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  • Love it!
    I love it and so do my cats! It's helping with their weight and they love the taste. by on 09/17/2014
  • Great Formula
    I was told by my vet that my cat was overweight and we needed to resolve the problem because it could cause health problems. I, of course, do not want anything bad to happen to my cat. So I asked my vet what would be a good inexpensive way to help my cat. She told me about Purina® Cat Chow® Healthy Weight formula. So I went to the local grocery store and picked up a package. My cat loved it!! He seemed to get fuller faster and did not eat as much. I also incorporated more play time and with the change in food and more play time my kitty lost weight and has become more playful and healthier than ever before. He use to jut lie around sleeping all the time. But since I have been feeding him the Purina® Cat Chow® Healthy Weight formula he is like a kitten all over again!! Thank you Purina not only is your product of reasonable price it made my cat healthy and playful again!! by on 09/17/2014
  • Our babies love this!!
    We have been feeding our "babies" Purina Healthy Weight for many years now. It all started when we took in a cat with a serious weight problem. His family no longer wanted to deal with him, and although we already had 4 kitties at the time, there was no way we were going to leave this guy in a home where he was no longer wanted or loved. His family had obviously overfed him and he was very overweight. They didn't even have a name for him - who does that?? Anyway, we named him Mark and since we were trying to keep things simple, we just started feeding all our cats Purina Healthy Weight and they all loved it! It took about a year, but Mark slowly lost a total of 6 pounds and is now very healthy. What a beautiful loving cat and a great additional to our family! by on 09/17/2014
  • Penny's story
    Couldnt make Penny eat healthy, out of 5 cats in my house she would be the one to lick yolk after i put my breakfast plate in the sink, turn my any subway sandwich into a veggie delight, lick the waffle maker for traces of bacon and would only eat her dry food when theres nothing else. Shes not fat, ill hurt anyone who calls my Penny so, but she needed to get back in shape. And she does eat healthy weight CC, and likes it, and i see how she has more energy now. not than Penny was ever lazy)))))) by on 09/16/2014
  • They liked it
    I have two cats one who is super fussy and even she enjoyed this brand,although it did not help them trim down and is a bit pricey for my current budget but id recommend it by on 09/16/2014
  • My cats love it!
    My cats love the Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. They love the taste, but they don't eat to much of it. My one cat was over weight and it helped him lose weight and maintain it. I wish it wasn't dyed food. But its not strong dyes like red. But my cats love it and its very affordable. by on 09/16/2014
  • people should have this too
    I actually mix this with indoor cat and Purina One Healthy Metabolism just to be sure that all 18 cats are getting what each one needs as they food from several bowls of food throughout the house. They all have shiny coats, plenty of energy, healthy stools, and the food is all eaten with no crumbs left. by on 09/16/2014
  • Kitty loves it
    my cat loves it she is eating great and she looks amazing by on 09/16/2014
  • Healthy Weight Cat Chow
    My cats don't prefer this one over their Naturals (which is their overall favorite), but they did eat it & I have one cat that is overweight, so I started gradually mixing this in with their Naturals. After all, a healthy cat is a happy cat & I want them all around as long as possible. We love Purina products and value their quality and consistency and their commitment to "honesty in pet food." It is imperative that my cats eat good quality food that they actually like and that I can trust. These are my babies, my most cherished possessions! I do recommend this product, and find it to be a little more pricey than some of its nearest competitors, but for the overall value (especially if you sign up for Purina Cat Chow Perks!) and for the health benefits it provides to your loved fur ones, you can't beat the price! My overweight cat has slimmed down some since introducing this into his diet, even though I mix it with the Naturals and don't feed him just Healthy Weight. It is a good product. by on 09/15/2014
  • Gracie loves it!
    Gracie is on a special diet but gets Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weights food as treats. She knows when they are coming and gets excited. by on 09/15/2014
  • my cat loved it.
    i highly recommend this product. the kitty in the picture looks like my kitty that passed away this and the indoor food is hat we fed him. by on 09/15/2014
  • Healthy Style
    The way to keep your cat health is to feed it the right food and love plus toys to keep your cat to excerise alot by on 09/15/2014
  • Healthy weight
    this one really does help with cats that are overweight. its great. by on 09/15/2014
  • My cat loves it!
