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  • Nice product
    My cat went nuts for this kibble. He couldn't get enough of the taste and I liked being able to help him slim down a little bit. Great product, Purina. by on 04/29/2015
  • Works Great!
    I have several cats that have wandered up or have been dropped off at our house and several of them have been overweight. I have been feeding the Healthy Weight and they have lost the extra and looking great. by on 04/28/2015
  • chubby kitty
    There are some great and helpful tips for keeping my chubby kitty healthy and how to make sure I am not overfeeding him. by on 04/28/2015
  • The change over
    About four months ago we could not locate our usuall dry cat food in the store, the location on the shelf was empty. We were out of dry food so we picked up the Purina Healthy Weight to give it a try. We were not sure if our picky eaters would go for it or not so we bought the smallest bag we could find. When we fed the cats that night - they cleaned out the dish in record time. We quickly realized that the Healthy weight choice was a big hit. Neither of our cats had a reaction to the change in diet and they both are always looking for more. We quickly came to the conclusion to skip the small bags and we are now "BIG BAG" purchasers. by on 04/28/2015
  • she likes it
    i have a older cat a few pounds over and she is picky what she eats have bought a lot of different food for overweight cats never ate like she eats this bag. She likes it. by on 04/28/2015
  • Good stuff!!
    I have an older cat that really needed to shed a few pounds in order to be as healthy as he needed to b, I purchased the healthy weight cat chow in the Purina family, and it done the trick, and a plus is that he loves it, as well as it being good and healthy 4 him!! Makes us both smile!! by on 04/28/2015
  • Similar to Cat Chow Indoor
    It's not bad if you cat doesn't have hormonal imbalance. But if his weight issues are due to more complex than regular overeating, then it's just same as other dry food formulas. I wish it was grain free, or at least corn free. by on 04/27/2015
  • Good for weight lost
    My cat is a little on the heavy side. I bought this and mix it with his regular food. He doesn't eat as much food as usual so he should slim up in time. by on 04/27/2015
  • Weight loss help for an overweight, arthritic kitty!
    I am a registered veterinary technician. When my now-16-year-old cat was 14, she began not wanting to jump down from things, and walking more stiffly. It turned out that she had arthritis in her shoulders. We decided to put her on joint supplements and a weight loss program as she was climbing upwards of 16 lbs. I put her on Healthy Weight and got her to play as much as I could, and within 4 months, she was down to 14 lbs! Two years later, she is maintaining that weight and much more comfortable with her joint supplements and anti-inflammatory medication. I highly recommend Healthy Weight! by on 04/27/2015
  • Great product my cats love
    It's the diet food for my over weight kitties, but they still love the taste. by on 04/27/2015
  • Multicat household
    All purina products have always gone over well with multiple cats. All enjoy eating product by on 04/27/2015
  • great product
    Both my cats love this food and it is definitly helping control their weight by on 04/26/2015
  • Clean Dish In NO Time
    My 3 y/o cat is somewhat picky when it comes to new dry foods. Not this time. I no sooner put this down, and it was literally GONE. If I didn't know that my dog was tied outside playing with our 3 stray cats, I would have sworn SHE ate it, it was gone that fast. And has continued to be the case ever since...and THAT is saying something!! by on 04/26/2015
  • Maine Coon
    Had a Maine Coon which by nature is a big cat but we had to be careful that he didn't pack on the pounds so we fed him this to keep his weight in check. by on 04/26/2015
  • For Sapphire
    I buy the healthy weight do to Sapphire being a lazy cat. All she wants to do is eat and sleep! by on 04/26/2015
  • Great Product!
    Have been buying as our primary dry food since we first found it in stores. Our cat enjoys the taste making her happy & healthy! by on 04/25/2015
  • Good product
    It's the best food that my cats eating. Good flavor, good quality. My cats are in the best shape and weight since they eating this cat food. by on 04/25/2015
  • Great Product
    Great product for my 4 older cats and they love it. Also mix it with the complete formula. by on 04/25/2015
  • Healthy and he loves it!
    I sometimes buy this food for my kitty. Especially in the winter when he doesn't get outside as much. He loves it! by on 04/25/2015
  • Great formula for weight issues!
