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  • Healthy Weight
    Great for weight loss in our indoor cat. She loves to eat and this food keeps her healthy and feel full. by on 01/02/2015
  • Zoey approved
    My cat loves this stuff. I have had pets my entire adult life and Purina has always provided them with quality food at a great price. by on 01/02/2015
  • Keep Your Kitten Healthy
    My young cat, Ms. Kitty, is so curious, healthy, and growing into a wonderful adult car. I attribute her good health and intelligence to the food she eats. Kitten chow contains what a young cat needs, much like baby formula for human babies, to grow healthy bones and develop her brain to its full potential. by on 01/02/2015
  • My cats both love this food
    My cats love the taste and I love that it is a great value! by on 01/02/2015
  • good for the sole
    Helps my cats be healthy and get the nutrienys they need by not being over weight. They love the taste! by on 01/02/2015
  • Cat's Love the Healthy Weight!!!!!
    I have three cats and you would of thought I was giving them treats!!! They have been eating this food for almost two months now and still likes the food. by on 01/02/2015
  • nice choice
    This product is a good choice when trying 2 keep a healthy weight cat by on 01/02/2015
  • Excellent product
    Great product. My cats love the taste and come running as soon as they hear the bag being touched. My older cat had been overweight for a couple of years. Within a few months of feeding her this product and following the feeding guidelines on the package, she has lost weight and is healthier and more energetic again! by on 01/01/2015
  • Healthy happ cat
    My cat is overweight so I decided to try Purina Healthy Weight cat food. Within a few weeks I have seen a difference. My cat has lost some weight and I can tell he is happier. He is becoming a bit more active and I am so glad I tried this food. I am looking forward to seeing my cat get healthier. by on 01/01/2015
  • Great Product
    Since Baby Girl was a little on the "hefty" side I decided to try Healthy Weight Cat Chow for her. Indy began eating it too. So now I give both of them half and half. They get half Complete Cat Chow and half Healthy Weight. Thank you again Purina!! by on 01/01/2015
  • the best healthy weight cat food out there!
    my cat loves this food. i have a treat ball for my cat and she likes the food so much i put the food in the treat ball and she will push the ball around the house until its empty. by on 01/01/2015
  • purina healthy weight
    I like that the food is high in fiber and helps to maintain a healthy weight. The cats like the taste. by on 01/01/2015
  • Good product
    My cats seemed to enjoy this food. Most healthy labeled foods they really will not eat and I have to pay a lot more for so I waste my money. The ate this with just a little hesitation at first but after they were used to it we had no other problems! by on 01/01/2015
  • my cats love it
    I have 4 cats I like to use this food has a snack for my mix it up with Friskies snack food and I give it to them and they just love it by on 01/01/2015
  • My Cat likes it!!
    My cat eats this food without any problem. Digests easily. by on 01/01/2015
  • Nice!
    REally helps my Dallas to maintain a healthy weight and brind back a little bit of his "spark" by on 01/01/2015
  • My cat loves it!
    One of my five cats has slowed down and gained a little weight. I decided to try this product and she loves it. It has really helped her. The taste must be good because my other four cats like a nibble now and then even though I feed them Purina Cat Chow. by on 01/01/2015
  • Picky Eater
    This is just about the only cat food that Daisy will eat and not have to be bribed with treats at the bottom of the bowl. by on 01/01/2015
  • keeps my cat healthy and in shape!
    this product has helped my cats stay lean and fit! by on 01/01/2015
  • Healthy Weight
    Healthy Weight would be a good idea for inactive cats to help avoid a weight issue. by on 01/01/2015
  • Great food for cats of all ages!
    I have 5 cats ranging in age from 4 to 17 years old. Being indoor-only felines, they tend to gain weight easily, but this food help fight that trend. And they LOVE the taste! I first tried the food after the vet said we needed to regulate their intake. With 5 cats, it is hard to feed only at certain times, so instead, I tried getting a better, low-cal but nutritious food. I have always trusted Purina, so got the Healthy Weight formula. Imagine my surprise when he cats preferred the new "good for them" food over their old favorites!! We still give them canned food once a day, and alternate with flavors, but this is now a staple! by on 01/01/2015
  • Great
    Great price, geat quality and controls you're cats weight. by on 01/01/2015
  • Great Product!
    This is such a great product! Would recommend to any pet lover!! Thanks so much!!! by on 01/01/2015
  • Happy Feline
    Was surprised did not know if my Don Juan would like it but its like I'm not changing nothing by on 12/31/2014
  • heaven
    my cat thinks that this is heaven wrapped in a bag by on 12/31/2014
  • perfect
    I have two cats. 1 is fat and the other skinny. This product has made my obese cat start to shed some weight while my other cat maintains his health weight. They both love the taste. To start we mixed their old food half and half and then slowly weened them off it. Great product! by on 12/31/2014
  • Awesome
    My cats love this food, I love the cost, and it helps my bigger cats with their weight. by on 12/31/2014
  • Diet....what it tastes great!
