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  • Maintaining Weight
    This is a good food for cats that need to maintain their healthy weight. It is a budget friendly alternative to some of the higher priced diet foods. by on 05/17/2014
  • Love it!
    This cat food has really helped with my cat's weight. We both love it! by on 05/17/2014
  • Excellent Product, Even for Finicky Cats
    My cats are so picky, I didn't know if they would take to the Healthy Weight Formula. But, it must be pretty tasty because they have taken to it with no problem. We only made the change a few weeks ago, so I cannot report about product effectiveness, but time will tell. In the mean time, I've got happy cats who love their new food. by on 05/17/2014
  • Great Product!
    I had no trouble changing over to this product. I started by mixing the other Purina food I was feeding and gradually added more and more of the Healthy Weight food. They all seem to like it, at least the bowls are always empty after feeding them. by on 05/17/2014
  • Taste without Torture
    When my cat, Shadow, needed to lose a few pounds, I fed him this food and he not only dropped the extra weight, he loved it! It was comforting to me to know I was not torturing him with having to limit his caloric intake. I only had his best interests at heart and I believe that's what Purina does, too, with this food. I highly recommend it. by on 05/17/2014
  • My cat really enjoys this.
    When I noticed that my cat was getting a little big, I looked for a weight control formula that he would likely eat. Since he likes Cat Chow, I was glad to find they had a weight control formula. He immediately took to it, trying to claw open the bag when I left it out. I recommend this to anyone who is trying to get their cat into shape. by on 05/17/2014
  • Good food, great price, no weight loss
    My two cats (3 years old) have been on this food for the past 1.5 years. I do like this food and it is a good price. However, my cats have not lost weight on the product like I would have liked. The vet suggested a weight-loss type food, and I thought this would be the perfect match. They are very active cats and only receive the recommended amount of good like stated on the package. This is a good brand, and I think my cats enjoy the food, just wish it would help them get into a normal weight range. by on 05/17/2014
  • Quality
    My cats love the taste of this food. I am happy they have a product to help with weight control. by on 05/17/2014
  • healthy eating
    My cat was a little over weight I started her on this formula and it worked great she is losing pounds and gaining energy. Very pleased by on 05/17/2014
  • healthy weight
    Good stuff kept my cat at the perfect weight and she loved it. by on 05/16/2014
  • Our Kitties love it
    i have 5 cats that all have individual taste buds and when I purchased this food they went nuts, Like its a Huge bag of treats..Even my non vocal Kitty becomes very vocal when I am measuring out the food. I feed them a variety of Purina Cat foods, but this appears to be a huge favorite. and I like that it helps to maintain their weight. Thank you for providing the needed nutrition for my Family members :-) by on 05/16/2014
  • excellent for a healthy furbaby
    this food has a taste my cat enjoys and I feel good about giving it to her because I know its healthy by on 05/16/2014
  • Amazing
    My cat loves this and I feel good feeding it to him. by on 05/15/2014
  • Great
    My cat loves this and has been able to maintain its weight by on 05/15/2014
  • Great food for an overweight cat
    My cat loves this Healthy Weight food just as much as she liked her old food. It's a nice looking and healthy food for my overweight cat to help her lose those extra pounds. Affordable price as well! by on 05/15/2014
  • maintaining a cat healthy weight
    Good quality cat food. Ideal for over weight or maintaining a cat body weight. Lots of fiber and protein for great cat bodily function. Low fat diet. by on 05/15/2014
  • Fiber
    The fiber is great! It fills your cat's tummy, making him feel less hungry! by on 05/15/2014
  • Affordable and Effective
    All of my cats, those overweight and those not overweight, took to this formula immediately. I have noticed a marked decrease in hairball expulsion as an added bonus. by on 05/15/2014
  • Healthy Weight Pledge
    After watching the Healthy Weight Video & taking the pledge I switched to Purina Healthy Weight for my 4 cats. They love the taste, I love that they are consuming less calories and slimming down to a healthier weight. I know they are receiving the nutrition they need without the empty calories. by on 05/15/2014
  • Great Product
    I started feeding it to my cat about two weeks ago and she loves it by on 05/14/2014
  • Purina healthy weight
    If your cat has weight issues this cat food will help maintain a healthy balance. by on 05/14/2014
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    I thought that healthy cat food might be like healthy human food in that it doesn't always taste good. But that didn't seem to be the case. My cats ate it without a problem and acted like I hadn't even changed their food. by on 05/14/2014
  • Cats enjoy it
    Both of my cats love this cat food and had no problem switching from their old brand. Which was Purina as well. by on 05/13/2014
  • Most Requested
    My ten cats love it, even to chewing open the bag itself ! by on 05/13/2014
  • Tryed for the first time
    My cat loves this new food and doesn't even know she is on a diet!!LOL. by on 05/13/2014
  • This Licensed Vet Tech Loves Cat Chow!