    This has really helped our overweight cat loose a few pounds and also gain some energy!! by on 04/25/2015
  • Love and don't love it
    I used to buy this for my cat to get her to lose weight, but she started getting sick, so I switched her to the gentle formula. I mixed the two together at first so it wouldn't be a shock to her, but she kept throwing the food out of the bowl and not eating. After the healthy weight was gone, she wouldn't eat at all. I switched her back to the healthy weight after a few weeks, but then she still wouldn't eat. I put out a bowl of each of kind of food and let her choose which one she wanted. She won't go near the healthy weight anymore, but she devours the gentle formula. She used to love healthy weight for the longest time, but not anymore. It's not a waste though because now the stray cats are eating healthy. by on 04/25/2015
  • My cats love it!
    This product is reasonably priced and has helped my cats lose weight. by on 04/25/2015
  • Healthy Food
    This food is better for a cat that dosent get much exversice or is an older cat. by on 04/24/2015
  • really good
    my cat was putting some weight on and I started feeding her this. she enjoys it very much and it helps her maintain a healthy weight so we can play. by on 04/24/2015
  • Great Product!
    I had a hard time getting my cat to lose weight and the cat food did the job!! by on 04/24/2015
  • Not as good as indoor
    My fur girls prefer indoor formula foods. I think we will go back to it by on 04/24/2015
  • Food
    My cats just puke up everyday and when I got this food that stopped for now and I hope it says that way but they really do like it. They can't even tell a difference with their food. by on 04/24/2015
  • Healthy Life, Happy Life
    My husband and I took our "kids" to the vet to get a check up. Like most cats, they were found to be overweight. So I decided something had to be changed. We created a routine of playing with them more every day, and cut down on their treats (we were pretty generous). But the finalization of the transition came from the Healthy Weight cat chow put out by Purina. They loved it! Great taste and it supports their exercise and eating habits. This cat food promotes muscle and introduces high fiber to their diet. I believe that my cats not only look better, but feel better. by on 04/24/2015
  • Perfect for my indoor cat
    My cat loves this food she refuses to eat anything other than purina I do rotate the purinas to give her s variety by on 04/24/2015
  • Good Product
    I recently switched my older overweight cat to Purina's Healthy Weight Formula in the hopes that it will help him lose a few pounds. He is almost 15 years old and has arthritis and is overweight, so I am hoping this helps bring his weight down to relieve some of the stress on his joints. I have always used Purina cat food for all of my cats and have always had good results and my cats loved it. by on 04/24/2015
  • my cat
    My cat likes this food. When she hears the bag she comes running. by on 04/24/2015
  • Healthy for your cat.
    My cat enjoyed eating healthy weight cat food. All I have to do it open the bag and she runs right to it. She loves it. by on 04/24/2015
  • Not her favorite
    This product was recommended through the website once I answered a few questions about my cat. she really is just a picky cat , the healthy weight is not bad for her she just doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as the Complete by on 04/24/2015
  • excellent product
    My cat Smokey loves this product she stays a normal healthy weight and she loves the taste I can not keep food in her bowl. She loves this taste and I love the price. by on 04/23/2015
  • Purina® Cat Chow® Healthy Weight
    This product is very good with our kitties. I'd reccommed this product for every day feeding. Cats enjoy it. by on 04/23/2015
  • great product
    great product my cats love it I would definitely recommend to my friends by on 04/21/2015
  • So happy we found this!!
    One f my cats has a bad weight issue but was also a REALLY picky eater. We tried many different brands of weight management foods until we bought this one. He LOVED it. He now is a healthy weight and a happy cat. by on 04/21/2015
  • Great cat food!
    My cat loves it and it keeps his weight down!!!!!! by on 04/21/2015
  • Food for the fouls
    My cats love this food and I feel like it definitely helps with their weight by on 04/21/2015
  • Great!