    My cats love Purina healthy weight. I usually give them this vs. the Purina complete in the winter when they are less active. They love the change over and even act like they are eating desserts for the first few days! by on 12/31/2014
  • Enjoyed by Sid and Chloie
    My two cats love this food. They wake me up in the morning to be fed. by on 12/30/2014
  • A Taste Fit for even the Fittest!
    My princess is a Siamese Wedge Head- very slender and sleek and known to be quite fickle about what she eats. Though she may not have any kind of weight issues-- the Purina Healthy Weight is her dry food of preference- I have tried SO many others-- but she absolutely loves the taste! by on 12/30/2014
  • Love Love Love!
    After being told by the vet that our cat needed to lose a few pounds they recommended Purina Healthy Weight cat food. After one year of eating this food Jack lost almost 2 pounds. After the second year he lost another pound. Now, he didn't look like he lost weight but the scale reflected the weight loss. The vet was very happy with his progress and the fact he was on a delicious food that us as owners were taking the time to measure carefully and feed him each day. We moved our kitten to it once she reached a year and she has maintained a healthy weight that the vet is also fond of. I highly recommend! by on 12/30/2014
  • He Loves It!
    Even though my cat is outdoor during the day & gets a lot of exercise he is still a little pudgy. He's neutered & has that boy pouch thing going on. So I switched him from Cat Chow Naturals to Cat Chow Healthy Weight. I was afraid he might not enjoy the taste as much but he does. He loves it! by on 12/30/2014
    My five cats just love this food and it helping them to be the correct weight. I had one cat that was a little chubby and hard to feed them by them selves so all went on this food. Good for them and Good for you. Buy it!!! by on 12/30/2014
  • Good Deal
    Not the best. Not the cheapest. But probably the best compromise. by on 12/30/2014
  • 3 cats
    We have 3 cats. The weight control is easier for all appetites. by on 12/30/2014
  • cat chow healthy weight
    My cats love the taste and flavor of the healthy weight cat chow I try to switch to something else but they kind of knew so I buy the cat chow by on 12/30/2014
  • Cats
    Great food to help with weight control and aGood price. by on 12/30/2014
  • my cat
    My cat always eats the cat food when I give it to him. by on 12/29/2014
  • 5 cats can't be wrong
    I have 5 cats, all of whom enjoy this tasty food that helps keep their slender figure. One even eschews all wet food in favor of these dried nuggets. Most importantly, their breath doesn't smell, and their bowel movements aren't imbued with heinous odor. by on 12/29/2014
  • Great product!
    I love this brand for the fact that it keeps my cats healthy and lean since they tend to be lazy at times by on 12/29/2014
  • Ok, but not great
    Tried this for my chubby cats for about 3 months, but they did not seem to do as well as they did on the regular Purina Cat Chow formula. Their coats were not as shiny and they seemed to shed a lot more. We went back to the blue bag with smaller portions. by on 12/29/2014
  • good product
    I have two cats. Their names are Charlie and Happy. by on 12/29/2014
  • Weight Control with a great taste
    Weight control with a great taste. This product helped one of my cats get her healthy figured back. by on 12/29/2014
  • Cats Loved It
    Cats loved the food, both of them, which is always a plus. Glad it doesn't have any orange colors in it too. by on 12/29/2014
  • tasted sample
    I got the sample and all 4 cats loved it that's the reason y I switched to this brand by on 12/29/2014
  • Healthy cat food that doesn't break the bank
    We have recently switched over from complete cat chow to the healthy weight formula. The change was surprisingly easy considering my cat had been eating complete cat chow for 2 years. by on 12/29/2014
  • Happy Kitties
    4 cats and they all love it, that makes a change around here lol by on 12/28/2014
  • Great Product
    My cat really enjoy this food and it has helped her to main a healthier weight by on 12/28/2014
  • Really Works!!
    I started using this product about a year ago and since starting it my cat has went from 24 pounds to 15.5 pounds. I am so happy to see him down to a normal weight. Thank You! by on 12/28/2014
  • Maintaining a health weight
    I have two cats, one is 9 and a petite but healthy weight the other is 4 and has a bit of a weight issue. I wish I could find a way to help her lose some extra pounds. Thankfully she is maintaining instead of gaining weight. by on 12/28/2014
  • "Good and Healthy"
    Holiday Greetings, Purina! Mustard, my male cat, I've had since he was a kitten. Upon feeding him your products throughout his life, he has become overweight. His veternarian suggested your Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight Formula. Not only is it a good value for the price, my cat loves it. He wasn't getting enough exercise--meaning I have not taken time to play with him with his cat toys. Play time is an important factor. Heathy Weights Cat Chow Formula has produced a weight loss. He is slender without a distended belly. Thank you, you are the best we have on the market! gbw1973/"Mustard" by on 12/28/2014
  • healthy weight for indoor cats
    I like to use this since I have lazy indoor cats and I also use the outdoor formula. by on 12/28/2014
  • Good
    My cat loves all of them she has a couple that she really likes too good product by on 12/28/2014
  • Healthy food they actually like!