    Just switched my cat to this a couple of days ago and he already loves it! He seriously waits for me to put it in his bowl and then goes to town! It's so great, because he needs to lose weight so I was struggling to find a cat food that he would eat that would help! by on 09/15/2014
  • Love it
    Great cat food for my older cat that likes to eat and was a bit over weight. Vet told me to switch her to this and it has been great! by on 09/15/2014
  • My hippie kitties love Purina!
    Before the switch to Purina Healthy Weight my 7 year old kitty would only eat Meow Mix...I have even tried fancy Blue Buffalo cat food, she snubs is. Refuses to eat it. So I saw Purina Healthy Weight and thought I'd give it a try bc she has become slightly over weight with her age. My cat literally devours Purina Healthy Weight, it's her new addiction!! She begs me for more and now is snubbing the Meow Mix! Since starting this new diet she has shed a few pounds and become more active!! Thanks Purina!! by on 09/15/2014
  • happy kitties
    My cats absolutely love this food and don't turn up their noses to it by on 09/15/2014
  • Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    My cat is a little on the heavier side, and I always worry about his weight since he is an indoor cat. I bought this product and he absolutely loves it, and I have seen no more weight gain which is great. by on 09/14/2014
  • Healthy weight and a fresh new start!
    My cat Stormy has always eaten Purina products. She started off with "Kitten Chow" and then graduated to "Cat Chow." She loves, loves, lovveeees "Cat Chow" so much she wakes me up at 4 am to feed her!!!! Well, we had a recent visit to the vet about 2 months ago and the veterinarian said she needs to lose some weight and basically go on a diet. I got home and logged in to the Purina website to see other products and I found "Healthy Weight Cat Chow." I went to the store and bought some and let Stormy eat a few pieces, she liked it very much. It has been 2 months since she tried it, and she still loves it. To optimize a healthy beginning I also had to change the frequency I fed her and she also started exercising more by playing with her toys! However, this is a great journey to a healthy weight and beginning for Stormy! :) by on 09/14/2014
  • More Health for my Cats
    They love it and keeps them healthier. Their coat is beautiful! I adopted a kitty from the shelter with almost no hair and it grew back lon and silky. by on 09/14/2014
  • the product that my big fat fatty loves
    I started buying this product more than 1 year ago, and my cats love it. by on 09/14/2014
  • losing weight
    hi my cat jasper is over weight so the vet told us about purina cat chow healthy weight. so far since hes been on it vet says hes lost 5 pounds he still has more to go so we decided that since hes losing weight a little at a time that we stay with it. so if anyone has a over weight cat like i do id choose this to help them out because it works thank you purina cat chow your truly jasper and sherry by on 09/13/2014
  • About cat food
    My cats love purina cat food . My cats have ate this cat food since they was kittens . by on 09/13/2014
  • The Best
    I bought a bag of Healthy Weight because my 12 yr old needed to lose some weight and the 3 year old needed to maintain his. They both absolutely love it. I can feed them the expensive brands along side Healthy Weight and the Healthy Weight disappears first. The older cat has more energy and may have lost a little weight. by on 09/13/2014
  • My fat cat
    We had a 29 lb cat, our vet recommended that we try Healthy Weight, it has been slow going, mainly because he resorts to eating dog food when we're not looking, he is down 3 lbs since starting the Healthy Weight. Our other cats have seen results too, but their weight wasn't as big of a problem! Our vet is pleased with the progress as are we. by on 09/12/2014
  • Cats Like It!
    Neither of my cats needs to lose weight but I want to have a dry food alternative that they like. Both liked this food better than any I have fed them in the last several years. by on 09/12/2014
  • Snuggles struggle with weight
    When Snuggles turned 8 he started to gain a lot of weight. He was moving around the house and was active but the weight just kept on coming. My vet told me it was due to his age and that he was also neutered. After along conversation with him and his tech. Heather told me to try this food and even informed me that it was no big deal if the other cats ate it since they were on Purina Indoor Delight and that he may go back and forth with his food since the other cats are fed something different. So I bought a small bag and a separate food dish to feed him apart from the others and to my surprise he loved it. So with added play time and new food Snuggles is getting back to his girlish figure and my stress is depleting. by on 09/12/2014
  • Amazing food!
    This is the perfect formula for a healthy kitty! My cat loves it and is very active and healthy! by on 09/12/2014
  • Healthy Weight!
