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  • great product
    I love this product my cat was a bit chubby and since i switched him to this food hes happier and healthier by on 03/26/2015
  • Happy kitty
    Our cat Domino knows when its time to eat. He sits patiently waiting for the food to be place in his dish. He knows what he like and what he doesn't. He LOVES the Healthy Weight. It gives him energy to play with his toys and our feet. by on 03/25/2015
  • Fantastic product!!
    helped my cat who was overweight trim down to normal size again :) looks healthier than ever by on 03/25/2015
  • My Fat Cats Loved it and Lost Weight
    My 2 cats are picky eaters. Once they tried the healthy weight food they would not eat any other. They really like the food and come running when I pour it in their bowls. It's been several months since they started eating it and they both have lost noticeable weight. Love this product! by on 03/25/2015
  • Healthy Weight
    My cat loves this, but isn't losing any weight yet...I think people are feeding her extra when I'm not home!! by on 03/25/2015
  • older cats
    I have an older cat who really needs to lose weight, and I believe this is the ticket. by on 03/25/2015
  • Great Product
    A healthy meal is a health cat, this product will help promote a healthy lifestyle. by on 03/24/2015
  • Love This
    I have some overweight cats. They just LOVE this food. by on 03/23/2015
  • My girls love it!
    My kitties love the orange healthy weight food! They like all of the cat chow flavors but this one is the best. by on 03/23/2015
  • Cats love it
    Our cats love it. They are always excited for feeding times by on 03/23/2015
  • my kitties like it
    have used the Healthy Weight since my kitties have very good appetites. They love it, don't know it is low cal. by on 03/23/2015
  • Great product!
    My cat loves it! It's already working on slimming down our tubby friend. by on 03/23/2015
  • Awesome
    My cats love it and I have never been more pleased! by on 03/23/2015
  • Great product!
    I really like the option of a healthy formula for my kitties. I feel like they get to eat but also get a version of food that isn't so hard on their tummies. I use several kinds of Purina foods and this is one of their favorites. by on 03/22/2015
  • Seems to help maintain
    We have a large male cat who goes outside during the day and comes in to sleep at night, he isn't the most active all of the time and this food as well as a brand from the vet clinic mixed together or alternating between the two seems to help keep his weight maintained. So far so good and he seems to like the taste, but it's hard to tell with him because he isn't to overly picky when it comes to certain food by on 03/22/2015
  • I love it!
    Once my kitten grew up he started gaining weight. This helped him maintain a good weight! by on 03/21/2015
  • Great
    Helped my cat lose her love handles. Likes the tastes. by on 03/21/2015
  • love love love
    This is the only product we buy for our cats. Keeps their coats shiny and sleek. by on 03/21/2015
  • My 5 cats love this product
    I have 5 cats and sometimes it is hard to find one particular brand/flavor of cat food that they all will eat. I purchased the healthy weights in hopes that all of them would enjoy and guess what all 5 cats loved it. by on 03/21/2015
  • Good
    I like the healthy weights but i choose the complete over it by on 03/21/2015
  • my cats opinion
    my little snowbell has loved this product eveer since the vet recomended it! :D by on 03/21/2015
  • Good Product
    This helped my cat keep the proper weight and its a taste she enjoys. by on 03/21/2015
  • Trying to trim down .
    Have two cats 7 year old male and a 8 year old female both are indoors all the time.they don't get the excersie they need and are getting bigger than they should be. I thought I would try the weight chow and they love it . by on 03/20/2015
  • Great All Around!
    I am so thrilled that I decided to try Purina® Cat Chow® Healthy Weight for my little diva, Sandy. She is sometimes picky, especially with something new, but loved this. She is also a little on the "extra fluffy" side, so she is getting the healthy weight benefits as well. Affordable, healthy, and delicious. What's not to love?! Two thumbs (and paws) up for this one. by on 03/20/2015
  • piehole loves purina
    my cat loves the taste but I find that there are certain shapes that she just does not care for. the price bugs me because of the air gap in the bag just like chips. by on 03/20/2015
  • Healthy Weight
    My cats all like it, but the one who really needs to lose the most seems to like it the most. I have been feeding twice a day and leaving it out, and she loves to graze! by on 03/20/2015
  • Boots likes this!
    When Boots was little, he just loved the kitten formula and would love to still be eating it but now that he is a big cat, I have been feeding him all the other flavors but have not seen the gentle package in my store and today I bought the Cat complete to see if he likes this. He loves the indoor package. When he is hungry, he goes to the bag and meows and chooses which bag he wants! My friend has his brother and when they are together they get into the bags and all you see is their tail hanging out of the bag! by on 03/19/2015
  • Great!!!
    My cats ate it all up and they didn't even know they were on a diet. by on 03/19/2015
  • Great choice for weight control.