    I have used many different brands of pet foods during my 17-year career as a veterinary technician, and in my opinion, Purina Cat Chow is the best! It is one of the more tasty dry diets, and is affordable for most any client. I feed my own cats Healthy Weight, and they are very happy and healthy. I cannot recommend Cat Chow enough! by on 05/12/2014
  • My Hobbs likes it !
    I switched him from the indoor formula to healthy weight. He now fits through the security gate bars where he used to get stuck lol. He used to nothing but indoor but he took right to healthy formula! Good stuff! Ive passed on info and abaggie full to my family who have a few pudgy kitties. I also take care of rescues at my moms house so we only use cat chow. by on 05/12/2014
  • cats can be just like people
    My cat buba is a very picky eater.He use to always play with his food in rhe dish if he didnt like it that much.when I started to buy purina he loved it he stated to eat the hole can and leave his dish cleaned.so I switched brands of cat food. Now I recommended this to all my friends and family. by on 05/12/2014
  • Best product for an overweight cat!
    I noticed that my cat was overweight, so I began feeding him this food when we moved into our new house, he lost a lot of weight being fed the proper food in the proper amounts. by on 05/12/2014
  • yummy
    this is the only product i feed my cat. i only feed my cat purina brand products always. by on 05/12/2014
  • good food
    My cat at first disliked the new taste. It took a few weeks and I almost gave up on this, but now he's healthier than ever and loves this! by on 05/12/2014
  • Kitties Love it
    Great taste, texture and weight control for our senior cat. by on 05/12/2014
  • great product
    This is a good product that my cats love and definitely enjoy by on 05/12/2014
  • Purina is the best
    I love Purina products and my cat does too. He is a little overweight but we are working on that by on 05/11/2014
  • Great
    My cat loves this food, he had a rough start with digestive problems and my vet recommended this food. He is now 2 years old and still loves it! by on 05/11/2014
  • Protein
    Protein percentage is very low. Lower than is needed for cats by on 05/11/2014
  • New Cat Owner - Adoption
    I adopted my cat back in February from my hometown Humane Society and he is a hefty fellow. They had him listed as 11 or 12 pounds but he weighs closer to 13! His name is Mr. Bojangles, and he is my first experience in cat ownership. I started him on this food just after adopting him because the Society (and common sense) told me that he could lose a little bit of weight. Going from the high quality name brand dry foods that the Society was giving him to this was such an easy transition! He loved it from the start and I did start to notice a little bit of weight loss. Would definitely recommend this to any fellow cat owners. It's good quality food, cats love it and its pretty inexpensive for the amount you get! by on 05/11/2014
    Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight has really helped my cat maintain a good weight and she loves the taste....great ingredients that she needs in her diet to keep her healthy. by on 05/11/2014
  • Nice!
    My cats really like this! Cat chow has been used by my mom and I for many years. by on 05/11/2014
  • good cat food
    Purina is by far one of the best cat foods on the market.I've been around cats my whole life and in my opinion no other cat food is easier on the felines stomach than purina's be happy brand.Indoor formula green or blue are also excellent.If your someone who wants to have a fit and energetic cat I would definitley choose either brand. by on 05/11/2014
  • Ocean has a waist line again
    My cat Ocean is very laid back, After being spayed she put on weight, in spite of play time. She started eating Healthy Weight food and now is trimmer and healthier. by on 05/11/2014
  • 70 years of cats and Purina.