    I have been able to control my cats weight with Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. Also, HE LOVES IT! I can see a difference in weight since I started using this dry food. I want my cat to live a long, healthy life and this product is helping me do that for my kitty! by on 09/11/2014
  • Great Taste
    My cat, Teemo, is a hefty guy. He loves Purina Healthy Weight though and I hope to see him lose some weight soon. However, the amount of "fillers" concerns me and I would like to see a grain free formula. I may end up switching to a more costly brand like Wellness for better nutrition. by on 09/11/2014
  • Cats love it!
    This food is healthy and is helping me trim some of the weight off of my large lovable cat! The best part is he actually likes it so I don't have to fight him to eat it! by on 09/11/2014
  • They need to lose some "spread"
    The vet said my "chunky monkeys" are too chunky so I have been investigating the "diet" foods available. A sample of the Purina Healthy Weight was well received by the felines and has become part of their new diet. I also feed and recommend the Purina Pro Plan version. It has less corn and is a good dietary choice. by on 09/11/2014
  • Great!
    This food is helping me manage my fat cat's weight. He loves all food, including this one! :) by on 09/11/2014
  • My Kitty LOVES it!
    My cat absolutely loved it! She is picky about her food but when I opened this bag she was all for it. It is definitely worth the money and at a VERY good price! by on 09/11/2014
  • Great Product
    My cat Shadow loves Purnia Healthy Weight. I feed her this twice a day and can rest a sure that she will be able to maintain a healthy weight even though she is an older cat and does not get much exercise . by on 09/10/2014
  • great diet
    Sure to help slim down a fat cat! Mine enjoy it! Following feeding guidelines my cat lost a lot of weight by on 09/10/2014
  • A food your cat will love
    My cats enjoy eating this food very much. Will continue to feed them this food. by on 09/10/2014
  • Great product!!!
    i have 2 cats, 1 chubby and 1skinny,and they eat only 1 cat food brand, they wont eat nothing else! after i received a sample of this wonderful product, both of my cats love it!! thank you!! by on 09/09/2014
  • Better For A Slimmer Tummy
    My cats used to eat the Complete formula, but I noticed that they were getting chubbier as they got older, so I switched to the Healthy Weight formula. Now they have lost a little of that excess weight, and still love the taste! We are all around very happy with this food! by on 09/09/2014
  • healthy cat
    I want my cat to live for many years he is part of my family there's no better way to start by getting him healthy with the cat chow healthy weight by on 09/09/2014
  • Great!
    We love this product because it helped our cats gain some weight! by on 09/09/2014
  • Great Product
    My cats LOVE it! :) They wouldn't be happy with anything else! by on 09/09/2014
  • Perfect
    I got a sample of this cat food in the mail and my cats loved it! They're both pretty big and could use the weight control. I love that they think it's great and it's great for them! by on 09/09/2014
  • Keeps my cat healthy
    My cat is picky. He loves this food and eats it without hesitation. Hes not as active like when he was younger. So feeding him a healthy food to help maintain his weight is what I thought would be perfect for him. Great for any cat both active and no so active. by on 09/09/2014
  • All My Cats Love It
    All of my cats enjoy the flavor and texture of this brand... which is amazing considering many of them are very finicky when it comes to food. by on 09/08/2014
  • Meoooooow
    The kids aka Cats love this food. I would recommend Purina brands to anyone. by on 09/08/2014
  • Good Cat Food
    Good cat food for gradual weight loss. Even my picky cat likes it. by on 09/08/2014
  • Meow Kitty's Fav!
    My cat Meow Meow Kitty absolutely LOVES Purina Cat Chow Healthy weight cat food! Her weight is stable and she is just perfect! by on 09/08/2014
  • Purina cat chow healthy weight
    This product is absolutely wonderful! Although I usually only feed my mr. Blue indoor formula, he really enjoys this kind as well as his stomach. I find that a lot if other foods give him an upset belly. Yes, when i tried the other kinds, I did it by mixing a little at a time with his normal food and they still upset his belly. Great price on the healthy weight as well! Very pleased & thanks so much! (We feed our dog Purina too!!) by on 09/08/2014
  • good value for the money
    Great for keep their weight in check without losi g the great taste . by on 09/08/2014
  • Awesome!
    The Indoor formulas is a great way to help keep my cat in shape. George loves the taste and I know it is helping him stay healthy. I just measure out ( actually a little less to account for the daily treat) that the bag's weight management suggests and watch George enjoy. by on 09/07/2014
  • Great product!