    I saw a significant difference in weight for my kitty. He's more active and healthy. Follow the serviing size for your pet. by on 03/19/2015
  • Helped our older cat
    We tried Weight Control to help our older cat lose a few lbs. that he had gained by sneaking food out of the kitten's bowl. As we all know, Kitten Chow has extra calories for their first year. Warren was packing on the pounds quickly. I separated the two and started giving Warren the Healthy Weight. The weight came off and now he is at a better weight. by on 03/19/2015
  • Purina Healthy Weight
    I have a very fat cat I've put on a diet. Thankfully, she loves this type. I've had to put her on a diet this diet food! by on 03/19/2015
  • Great Food
    Tried this food a while back ago, i have three cats but i had to stop using it only because one cat was a over weight. Helped him maintain a healthy weight. Loved it but again had to switch by on 03/19/2015
  • Great product
    I have given my cat this food since he became adult cat and he refuses to eat other brands. by on 03/19/2015
  • Six cats
    I have six cats.. Joseph who has hyperthroidism..junior..Beemer who is overweight..Max his brother who is also over wright..Maggie moo ..am Boo Boo kitty. They keep me very busy an won't quit bothering me until I put out a dish of dry cat food. Since I started Beemer on the healthy weight cat food he has not gained any weight. At his last weigh in he was between 25 to 28 pounds. His brother Max broke his hip a number of years ago an had to have a pin placed in the bone to help it heal . After that he to gained weight. They are both holding there weight since I put them on healthy weight cat chow an they love it. I plan on working with both cats this summer to try to help them lose some weight an I plan on feeding the healthy weight cat chow. by on 03/19/2015
  • Doing good
    My fat cat has been doing well on this product so far by on 03/19/2015
  • Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    This is a Great Formula for Cats who have started to gain a little extra weight. by on 03/18/2015
  • Great Taste and healthy too
    My black cat use to be fat. After a year on the Healthy Weight Cat Chow he went from 19 pounds down to a more healthy 14 pounds. My other cats, although not overweight, enjoyed it too. by on 03/18/2015
  • my big boy loves this
    My big loveable boy loves this. I was afraid he wouldn't as he's picky by on 03/18/2015
  • Cat
    My kittens and older cat love this formula. It's great for cats that plan to stay indoors by on 03/18/2015
  • Love their crunchies!
    Both my cats love this product - their was no fuss when I made the switch and I think they welcomed the change. They have a little winter weight to deal with and I hope this does the trick. by on 03/18/2015
  • My cat needs a diet!
    My mom recommended this cat food, she uses it for her one cat that is a little over weight. She told me I should start using it for Oliver, he weighs a little over 17 pounds. This food helped my mom's cat with reaching a better eating habit and to help maintain a better weight. by on 03/18/2015
  • Love this Product!
    I have a older cat named Fefe she is 7 years old she started to put on a little to much weight so I decided to try healthy weight for her. She absolutely loves the flavor and best part is it good for her and she has lost a couple of pounds! by on 03/17/2015
  • Great formula
    I love feeding my cat this formula because I know he's getting nutrition he needs while keeping a healthy weight. by on 03/17/2015
  • Kitties loved it!
    Good product, good price. Cats approve, so I approve! by on 03/17/2015
  • She loves it!
    I thought it would be hard for my older cat to switch to a "diet" type food but Kiki loves it. She is finally dropping the bit of weight that she needs to. If my cats love Purina then I love Purina! by on 03/17/2015
  • Fat Cat
    We have a cat that will eat everything!! This is a great product for these kinds of kitties. They get what they need and don't seem to want more. by on 03/17/2015
  • My Kitties Love Healthy Weight Cat Chow!
    My two girls, Bella and Loki really enjoy mealtime! Thanks to Healthy Weight Cat Chow they are staying fit! Bella is my chubby little girl and needed to stop gaining weight. She was constantly sitting by her food dish begging for food because her old cat food just wasn't satisfying her. When I switched to Healthy Weight, she was able to curb her appetite and now she is staying full and happy with her two meals a day with a small mid-day snack. Loki is staying trim and fit with enough energy for two cats! by on 03/17/2015
  • kitten chow
    When I first got my new kitten I gave her soft food and also purina kitten chow. It was small enough for her to eat and also has extra vitamins for growing kittens. by on 03/17/2015
  • Love this product!!
    My cat love Purina cat food!! It's all she will eat! by on 03/16/2015
  • loves the taste
    my cat loves the taste, even the ones not needing the weight control by on 03/16/2015
  • 2
    I have 2 cats. Once I got my second furbaby simba, my first furbaby Misty was not too pleased. I fed them in seperate rooms for quite some time giving them the Purina indoor food. Once Misty realized there was another bowl of food in the house she would finish hers then polish off simbas. She gained a significant amount of weight. We then switched their food to healthy weight and started feeding them in the same place. Since then Misty has lost all the weight shes gained and is back to her hyper healthy self. by on 03/16/2015
  • Does it's Job, Great Product.