    Very good product , my cats enjoy and come running every time ! Not pricey and from a brand i will always trust. by on 04/21/2015
  • good product
    Cats eat it well and my older cat cant eat the same good because of being fixed and gains weight easily. by on 04/21/2015
  • Great
    Great! Cats loved it. They usually throw up with new food but they didn't with this! That must mean it's great! by on 04/21/2015
  • Love the higher fiber
    I switched my cats to this higher fiber formula and they all love it. All seem to be having an easier time with digestion and smaller poo.. definitely would recommend to friends. by on 04/21/2015
  • my kitty loves this! :)
    My princess is very happy with Purina products so that makes me a happy momma! by on 04/21/2015
  • Excellent Cat Food
    I have 7 cats. One overweight and several well on their way to being overweight and all very finicky. All of the cats liked Cat Chow Healthy Weight immediately and seemed to eat less than usual at each feeding. I highly recommend this cat food for all cats. by on 04/20/2015
  • Great alternative to regular indoor formula
    I been feeding my cat Purina indoor cat chow for all 8 years he's been alive (kitten show in the beginning) however he's very overweight. he overall has a big done structure, but he definitely has weight problems. I switched to the weight control formula about 3 months ago. I haven't noticed a difference even with cutting back the amount that he's eating but he seems to enjoy it just as much as he enjoyed the indoor formula, so hopefully I see some results soon! by on 04/19/2015
  • Still tastes great
    Did not want to give up great value and great flavor while helping maintain weight of my cat. by on 04/19/2015
  • Cat Food
    working on my cat's weight loss plan and he loves this food so it works out for the both of us :) by on 04/19/2015
  • Cricket's Favorite Food
    After trying a variety of dry cat food, my cat never seems to get tired of eating Healthy Weight. The food is not brightly colored like others, and it does not have an offensive odor like others. I feel this food is helping to keep Cricket's weight from increasing unhealthily. by on 04/19/2015
  • It Works!
    Noticeable difference in cat's weight loss! Good product! :) by on 04/19/2015
  • Love this stuff
    My cat loves his food. He is always eager to eat when I put his cat food out. He was very frail and skinny when I got Baby my newest cat and after he started eating this he is now the right weight and very active. My other two cats as love this food. by on 04/19/2015
  • taste preferred over science diet
    My 2 cats were on Hills Science Diet Metabolic food, which they were finicky about eating. They love this healthy weight food. by on 04/19/2015
  • The Best that I've Bought!!!
    Solomon's never been happier, and neither have I! When I pour a bowl, he's right under me purring. He's never shown this much affection for his food which makes me very happy as a cat mom. I originally chose this type because I love Purina (affordable, quality ingredients, dedication to nutrition)and because of the high level of fiber. Solomon, a ragdoll, has had digestive issues lately (causing quite a scare for me). I found out that this is typical of the breed so I needed a cat food that would accommodate for his needs. I have been VERY pleased with Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. His digestive system is now regulated, and he has so much energy! My kitty cat is like a child to me, and seeing him healthy and happy is so important. by on 04/19/2015
  • Potbelly no more
    After having several cats throughout my childhood, I've noticed that they tend to get a potbelly in their older age, despite how much exercise they do. My current cat is active; however, I did start to notice his body type changing. I really think 'healthy weight' has helped to ward off the potbelly! by on 04/19/2015
  • Helped King be normal
    i bought this Purina cat chow healthy weight few months back.. i live in nyc and my cat who's name is king usually stays home... its a indoor cat .. king gain a lot of unwanted weight because i really got busy with work.. after using this king was back to normal .. it is amazing stuff .. by on 04/19/2015
  • Something all 3 kitties love to eat...
    I have 3 cats ,so I needed a cat food that I could leave out all day so they could each eat at their leisure..All 3 of them are on their own schedules by on 04/18/2015
  • Helps cat lose weight!
    My cats took a while to get used to it, because they were so used to cheap, fatty foods. Now they love it and it helps keep the weight off! by on 04/18/2015
  • Awesome cat fod
    Great food. Cats love it. They are picky cats but will eat this food. by on 04/18/2015
  • Great Product!
    My cat love's this food. I can see how healthy she is getting by this food. I am happy I got this for her. She has more energy. by on 04/18/2015
  • Fabulous for my fur babies!