    Definitely noticed a difference in both of my adult cats weight when introduced to this formula. Would recommend. by on 09/07/2014
  • super nutrtion
    i use this food when my kitties get overweight ..i feel it works great by on 09/07/2014
  • My cats reallylike this!
    My cats seem to like the taste of healthy weight but I don't think I've been feeding it long enough to see if it will make a difference in my "fat cat". I only wish it didn't cost so much for a 13 lb. bag! by on 09/07/2014
    Its great for my cats weight. He loves it. When I hold the bag all he does is meow. He is loosing weight and he is a very happy cat !!! :) <3 by on 09/07/2014
  • Heavy kitty
    Our cat CRicket use to go outside when it was nice out and during the time in the winter he wouldn't. So I would change his food to this because he was getting heavier in the winter due to not going outside, and it worked good on managing his weight during the colder weather until he could go outside again and exercise. by on 09/07/2014
  • Good for my Cats
    I always read the product contents on the packaging and feel good that I am giving a healthy product to my cats. by on 09/07/2014
  • meow meow beggs
    When we first found meow meow she was skinny.i looked for anything for her to gain weight,well i tryed purina cat chow she eat and ate and now she is healthy. by on 09/07/2014
  • For my cat
    You’ve got to hand it to Purina, they’ve done an excellent job in promotion and distribution. Is their food good enough? I think it is because my cat thinks it is. My cat loves it, so so do I. I will always buy this product, and it gets a big two thumbs up. by on 09/06/2014
  • Good product
    Both of my cats really like the taste and try to get into the bag when I bring it home! by on 09/06/2014
  • My Overweight Kissy
    Kissy, being my oldest cat, is a bit overweight. So, i am able to buy the Healthy Weight food, and still stick to Purina.I do buy a couple of different Purina flavors as i have 3 cats. I have not found any of the Purina products that my cats won't eat. by on 09/06/2014
  • This has come in handy!
    I've fed my cat all different brands over the years. I find that besides her taste preference, purina has all the right ingredients and design to genuinely better my cats health, and in turn her life. To be honest, she enjoys all of the different types of purina so I switch off to shake things up for her. With the healthy weight, since I spoil her with treats, I have intermittently used this when I've given her a little too much that month. Tyvm purina! by on 09/06/2014
  • Cats love it!
    My cats thank you! They think this is great as a snack/treat since they eat wet for meals! by on 09/06/2014
  • Helped Meegz get back to a healthy weight
    This was a great product for helping my cat Meegz get back to a healthy weight! by on 09/05/2014
  • It works, it lasts, and cats like it.
    My cats liked it and it lasted for the money. As well, they seemed to play more and slimed down a bit, after only one bag. by on 09/05/2014
  • She lost weight
    My cat was 6 pounds overweight. After a month on healthy weight she has lost almost 2 Pounds. Vet is happy with her progress. by on 09/05/2014
  • love this stuff
    My oldest cat loves this brand. Its easy to give her, abd I don't have to worry about her weight anymore by on 09/04/2014
  • Princes Kittylips Prefers Healthy Weight
    My siamese wedge-head-- genetically slender and sleek-- actually prefers the healthy weight over any other kibble... which serves as a bonus-- I'd rather have her eating more "healthy" to stabilize her weight than feed her kitty "junk foods" to keep weight on. She also prefers the shape and size of the healthy choice-- it has smaller, flatter bits. by on 09/04/2014
  • Can't say enough about this food
    This is a great product! Everytime i bring a bag home my cats just run and bag for it! It's a great value for the large bsg! by on 09/04/2014
  • Multi-Cat Home
    I have 8 cats of all different shapes and sizes. They are finicky and tend not to like the same food and I have to be careful what I feed them as they all have different nutritional needs. Healthy Weight is gives my cats the nutrition they need and they ALL love the taste! I highly recommend this great product by on 09/04/2014
  • Great Product
    My cat loves it and it has helped her drop alot of weight! by on 09/04/2014
  • Amazing Product!