    I saw one of my cats, as they got older, beginning to gain weight. I tried this out and it plateaued at where it was. Works great, would recommend! by on 03/16/2015
  • Desired Taste
    When I bring home my cat's food, she will bite open the bag if I'm not quick enough to give her food. She loves the taste and I love the low calories. by on 03/16/2015
  • Lots of cats
    It has been my experience that kitten chow is a great product for young and old, my cats will NCeat any other dry food. by on 03/16/2015
  • Emilie's favorite
    My cat has successfully lost weight with this hard food. She is now so much more active than she was several years ago when she was overweight. She now acts like a cat half her age - it was a very noticeable improvement in her overall health. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT by on 03/15/2015
  • cats already fat
    my cats have already been fat but they're not gaining any more weight now by on 03/14/2015
  • fat cats
    My cats are older indoor only cats.this product has helped them in obtaining their ideal weight and they really like it too by on 03/14/2015
  • cats still overweight with this product
    I bought this for my 3 cats that are overweight. I fed this food to them for at least 6 months & did not notice any weight loss. It is more expensive that the indoor cat chow that I usually feed them & I did not get any results. They did eat it but just did not loose any weight, I went back to the indoor cat chow. by on 03/14/2015
  • great tool
    this helps them to stay at a healthy weight,they should make this for people. lol by on 03/14/2015
  • Great For Weight
    My cat has been gaining weight ever since we took him in and after implementing the Healthy Weight formula he's maintained just over 10 lbs... perfect! by on 03/14/2015
  • Healthy But Delicious
    My cat since she has gotten older has started to put some extra pounds on, so I decided to try healthy weight. She loves the taste it's her favorite out of all the cat chows! by on 03/14/2015
  • Great for My kitty
    My cat is fixed and it is normal for fixed cats to gain a little weight so we put her on this formula and she is back in action and has kept a steady weight since. by on 03/13/2015
  • Best by far
    Our cat is getting up in age and was extremely overweight. Thanks to healthy weight, we were able to get her weight under control. by on 03/13/2015
  • My boys love Purina!
    My husband and I rescued our boys almost 2 years ago. Trying to find the right food for them was an experiment in the beginning. Purina is a brand I will continue to purchase, however, since they are strictly indoor, I go for the indoor formula. It is also a good value for my money. by on 03/13/2015
  • A+ product
    3 out of our 3 cats agree that this product is A+! We received a sample of Purina healthy weight formula a few months ago and our cats loved it! We had previously used Purina cat chow but we had a problem with our one cat over-eating and the other had a sensitive stomach. We switched to the Healthy weight formula and now our chuncky monkey doesn't over-indulge, but rather eats a healthy amount that keeps him fuller longer and saves some in the dish for his brothers. I was a little worried about our sensitive stomach fur-baby but we haven't had any problems with it! Now, all we buy is the healthy weight formula and our cats couldn't be happier! by on 03/12/2015
  • fat kitty
    my eldest Lucy has developed a little bit of a weight issue. shes not obese but she is a little chunky. anyway. she is also really picky about what she eats spo i used this product with the indoor formula and she ate it. havent seen any progress yet but im hopeful by on 03/12/2015
  • Healthy
    My cat loves this food and it helps to keep him full and happy and of course healthy! by on 03/12/2015
  • MyTinkers Waist Line
    My girl likes the Gentle cat food and the Complete,but every so often I feed her Healthy Weight.We want to keep our girl at a weight of 8 no more then 10 lbs per our vet. by on 03/12/2015
  • Good basic cat food
    No special flavor with it and doesn't look to tasty but my cat eats it fast and it's just the standard cat food. by on 03/12/2015
  • Granny's "USED" to be fat cat!!
    Well my sweet Granny would tend to over feed her adult cat. The Vets Office said she was dangerously overweight and recommended this product for my Granny's cat. Last 3 check up visits Fred the now healthier and slimmer cat had perfect reports from the vets office!!!! by on 03/11/2015
  • Love it!!!!
    My cat was overweight at 30lbs!!! After using this cat food for about 3 months he has lost about 5lbs. I'm very happy with this product! by on 03/11/2015
  • Oscar is an older cat and needs the Healthy weight Formula
    Oscar loves Healthy weight formula. He will beg to eat even when it is not time. by on 03/11/2015
  • healthy
    My cat loves this food. I have switched to other brands and he wont touch it by on 03/11/2015
  • great product
    Purine Cat Chow Healthy Weight has helped my cat lose 4 lbs! by on 03/11/2015
  • My cat loves it and it's a help to her health
    My cat loves most cat foods we give her, but this one especially. I am also glad to know that it is healthy for her, she is an overweight cat so I'm glad to find a healthy food along with tips on how to feed her and other things to incorporate to help her lose the weight and get healthy. by on 03/11/2015
  • My girl loves it!