    I have always had cats and have always fed them Purina. My cat Honey is a very big cat, but not over weight. She goes to the Vet. and will be going this month. She is part Siamese, part Abyssinian and the father is unknown. The mother cat was a rescue cat. She was pregnant when I got her. She has gone to another home after she had 7 kittens. I kept Honey, who is black with one white whisker and a white heart on her chest. She is 8 months old and will be spayed this month. Also she is an indoor cat. We gave the other kittens to good homes of people that we knew. I am 80 years old and Honey is an active and lovable companion. by on 05/11/2014
  • New life
    My others outside kitties at the barn love this food. Outstanding!!!!! by on 05/11/2014
  • Fat Cat? No.
    Everyone understands the importance of controlling a dog's weight but cats need the same weight control system. Purina give you a product that is good for weight control but at the same time a product that your cat enjoys. And a brand you can trust. by on 05/10/2014
  • This purina cat food is so healthy and my cat loves it.
    I give it 10-on scale is the best. My cat loves the cat food and it makes me happy that she enjoys it. by on 05/10/2014
  • Healthy Weight
    Purina Healthy Weight Cat Food is great! My cats all love the taste and I love the results. I find the product is also a very good value. by on 05/10/2014
  • so good!
    Because of this cat food, my cat is now healthier and more active! by on 05/10/2014
  • My Cat
    My cat likes the taste & since he isn't very active, I like to be able to help control his weight. by on 05/10/2014
  • purina rocks!
    Great product. great price, it is worth a try! my cats loved it! purina rocks! by on 05/10/2014
  • RAZZ and Weight
    My cat RAZZ is overweight and I am putting him on this formula. by on 05/10/2014
  • Tried Healthy Weight
    I tried this on both my cats cause there both indoor cats and dont get a lot of execise to help them loose some weight.They liked it but they still like the indoor food a little better..But i have mixed this one in with there indoor brand to see if it will help them. by on 05/10/2014
  • my cats love it!
    Realizing my cats were putting on weight, I switched to the healthy weight variety. My cats took right to it and gobble it down. I began feeding them twice a day as suggested, and they are losing weight . Thanks Purina for the suggestions. It has greatly improved my cats health! by on 05/09/2014
  • Great Product
    My cats love this food. I am so glad. I just wish that there was a wet food that I can combine with the Healthy Weight Dry. by on 05/09/2014
  • The perfect Purina cat food for my kitty!
    Out of all the Purina cat foods, this is the perfect one for my Siamese cat. She is an indoor cat and she is not very active anymore, because she is getting older (she just turned eleven). The last food I bought her caused her to gain weight, so I bought this food in hopes that it would assist me in keeping her weight in check. It did help me do that. I fed her less than before. Putting her on a stricter diet along with a healthier cat food was the way to go to help her live longer. by on 05/09/2014
  • marlin
    This is the brand my cat enjoy the most and best bang I think for the buck by on 05/09/2014
  • Yummy Yummy
    This helped my cat noticeably slim down and she loves it!! by on 05/09/2014
  • Love It
    My cats love it! My cat Oreo has favorites with the other brands of purina but when I bought him the healthy weight he fell in love with all of it. by on 05/09/2014
  • Good Stuff
    I have two overweight tomcats and have had them on this product for a month so its a little early to see if they are finally managing their weight by on 05/09/2014
  • Great product!
    I have 2 cats, Cleo & Georgie. I have always fed them Purina Cat Chow Complete but recently switched to Healthy Weight. They both love it! So do I! Thank you! by on 05/09/2014
  • healthy cat food they enjoy
    my cat loves this food. She was getting overweight so I decided to give her this in hopes that it would help her and her feeling the need to eat all the time. I am able to give her 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup and she sees satisfied. by on 05/09/2014
  • Life Saving Food
    This is the best thing created to help overweight cats, my male cat, Stinky age 5 weighs 31 pounds, he has no health issues. He truly loves Healthy Weight. He gets 2/3 cup once a day and frequently has some "crumbs" left. Since starting this formula, he has become twice as active, and he can even run again. Thank you Purina! <3 by on 05/09/2014
  • Awesome
    My cat loves this product and actually knows when it is time to chow down. :) by on 05/09/2014
  • Wow!!