    I tried Purina Cat Chow healthy weight for my over weight cat, within a few weeks I was already noticing a big difference in my cat's size! I would highly recommend purchasing this product. by on 09/04/2014
  • Grrrreat Food
    I'm down to one cat now and she was starting to put on a little too much wait ; mostly from lake of exercise. She's ate this food since she was young along with her house mates. she's always enjoyed the taste. I had to move recently , and now the place I live has two fights of stairs which she enjoys using all day long. So hopefully between the food and the exercise she will start to loose some wait. by on 09/04/2014
  • My cats weight loss
    My cat has lost some weight eating this food. So its good in my books. by on 09/04/2014
  • good product
    This was a great product to me. Some of my cats enjoyed it but I had a couple kids that werent a fan of it.I mixed their old food in with it so it wouldnt upset their bellys.some of them knew I was up to something when their food didnt taste the same ..tee hee so we went back to the indoor formula. by on 09/03/2014
  • great cat food my cats love it
    my cats love your purina cat food . they eat all the diff cat food u have . i have 4 cats . i have three older cats and i kitten . they all eat it and the kitten goes in their dish too . the old cats eats his kitten food to . by on 09/03/2014
  • Charlie
    My cat Charlie loves this stuff. Ive put him on a diet recently to help him lose weight and gave this brand a try and its really been helping. Charlie has been losing weight and has been much more active. Very happy with this product! Thanks Purina! by on 09/03/2014
  • Sample trial
    I got the sample trial package and my cat like it just as much as the indoor formula. I think that my cat Smokey would probably like all your products. by on 09/03/2014
  • Favorite Food!
    I have tried other brands however my cats refuse to eat it! They are addicted to Purina Cat Healthy Weight Chow! by on 09/03/2014
  • Healthy Weight
    My cats love the food. I donated a bag to a recovery cat and she loved it too as she is a bit over weight. She has lost a little weight on it. by on 09/03/2014
  • Kitty doesn't know
    My kitty who is really overweight, didn't notice this was diet food. Nor has she requested more than she usually wants to make up for the difference in calories. by on 09/02/2014
  • Very happy with this product.
    We received a sample in the mail and put some in a dish for Click. Much to our happy surprise , she loved it and has been eating it for all of her meals every since. by on 09/02/2014
  • Great for spayed females
    I had notice my female cats put some pounds after eating kitten food and no longer nursing, switching to this had help to make them full and happy. by on 09/02/2014
  • Excellent
    My cat likes this a lot! He eats it most and prefers it to other brands by on 09/02/2014
  • Cats Love It!
    We got a free sample of this and gave it to our two cats as treats so they could try it and they love it! I'm going to feed it to them regularly now. by on 09/02/2014
  • True love
    My cats love this all they have to do is here the bag rattle and there ready. by on 09/02/2014
  • Healthy Weight
    Such a great product. Works very well and my cats love it a lot!! by on 09/02/2014
  • Switched with no problems
    My cats previously ate the Indoor Cat Chow formula and loved it. I was concerned that they might not like this weight control formula. They love it! by on 09/02/2014
  • Awesome product
    My cat kingsford is an older cat ( 11 years old ). He wasn't as active as he used to be. I have had him on purina healthy weight for several months now. He has lost 2 pounds and his activity level us up. He seems to be more lively now. Thanks Purina ! by on 09/02/2014
  • Cats enjoy
    My picky cats really enjoy the taste of this product by on 09/02/2014
  • another year at the vets
    My vet is so excited to see that my cats have lost weight and maintained. When she asked which one I am feeding I told her the Healthy Weight from Purina. The cats even enjoy it enough that they come to get me if their bowls are half full. by on 09/02/2014
  • Good stuff!
    I thought my cat would turn her nose up to a weight controlling product, however she loves the stuff. I was worried healthy weight would be the like diet food for people, bad tasting but according to my cat, it's delicious! by on 09/02/2014
  • Cats love it
    I received a sample of this in the mail and all 3 of our cats went crazy for it. They actually would search out the small bag and try to get into it. I decided to buy a large bag and make Healthy Weight their new food because they love it so much. by on 09/02/2014
  • heathy weight healthy choise
    I brout home a little sample of each from my vet and he liked healthy weight he best and he is a bit chubby by on 09/02/2014
  • Even Gracey will eat it.
    This product helped reduce the weight on my heavy cat and my normal weight, very picky, cat likes it too! by on 09/02/2014
  • still lovin purina healthy cat
    My cat was so picky when we first got her, had to change foods to get her to eat. Found purina healthy weight and she has loved it ever since. by on 09/02/2014
  • Havent tried but would..
    I havent tried this product yet, as my cats are average weight, and they loive the naturals, and turn their back to me when i bring in a different kind of food. but the concept of this food is great for older cats needing to trim down or younger cats to stay healthy. by on 09/02/2014
  • YUM
  • help control weight
    this seems to fill up the need for over eating.... good job.... by on 09/02/2014