    I've seen a big change in my Whisper & Maddie's energy and health since using this food. They LOVE the taste & have never been disappointed <3 by on 04/18/2015
  • Fat Cats
    I am glad there are options for possible health problems that indoor kitties could have. I am a fan of Purina in general, based off a veterinarian's advice. by on 04/18/2015
  • this product
    my cats love this stuff I would recommend it to everyone. by on 04/18/2015
  • Weight control
    My 2 cats in the barn were eating generic food for a long time. They bulk up in the winter and lose the weight in the spring. One year the calico did not lose the winter weight. Time to feed a better food. Both have been on Purina Healthy weight for some time now. The calico is still a little plump but she did lose some of the weight, which was the goal! by on 04/18/2015
  • Wonderful Product!
    One of my three cats is over weight. After feeding healthy weight to her she started to lose some of the weight and become more playful. She is only three years old and wasnt very playful. Now that she eats healthy weight she is becoming more playful and she is still just as loving as before. If your kitty is still young but no longer playful and is over weight I would suggest trying this brand and see if you can get your kitty playing again. by on 04/18/2015
  • nine cats love it
    i have 9 rescued indoor cats that have gotten a little heavy. i started feeding healthy weight and they are all doing so good with it. they all love it. by on 04/18/2015
  • weight control
    I have 3cats. There health is important to me. After being fixed, they tend to gain weight faster, so maintaining their weight is important to their health. I want my babies happy n healthy. Purina cat chow healthy weight helps to maintain their weight. Give it a try n see for yourself. by on 04/17/2015
  • great food
    Recently started feeding my older over weight cat this food.so far so good she really enjoys it and I look forward to seeing the benefits. by on 04/17/2015
  • effective and yummy!
    My three year old was getting FAT. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and he plays a LOT, especially with the dogs in the neighborhood. He loves to play and hunt and climb trees, but after he became full grown, I noticed he was getting a big belly. I free feed him, but his food is inside so he eats a few times a day. I switched to Healthy Weight formula and noticed a change within two weeks. He has lost 3 pounds and the vet says his weight is perfect! I still free feed him, but with the new food, he can still eat when he wants and is not gaining weight. Plus, he loved the new food right away. He eats it just like any other food but now he's HEALTHY! by on 04/16/2015
  • Big Slimdown
    I have a 2 1/2 year old male Russian blue cat. It seems like in a three month. He has lost a large amount of weight in the vet says he is finally in his healthy weight range! I think you healthy weight! by on 04/16/2015
  • great food
    all four of our fur family love this food...they run to bowls as soon a I open the food cupboard by on 04/16/2015
  • My chubby cat
    My cat annie is so cute but eats a lot throughout the day. She wasn't getting full on our previously store bought cat food we were getting. She was thin then got to be chubby to then be overweight. I decided to switch to Healthy weight cat food with purina and it has been 3 months. She is back to a very healthy weight and is definitely more active than before. She still eats throughout the day but in small amounts so its really just picking at her food. I am really happy with this brand and the outcome. She loves it! by on 04/16/2015
  • Helping keep our cat healthy
    Our cat never had a serious weight problem, but because she's an indoor cat, we wanted to make sure she didn't develop one. We're very happy that she's been able to maintain a healthy weight with this formula, and she's very happy with the taste! by on 04/16/2015
  • Healthy Weight really a Good product for the value.
    I have two Indoor Cats my 12 y/o male and 5 y/0 female have been on this the past 8 years and love it! Our new foster kitty has been on the kitten Chow and now at 8 months gets a taste of this. however he was just fixed and vet says he has to have little at a time as he is putting on muscle weight from the healthy weight. He Loves it though. but then I have used Purina products on all Dogs and cats for over 40 years. And it has never failed or caused any health problems. An Old Favorite that still works for our pets very well. Thank-you. by on 04/15/2015
  • Chunky Kittes diet troubles
    My cat has previously been on the Indoor formula (and two cans of wet food a day) and we realized it was time for a change. I cut the wet food out of his diet slowly and switched to this formula and he loves every bite. he is slowly getting back to a healthy weight thanks to this food (and our fun laser pointer sessions every day) by on 04/15/2015
  • Awesome!
    My car needed to lose weight and this food was perfect for that. Helped her lose 4 pounds and get back on my vets good side. by on 04/15/2015
  • Great Product
    This really help you maintain cat's proper weight. Have a flavor cats will fall in love with. Great price for so much benefits in one bag. by on 04/15/2015
  • It is awesome
    My kitten Star is just starting to try Purina Cat Chow Healthy weight mixed in with his Purina kitten chow. He is eating it one pebble at a time and so far we cant complain he likes it by on 04/14/2015
  • My cats adore this food!