    In a household with 5 cats of various ages and weights, I feed them all this food to keep them all in check, and they all love it. by on 12/28/2014
  • Give This a Try
    My cat, AJ, was beginning to show signs of an unhealthy weight last year. I didn't know what was wrong with him. My boyfriend and I thought it might have been kitty depression, so we bought him Purina Cat Chow Healthy weight, combined with a light exercise routine, and within weeks, we began to see a change in both his weight and attitude. by on 12/28/2014
  • Great for Indoor Cats
    I have three cats that are strictly indoor cats and we feed all of them the Health Weight Food. They love it. by on 12/28/2014
  • Pam
    Both my cats eat this. They are active and healthy & get great check-ups at the vet. by on 12/28/2014
  • Kitty loves it
    My cat is already a health weight so i do occasionally get this for him to make him stay that way and he loves it. I love all the options bc I have a little picky eater who has to eat different flavors or he won't eat by on 12/28/2014
  • Great Option for My Cat Family
    Several of my cats had bowel problems and needed more fiber in their diet, but all of my cats eat together. Feeding them separately was a real problem, as they would constantly try to get to the other's food. Healthy Weight is a great product with enough fiber to keep the cats with problems healthy and all of them at a good weight. They are all indoor cats, and various ages from 2 yrs to 15 years. They all love it and prefer it to any other food. by on 12/27/2014
  • Bet Food for my cat
    My cat goes crazy over this food its the only brand he likes by on 12/27/2014
  • My 8 year old tabby was getting pudgy :)
    My fur baby, Bubbles, was getting a bit pudgy, so I changed her from Cat Chow Complete to Healthy Weight. She took to it right away, and it is helping her lose her pudginess. My 2 year old Main Coon also eats it. by on 12/27/2014
  • healthy weight
    I have tried my cat on this variety.I reccomend mixing it in with complete care as well.It helps my cats get use to new taste by on 12/27/2014
  • Love it
    All my cats love this cat food and it is good for them by on 12/27/2014
  • Purina Healthy Weight
    My kitties both love it. I used to buy Purina Naturals but the girls were starting to put on too much weight. I tried Healthy Weight and they're now at a healthier weight. by on 12/27/2014
  • They just love it!
    Healthy weight is helping my older cats lose weight and my younger cats stay at a healthy weight. My vet was very pleased with the results at the last visit. by on 12/27/2014
  • loves it
    My overweight cat ( TINY ) loves it ! THANK YOU. However she still wants more when she finishes her bowl. She gives me a lot of meow when I don't fill her bowl up again. CAN"T WIN by on 12/27/2014
  • Cats Love Dinnertime
    My cats love this cat chow! One of my cats lost about 5 pounds, which was needed. I give a few bites of this as a snack once or twice a week as well. by on 12/27/2014
  • Great product, appeals to all my cats
    Having 5 cats is a challenge when finding a "healthy" food that they will all eat. We've tried several in the past that were prescribed by their Vet, but there was always 1 or 2 who refused to eat it. We have been using the new Purina Healthy Weight for a few months now and the are all still eating it! by on 12/27/2014
  • A Mixed Bag
    My kittens transitioned from Kitten Chow to Healthy Weight with ease, and for the first 8 months, all was well. But...they are now bored with it. Of course, when they are hungry enough, they'll eat it! However, I'm a bit disappointed as I've had many cats, and they transitioned from Kitten Chow to Complete and were happy with it their entire long and happy adult lives. I'd hoped for that with this product, as I love the concept and one tends toward being pudgy as she's not as active. But they are far more interested in chewing through the milk jugs I keep the Complete for the outside adoptees in! by on 12/27/2014
  • Good food
    My Meea is an eater. She flips out when she see's the bottom of the food bowl, she starts meowing like crazy. When we got her, she was kind of skinny. She would not eat just any food. I had a problem with a couple of cats I had, they would not eat "cheap" food. And neither would Meea. I had to go and buy her Purina Cat Chow, and we had a winner. She very much enjoyed it, so that became her brand. Meea being kinda a lazy kitty, began to put on some extra pounds, so we put her on the Healthy Weight, and it seems to be working out well. I will be curious to see if she sheds a few more extra pounds. by on 12/27/2014
  • great product!
    My cat likes this food. He usually eats Naturals. i by on 12/26/2014
  • great
    Good affordable product. My cats all enjoy this food. by on 12/26/2014
  • Good as Advertised.