    My 10 year old slightly overweight cat thrives on this product, I would definitely recommend it! by on 03/10/2015
  • Great Product
    It's important to helping your cat to maintain a healthy weight. Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight formula can help us to keep your loved ones become healthier. by on 03/10/2015
  • Good for weight maintenance!
    I like this product to be able to keep my cat at a healthy weight. My cat likes the taste and it is a good price! by on 03/10/2015
  • Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    We were adopted by a stray female tuxedo kitty 2 years ago one dark, cold, rainy, April night. She was so scared and hungry, so I let her in and she walked in the house like she owned the place :) At the time she was thin but the longer she stayed, she began to get a little heavy. We named her "Maho"' after a beach on an island where we vacation often in the US Virgin Islands. My veterinarian said it is typical for a stray to eat more than they need because they fear there won't be enough food for them. Thus, we changed her over to Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and she absolutely loves it. She's looking better now. We feed her and if she doesn't eat it all, we put the bowl up where she can't reach it. So she's looking a little trimmer now. She had a rough start; but now that she's in her "forever home" we want the best for her. by on 03/10/2015
  • Awesome!
    This is what my cat needs! An unhealthy weight has made him slow for way too long! by on 03/10/2015
  • Cats loved it!
    I needed to switch to a food to help w/ one of my cats who was very overweight, but was cautious because my other cat is not. I was able to use this product to maintain the weight of my skinnier cat and am happy to say that my overweight one has started shedding some of those pounds. I continue to use this product for both of my boys but I am gradually switching them over to the complete formula. Both are very happy and healthy now. by on 03/10/2015
  • Healthy weight
    My angel seems to really enjoy the taste. Unf ortunately she's on the heavier side so having a food specifically designed for healthy weight is fantastic. Thanks purina! by on 03/09/2015
  • awesome product
    my 2 cats love this and it keeps them nice and healthy! by on 03/09/2015
  • More protein
    This food is definitely healthy because it has more of the protein the cat needs and less carbs and calories. by on 03/09/2015
  • best ingrdients
    best food out there for my cat and his health and he eaats every piece in the bowl by on 03/09/2015
  • I will try it
    Penny seems to be a little heavy. She only gets 1/4 cup of Cat Chow Complete in the morning and at night. I am going to try this and see how she is at next year's vet visit. Everything I have read makes this sound very good for achieving the diet she needs. by on 03/09/2015
  • Does the job but pricey
    I started using this food when I noticed a slight weight gain in my kitties, but it hasd not been that long to notice a differnece, I do find it a little pricey by on 03/09/2015
  • re healthy weight for healthy catz
    This product helpz keep our older catz feeling lite n spry... they're just a bunch of happy older catz livinitup by on 03/09/2015
  • great product, needs better taste
    I thought it was a great product, but Jasper and Toby weren't happy with the taste. I switched them back to the indoor formula. by on 03/09/2015
  • Good food
    All good, but my cats like the natural cat chow But I would change, if the cats are overwight. by on 03/09/2015
  • Looking Good
    My cat Willie had gained weight over time and now he is enjoying the food and looking good!! by on 03/08/2015
  • Cats love it
    One of our cats loves food, and he has lost the necessary weight but enjoys the food. Other one loves it too. by on 03/08/2015
  • purina Health weight
    Great Product. I have 5 cats that need to either maintain or lose weight. All 5 cats love this food. It keeps them healthy and very active to achieve the goal of the product! Love it and most of all so do all 5 of my cats! by on 03/08/2015
  • Great Product
    My cat weighed 18.5 lbs in January. After 1.5 month on Healthy Weight, she is down to 17 and still progressing nicely by on 03/08/2015
  • def helped
    Really did help with my slightly overweight cat,I saw a difference in a little over a month by on 03/07/2015
    Archie, Venus, and Missy LouLou really seem to enjoy the flavor of the Healthy Weight formula. They are strictly indoor cats and I beleive this chow does help in controlling their weight. by on 03/07/2015
  • Food my cats love!
    Purina Healthy Weight is excellent for my overweight kitties. They love the taste and slowly losing weight, which is the best way. It also keeps my younger kitties healthy and lean. Thank you, Purina! by on 03/07/2015
  • Good for variety
    Though not as popular as the blue bag with my boys, I rotate this in about once a month for variety and a healthier choice. by on 03/07/2015
  • great taste
    My cat loves this product a lot. I didn't expect it at all, just hope she could gain some weights. But she never rejected at all.awesome by on 03/07/2015