/04/2014
  • Yes, I have a fat cat.
    My cat is fat. If she only ate at home, it would not have happened, but I have neighbors who like to feed the cats in our neighborhood. I've tried to tell them that the cats are gaining too much weight, but they think they are helping. I switched to Purina Healthy Weight two months ago. She loves the taste. I give her what my vet recommends, which is less than the feeding instructions on the bag. There was a lot of crying until she got used to eating a smaller quantity. I also give her one or two pieces as a treat instead of the high-calorie cat treats. by on 04/04/2014
  • My kitty loves it!
    We've bought Purina Healthy weight since it came out and my cat is .. well let's say a little more than chunky and though it kills me to cut back the free feeding food I was giving her I had to for her health so I got Purina. I've been giving her the servings as directed and she's slimmed down a couple pounds and gets around a lot better. Her coat is shiny and she seems to love the way Purina tastes. by on 04/04/2014
  • Great Cat Food!
    This is the only cat food that my cat will eat, and I love that it helps with my cats weight. My cat has a allergic reaction to cat food with added dyes in it, but this one doesn't have that. I would defiantly recommend this cat food if you have tried everything else like I did. by on 04/04/2014
  • Finished all their food.
    My cats love this product. They love the taste. Usually they never finish their food when eating other cat foods, but with this cat food they ate everything in their plate. It also helped keep their weight under control since my cats don't like to do much activity. by on 04/04/2014
  • My cat meows loudly
    My cat just goes nuts for this stuff. She is very picky and finding the right food was difficult at best. Got a sample of this last year and she LOVED it. I have switched over and she is just a much happier cat. by on 04/04/2014
  • Senior Cat Loses Weight!
    Our 13 year old lost 3 lbs. while on Purina Healthy Weight! Vet was happy to see he lost weight as he was just on the verge of becoming diabetic! by on 04/04/2014
  • Great product
    After Juno's spay surgery she gained weight. Investing in this product has helped her reach and maintain a healthier weight! by on 04/03/2014
  • Love it
    Batman (the overweight one) and Crackers both love Purina Healthy Weight! by on 04/03/2014
  • Great taste
    Even though this is considered a weight control cat food all of my cats love the flavor. Even those who don't need to watch their diet. by on 04/03/2014
  • Purina Healthy Weight
    I've been feeding my cats Purina Cat Chow for over 30 years. IT has extended their lives, as well as being indoor cats, from 17 to 25 years. I highly recommend Purina Cat Chow. by on 04/03/2014
  • Feline Fuel
    This is a great food for cats. Should be called "Great Weight". by on 04/03/2014
  • Healthy and tastes good too.
    My little furry people love this food. When this bowl is empty, they stand there and look at me, where is our food? by on 04/02/2014
  • Great for all my cats
    I have four cats and they really like the Purina healthy weight cat chow! by on 04/02/2014
  • Bigglesworth
    I fed this to my last cat and she liked it, it also helped to keep her weight from getting completely out of control. by on 04/02/2014
  • Purina® Cat Chow® Healthy Weight
    My cats are will be 3 in July and 5 in August. They are indoor cats and only go outside on their leashes. Purina® Cat Chow® Healthy Weight helps them to maintain a healthy weight while they still get the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need. Purina products are a good value and made with quality products. It is the only brand my girls eat! by on 04/02/2014
  • Healthy
    My mother In laws elder cat does not eat anything other than one kind of food and he actually ate this. I was very suprised and happy. This must be very good! by on 04/02/2014
  • She Didn't Care For
    My cat normally eat Purina Cat Chow, but she wasn't interested in eating this variety; I don't think it had enough taste for her. by on 04/02/2014
  • Patches
    I have a cat that used to have seizure issues. The seisures subsided but she gained a lot of weight. She has been overweight for several years now. Since I started feeding her Purina Healthy Weight she has been losing weight in a very steady slow gradual manner. Awesome product by on 04/02/2014
  • Even our pudgy boy likes it!
    The funny thing is that it's only two of our cats who need this food. Of course, both of them aren't all that fond of being on a diet (I mean, who is really?), but this seems to make it easier for them. They have both been on the more expensive clinical diet, but both of them hated it (maybe that's what makes them lose the weight - NOT eating the food???). This, though, they love and so does the rest of the feline family! by on 04/02/2014
  • purina products
    its the best out there and all we use for our kitties by on 04/02/2014
  • Healthy Weight was great for my cat
    He loves this food, but he's fat so he'll eat anything. by on 04/02/2014
  • Great Product
    The healthy weight formula is great in my opinion. My kitties enjoy it very much and the price and quality is great! by on 04/01/2014
  • Not one I use often
    Since I am in rescue, usually I have to put weight on a cat rather than take it off, but when it has happened with my own personal pets a time or two, cats I adopted that were limited to cages and therefore became over weight, they responded well to this formula. They like the flavor, which is a real help. by on 04/01/2014
  • Healthy cat
    I "tried"this for my cats.although it may be healthier for them they did not like the taste so I ended up with a different food. by on 04/01/2014
  • Finicky Cat
    My cat is over weight and finicky so to get him to eat healthy I though would cost a small fortune. So I desiced to try this fist and i'm glad I did he loved it. by on 04/01/2014
  • Good product
    Cat loves it. He has slimmed down since switching to this food. by on 04/01/2014
  • No more fat cat
    We have been feeding our 12yr old Persian, Purina Healthy Weight for about 4 months and can already see a difference. She has lost about 7-8 lbs and is as active as she was 10 yrs ago. Great product, better price. Thanks Purina! by on 04/01/2014
  • Very Frisky Kitty
    While my kitty Bonnie is eating this product, I find her very frisky & lots of energy, even playful like a kitten & she is 1 1/2 yrs. old. Even noticed her coat is so shiny, smooth, rarely sheds. Wonderful happy kitty. by on 04/01/2014
  • Two very happy kitty's.
    My cats have always been feed Purina cat foods ever since they were babies. Love all your products and so do the cats. Thank you, Laurie H. by on 04/01/2014
  • Glad this product was available
    At our last vet visit the doctor recommended some weight control for my 13 year old cat misty. Shes not as active as she used to be and even i could see she had put on a few pounds. I was very happy when i went to the store and found a cat chow weight formula. cat chow is a brand i have always stuck with and have never been disappointed . And again cat chow came through for me and misty she loves the taste and rhe vet said it is doing its job. by on 04/01/2014
  • Twix Loves This Stuff
    My cat Twix is a tortie and a little picky....but I have no problem with her chowing down on Cat Chow..... by on 04/01/2014
  • Good for overweight cats
    My one cat is kind of chubby so this food is a good balance between nutrition and taste. My other cat is a normal weight but also enjoys this food. I would recommend it if your cat needs to lose some weight. by on 04/01/2014
  • Healthy
    One thing I don't want is my cat being overweight so I always make sure she eats properly and overweight cats end up having problems and I don't want that for my cat by on 04/01/2014
  • fat kitty
    this food is great for our overweight kitties. Who knows why but several of our cats are too fat while others are normal weight. So, we use this food to help them lose weight by on 04/01/2014
  • kitties love it
    3 yr old cat and almost 1 yr old kitten loves the food. by on 03/31/2014
    This is the only brand of food my 2 kids wil eat! we have tried to switch them to other brands and got dirty looks and they didnt eat for 2 days till i could get to the store to buy them this brand. picky kids know best by on 03/31/2014
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