    We have three cats. They make a mad dash for the bowl whenever they smell this food in it. The two bigger cats literally shove each other out of the way trying to get to it! One of our cats is much smaller than the other two and eats this food exclusively. She was starting to look a little round but has slimmed down to a healthy weight in just a couple of months since switching to Purina Healthy Weight. I have tried other brands but this food is much more appealing to my cats. They would rather eat this than even other Purina Cat Chow varieties! Definitely a five star product! by on 04/14/2015
  • Cat happy
    Tigger seemed to like this food and she is very picky. She likes to change weekly. by on 04/14/2015
  • Wonderful product
    I was afraid my cat wouldn't like this food when I first bought it and now it's the only food he eats. He loves it! by on 04/14/2015
  • Cats love it
    I have 6 cats ranging from 11 months to 7ys. I found a food they all love and it helps keep them at the ideal weight. by on 04/14/2015
  • My Cat Loves It
    I don't know about anything but my cat does. And she love this product. And if she loves it and it's good for her I get the best of both worlds. Highly recommend this to all cat owners. by on 04/14/2015
  • a treat
    My cats LOVE this product as if it's a treat everyday by on 04/14/2015
  • Gonna try
    One of my cats seems to be gaiNing weight due to inactivity, so I'm gonna give this one a try. by on 04/14/2015
  • Great for someone with multiple cats
    We have 5 cats, and they all love it. We were feeding them a more expensive food, but after more thought we noticed that the ingredients list was pretty similar. by on 04/14/2015
  • A step towards healthier weight for my cats
    I usually purchase the indoor version of this brand, and two of my cats are going towards the heavier side. So I'm trying the healthy weight version. They still like the taste of the healthy weight. It smells like cereal, or bran, whereas the other ones smell more fish-like. Overall, satisfied, as long as the cats like it. by on 04/13/2015
  • My cats love it!
    My cats seem to love this cat food! They can't get enough of it and my little one comes running whenever I pour some into her bowl! And it helps them to maintain a healthy weight as well, which is wonderful! by on 04/13/2015
  • ButterCup
    My little girl, Buttercup, loves the healthy weight formula! I did not think she would eat it because she is a fussy eater. But she gobbled it up the minute I put it out for her! Love this cat food! by on 04/13/2015
  • fat cat
    I have four cats all about 4 years old.. Unfortunately 3 of the 4 are overweight.. Last vet appt. she told me to cut down on their food.. Soo...I started buying Purina Healthy Weight. My cats all loved it right away and I think one has slimmed down already! by on 04/13/2015
  • Oliver the tomcat
    We have a large, very handsome, orange tomcat named, Oliver. He isn't really fat, but he is muscular. His weight has not been increasing, thanks to the Healthy Weight formula. by on 04/13/2015
  • 7 Little Kitties
    My cats love this formula and I love it because it keeps them healthy and it's affordable. I have 7 cats (mostly rescues) and they tend to overeat as if they're still competing for food. Needless to say, watching their weight is very important and this formula does the job well! by on 04/13/2015
  • Weight challenged cat seeks mate
    This really helped my cats get back to a healthy weight although they did not like the taste as much as others by on 04/13/2015
  • like it
    It works. can't complain about it. I think its a nice start for kittens. by on 04/12/2015
  • Cat loves it!
    My cat is a little picky about food, which is a bit funny because she's a few pounds overweight. She loves this, though! by on 04/12/2015
  • Great and healthy
    To keep your cat healthy and playful... Chose purina! by on 04/12/2015
  • Good taste and Good for Kitty
    My cat loves the taste of this and since I am concerned about keeping him healthy and fit I tried this product and have to say I am going to stick to it! by on 04/12/2015
  • Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight
    I like Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight because my cat will eat it and it helps her maintain a healthy weight. by on 04/12/2015
  • Loved it
    my cat loves it. She is always so excited when it's time to eat. by on 04/11/2015
  • Great taste my cats love
    My cats looove this food, they beg for it! I'm not even done serving when they're already all over their bowl. It smells good and fresh. It's also helping me manage one of my younger cat's weight. by on 04/11/2015