    This cat food is great!! I kitty loves it and he has gotten down to an appropriate weight. He use to be so, well to put it bluntly, fat!! We would call him fat cat. He was so fat that he had a hard time laying on his back and he would sleep all day. But ever since I put him on the healthy weight formula he has lost weight, has so much more energy and can even lie on his back. Thank you Purina for putting out such a great, healthy food for my Casper. by on 05/09/2014
  • tasty, good value, great smell for diet cat food.
    This is a great food for the whole house. All my cats love it and even the picky eater will eat it. The smell isn't overwhelming like most healthy weight cat foods. by on 05/09/2014
  • The cats meow!!!!
    My cat Brea loves this brand!! She has been over weight, but I started using this brand and she has lost a good 10 lbs!!! My only regret is not taking before and after photos!!! <3 purina I highly recommend!! A+++++ by on 05/08/2014
  • Boys loved it!
    Received a sample from litter we bought and my boys loved it! by on 05/08/2014
  • Healthy Weight Management
    I have 3 cats of varying ages- 9yrs and two 6yr olds. All are males. One cat is already on diet food. He is overweight. I started to see my 9 yr old cat get a bit heavier and decided to buy the Healthy weight food. I am concerned that the 2 other cats will become overweight and develop diabetes. I had a cat that had diabetes who lived to be 28 yrs old and had to take insulin shots twice a day. Fortunately he never minded the shots. So far the cats love the food and did not hesitate in eating it. I am hoping that this product will maintain their weight and they do not continue to gain anymore weight. My overweight cat loves to eat my other cats food. This way if he does eat the food, hopefully he will not gain more weight. by on 05/08/2014
  • Seeing Results!
    We just recently started using this cat for our over weight babies and already seeing results! by on 05/08/2014
  • Loves It
    He can't wait till its time to eat.....then look out!!!! by on 05/08/2014
  • Great for indoor cats
    My indoor cat is very picky about the food she eats. She normally only eats the Purina indoor formula. However, after giving her the healthy weight formula she still enjoys this blend and eats it daily. I've noticed that she is more active and her stomach is a little leaner. I am happy with this product and would definitely recommend. by on 05/08/2014
  • benji and b'gurl love this food
    these cats are particular but really seem to like this product. by on 05/08/2014
  • Healthy
    A healthy product my cat will eat, & i'm starting to see results. by on 05/08/2014
  • Great
    My cat loves the taste, and it helped her lose the weight she needed! by on 05/08/2014
  • My Cat loves it
    My cat is a little over weight I think and knowing that purina makes healthy weight was great, bought it and my cat loved it. by on 05/08/2014
  • My cat
    didnt like it a all. He ate little bit but thats all by on 05/08/2014
  • Lost 2 Pounds
    After feeding my cat Healthy Weight for 6 weeks, he is down 2 lbs. Which is very much needed. He is not such a couch potato any more. More energy means better health. Thank you Purina by on 05/08/2014
  • Thank you!!