    I like to switch up my dry and always end up buying this. by on 12/26/2014
  • GREAT!!!
    My cats love ths cat food and its great for my overweight cat as well!!! by on 12/26/2014
  • very good
    My cat loves this product. Never had a problem with it by on 12/26/2014
  • Yum
    My cats would eat this!!! Right now I have a kitten so have not purchased this in awhile by on 12/26/2014
  • Cinderella's Favorite
    My cat Cindrella is sadly overweight and is on a diet. She loves Purina cat chow healthy weight and purrs when she's eating it. Her buddy DC tries to steal it from her cause he likes it better than his special urinary track cat food that I get from the vet. by on 12/26/2014
  • incredible
    My cats love the taste. Although it acts about like cat nip! by on 12/26/2014
  • not for me
    i am sure this product works for other cats but after being on this food for months rolly is still fat. if anything he is even fatter. i am not sure why. i really cant figure it out. i do not over feed him but some how he never seems to loose only gain weight. but he does love the taste. by on 12/26/2014
  • he likes it!
    I started feeding my moms cat BG this product a few weeks ago. This cat food "healthyWeight" provides him with weight management and good taste! by on 12/26/2014
  • Great for overweight cats!
    One of my cats was slightly overweight and this food helped them get back to a healthy weight! by on 12/25/2014
  • Love it
    My cat BUB was very overweight because I was feeding everything he wanted his belly was hanging down . I changed his food to Healthy Weight he loved it. He's now lost weight and has his energy back by on 12/25/2014
  • Great product!
    My cat has maintained a healthy weight for 7 years because of this product. He loves the flavor so much that if I move the bag even a little he comes running! Other brands was making my buddy gain weight really fast! He started to get a low hanging fat belly. Cat chow healthy weight erased his belly fat almost completely. by on 12/24/2014
  • Value, palatibility and eatability
    Our cats love Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. It is ideal for our young adult house cat and our older slightly overweight housecat. In fact our older cat lost all of her teeth to genetic gum disease. We were afraid that she would not be able to enjoy hard food anymore and would just get more overweight on soft food. Instead, it didn't slow her down one bit. Size of the morsels in the Healthy Weight diet are just perfect for her to manipulate and swallow. Thank you Purina! by on 12/24/2014
  • they love it
    I have two cats, one ave. weight and one over weight, they both love it. win win!! by on 12/24/2014
  • Great Diet
    My cats LUV the Healthy Weight Diet. I have been having a hard time finding the product in the large bags, so I tried the Complete. My cats refuse to eat anything other than the Healthy Weight. They are all more fit & active, almost kitten-like again! by on 12/24/2014
  • Good Stuff
    I just switched my 3 year old from complete to healthy weight. She Loves the taste. Even bit a hole in the bag when I was unloading my grocery's! by on 12/24/2014
  • Love!
    Healthy weight purina is a great product for my cats. Both of my cats are indoor only and don't get as much excersize as they should do this helps my cats to stay healthy and not gain any extra weight. by on 12/23/2014
  • Works for me! And me! And me! And me!
    Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight really works for my family. I have two super cats: Sundance and Honey. Last year my sister came to live with us, and she also has two cats: Lucy and Henri. Everybody (of the feline variety) eats out of each other's bowls, so we needed a food that would accomodate young and old, wiry and chubby. Cat Chow Healthy Weight fills the bill! by on 12/23/2014
  • Overwheight? NO!
    My cats are NEVER overwheight thanks to "PURINA HEALTHY WHEIGHT CAT CHOW"! they are amazing! AA+++ by on 12/23/2014
  • A Slimmer Cat
    Since I have switched to the Healthy Weight formula, my indoor cat has slimmed down quite a bit. He looks happy and healthy, too! by on 12/23/2014
  • Great product.
    I have switched my obese dat to this and he is finally cutting down those extra pounds. He loves the food and always is begging for more but he gets a measured amount. Haha by on 12/23/2014
  • slimmer
    My cats are slowly losing weight. I am very happy with the product and so are my thinning cats! by on 12/22/2014
  • Great taste!
    My cat Tabby loves the taste & will keep meowing until the bowl is covered. If she can see the bottom of the bowl she has a fit. by on 12/22/2014
  • great product
    Bought this for my siamese, and my other cats like it too. by on 12/22/2014
  • Cat likes this.
    Ms. Murphy likes this. I'm not sure if it's helping her lose weight but she's not gaining any. by on 12/22/2014
  • Purina Healthy Weight
    I have only bought this once, but my cat enjoyed eating it and because she is borderline overweight, I plan on continuing to buy it and mix with the other brands. by on 12/21/2014
  • healthy eats
    My cats love this food and I do too! Helps them to stay healthy and lose weight while they get the taste that is pleasing to them. by on 12/21/2014