    Cricket was 3 years old when we noticed he was gaining a lot of weight. We have a self-feeder and always have with all of our other cats in the past. I saw online about a free sample of Purina Healthy Weight, so I put an order in for it. When the sample came in, Cricket seemed to like it a lot, so I went to yhe store and got a 7 lbs bag of it. Even in the self feeder, Cricket started melting weight. From 13 lbs to 10 lbs in just two months, he had a noticeable change. He was more active and much more loving. Thank you! by on 05/08/2014
  • All my cats want
    I fed them Cat Chow products since i adopted them when they were tiny kittens, and they've grown into beautiful, healthy cats. I once tried feeding them other brands and they simply rejected them, i guess they can tell Cat Chow is the best product for them, and they simply love them. by on 05/08/2014
  • Purina Healthy Weight
    I thought my two cats were getting a "little round", so I bought the Purina Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food. At first they were not to crazy about the new cat food, but I didn't give up giving it to them. After a few days they loved the taste and their bellies went back to normal. by on 05/08/2014
  • Yummy
    All 3 of my cats ate the Healthy weight and One of my cats is over weight so this will really help him by on 05/07/2014
  • cat loves this
    When my cat got older he didn't excersise as much and put on the pounds. This helped him loose weight and got him more active. by on 05/07/2014
  • awesome
    My cat had a little bit of a weight issue about 3 pounds over weight. The vet told me to try this product and my cat loved it and is leaner and healthier. by on 05/07/2014
  • Delicious Taste
    I received a free sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight about a year ago so I gave it to my cat, Zoie, to try. She ate it and licked her chops. She has been eating it ever since. I want to do my part in keeping her healthy and not overweight so I appreciate Purina making this formula of Cat Chow. Zoie is an indoor kitty so she doesn't get as much exercise as perhaps an outdoor cat would so feeding her Healthy Weight helps keep her fit. by on 05/07/2014
  • Super food
    Great food for my cat. Many vitamins and minerals, lots of meat and tasty additions by on 05/07/2014
  • Sable gained weight!!
    I have a very fat black cat named Sable who has always been overweight. His obesity started affecting his health and we thought we would lose him. We decided it was time to put him on a very serious strict diet. We tried Purina weight management first and he actually gained 5 pounds within the first two weeks of feeding this food to him. Thats when I put him on Nutro Weight Loss and that has helped him tremendously, although it is a little more expensive. by on 05/06/2014
  • good :)
    I have three very energetic cats. I never thought that anything would work when coming to their weight. Thats why I feed them Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight at least a few times a month to maintain a perfect weight. They love the taste and i love the nutrients that it supplies for them. by on 05/06/2014
  • very good
    well this cat food good and is healthly for all cats and I would highly recommend it to people with cats all across this great nation and I wish you all the success in the world with your cat food. by on 05/06/2014
  • Great product!
    Such a great product. Cats love it and very good for health. by on 05/06/2014
  • Cats Liked It
    Both our cats liked it a lot! They seemed to enjoy the taste at least as much as their regular food. by on 05/06/2014
  • cat loved
    We have this to our older cat and he loved it! Iy helped him lose some weight. by on 05/06/2014
  • excellent
    My cats really love the crunch in this food! They come running as soon as the food hits the bowl by on 05/06/2014
  • Great Product
    This is the product my cat needs She needs to loose at least 4 pounds. by on 05/05/2014
  • Loved It!
    My cat loves this food, and I love the brand it is from. My cat is both an indoor cat and is neutered, and his weight in one less thing I have to worry about now. He is one happy kitty! by on 05/05/2014
  • Love!
    All my cat smokey ever wants to eat! He's spoiled to the great taste by on 05/05/2014
  • Fussy Kitty
    I have a fussy little kitty. I received a sample of this in the mail. I fed it to my kitty and she loved it. I've been buying this since. Great product. by on 05/05/2014
  • Healthy Indeed!
    I got the healthy weight food for my cat Steve, who is quite tubby. Not only does he love the flavor but he is also starting to slim down. by on 05/05/2014
  • Thought I'd Give It A Try.
    After reading all the reviews here and reading the marketing materials posted by Purina I thought I'd give this new formula a try. We normally buy the Naturals dry food and the cats love it. Hopefully they'll like this equally as much while staying in shape. They're normal, active cats that run, jump, chase, scratch, play and they're by no definition overweight. by on 05/05/2014
  • Great for those kitties with a little extra weight
    I feed this to my cat and she enjoys it. She's not very active so this is good food for her. by on 05/05/2014
  • cat likes
    The product is very good, my cat is fun to eat and asks supplements by on 05/05/2014
  • Great taste my cats love!
    A wonderful food that is healthy for them with great ingredients. My cats love it! by on 05/04/2014