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  • Cats love it
    We have 1 cat that is quite overweight but I was worried she would not like the taste. She loves it and our other 3 love it as well. It their favorite dry food! by on 05/24/2015
  • Very Good
    My cat loves it and it helps her keep her weight down. by on 05/23/2015
  • Wonderful Product
    My cat is almost 3 years old and I figured I should get her on a healthy diet, we tried this for the first time and it's been working great! by on 05/23/2015
  • Maintain weight
    Our cats can lose a few pounds, so this helps so that they don't gain more weight. by on 05/23/2015
  • great food
    My cat is a little overweight and this is really helping her slim down by on 05/23/2015
  • Really keeps the Weight down!
    My once unhealthy cat is now a healthy weight and more active, thanks to Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight. by on 05/22/2015
  • I HAD a overweight cat
    My cat Stella got way to fat after she was fixed my vet even said she was way over weight so he told me to work with her and try a food for weight watching so of course I got Purina she doesn't even realize it's not the same Purina she still eats it like she's never ever gunna get food again since her workout schedule and limited food instead of all day food sitting out for her she went down and weight and is way more play full and happy by on 05/22/2015
  • Diet for a cat
    My ten year old baby has been told by his vet that he has to go on a diet. He's not happy about that one bit. The vet wanted him to try the expensive Science Diet weight reducing dry food. My baby refused to eat it. I then found that my favorite and his too, company Purina, makes Healthy Weight. That is his favorite choice in dry food. He will eat this when no other weight loss food will be eaten. by on 05/22/2015
  • My cats ate this but there are others that they like much better.
    This would be great to help get cats at a healthy weight. by on 05/21/2015
  • Healthy Kitty
    My cat seems to really enjoy this food. At first I thought he wouldn't like it because it was a "healthy" food but when I gave it to him he dug right in. by on 05/21/2015
  • Big
    This can help with my older cat we r trying to get him to lose weight nd b more active hes really paticular but hes showing results by on 05/21/2015
  • My furry baby loves it!
    My cat loves the taste of this food. He meows as I pour it into his bowl. by on 05/21/2015
  • My life made simpler & Cats are happier
    I have two cats, trim little Lily is 3 and hefty Scamp is about 12. Scamp is overweight and was developing quite a paunch over the winter. I was concerned when he would stay in his heated bed in the garage until late morning, although Lily would come bounding in the house all full of energy first thing in the morning. My adult daughters both encouraged me to stop feeding the cats table scraps and wet cat food. When my husband and I go on vacations, the neighbors would care for our cats and because they were not pet owners, I always worried about the bother for them to dole out wet food. I also worried about the quality of the food they were getting, because wet food can be so expensive, and I usually bought the cheapest brand. Well, a few weeks ago I decided to have the cats go "cold turkey" and I switched to Purina Healthy Weight Cat Chow. I am thrilled that they both love it. It makes my life so much simpler to put out dry food for them and I know they are getting high quality food. It doesn't smell bad, and I know it is so much easier for the neighbor to give the cats this food. Scamp's runny eyes have cleared up, he doesn't throw up on the garage floor anymore, and even gets up early with Lily. He has started running around outside again- we take walks on the trails on our property and they both go along, looking quite happy and healthy. He is beginning to slim down, too. I know that the switch to Purina Healthy Weight Cat Chow has helped our cats. Thank you! by on 05/20/2015
  • Great to keep weight stagnant or shed some pounds!
    My cat has had a traumatic life. Therefore, he eats every chance he gets. This cat food gives him an opportunity to do such but still keep a healthy weight. He loves the taste and it works for me because it keeps my wallet happy. by on 05/20/2015
  • My cats are in better shape.
    I found two fat cats at a old house and took them into my vet to get a check up . The only thing they needed to lose some weight, so I put them on this food and they are in better shape after six months. They are happy, playful, and good cats. by on 05/20/2015
  • Purrfect
    I buy this Purina dry cat food to give my cats a variety of food. I also purchase 2 other Purina dry cat food. by on 05/20/2015
  • Great product
    this cat food has great nutritional value and is good for indoor cats... by on 05/20/2015
  • Losing weight
    My cat was constantly gaining weight. Not any more by on 05/20/2015
  • Great Product
    I switch between indoor formula and healthy weight. I have 2 indoor cats and they both love Purina products. I would recommend all Purina products for all cats. by on 05/19/2015
  • cat chow healthy weight
    My cat comes running when they hear me with the food. Also they are a healthy weight thanks to cat chow healthy weight formula. by on 05/19/2015
  • my cat loves this food!
    my big cat that is also my oldest really really loves this foods flavor... its also a huge bonus that its helping keep his weight under control. by on 05/19/2015
  • Awesome
    I have always fed my cats this formula. They really enjoy it by on 05/18/2015
  • Healthy Weight & Purina - a great combo!
    We have four cats -- and two of them are overweight. It is wonderful to give them a product you trust and you know is doing some good for their diet. They enjoy the Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and we feel good for helping their diet! by on 05/18/2015
  • healthy weight
    coco had some issues with her weight before we used the healthy weight. when I started using the healthy weight she enjoyed the flavor and it helped her lose the weight by on 05/17/2015
  • He likes it
    My cat likes it as it is very good for him and his diet. I just got the bag and still seeing if he can eat the entire bag this month. He wont eat any other brand but purina so anything I buy of this brand he likes. by on 05/17/2015
  • A Cat Food My Cats really Like
    Yes My Cats have tried other brands and I find myself giving them away because my cats are not having it,yet with Purina Healthy cat food I can say I've spent my money wisely. Thanks for supplying a Nutritional Healthy Cat Food Product. by on 05/17/2015
  • fantastic product
    I have two indoor cats...brother and sister. One short hair and one longhaired. This product is perfect for both cats! by on 05/17/2015
  • Good cat food
    My cat Ellie liked her cat food pretty good. She actually ate it pretty quickly and seemed to not get enough of it! by on 05/17/2015
  • Kitty weight maintained
    I've used Purina cat chow since I got my Kitty two years ago. In the last few months I've noticed hes been gaining weight. I switched to healthy weight and he has seemed to stay at a constant weight now. He still fluctuates a few pounds the more he goes outside. I feel with this product, I will be able to help maintain his weight a little easier now:) by on 05/17/2015
  • Was surprised
    great product, I adopted another kitty, well he was quite large. So I thought of trying this food and 4 months later, he looks amazing! by on 05/16/2015
  • Love it
    Started my girl on this since she's starting to pudge up. by on 05/16/2015
  • Picky cat loves it
    I have a 13 year old cat that's really picky and she ate it all up! She's overweight and needed a healthy food that she'll actually eat. by on 05/16/2015
  • Fat Cat to Slim Kitty
    I have transitioned my 10 year old fat cat "Littlefoot" from Purina's Complete Formula, to Purina's Healthy Weight Formula. I have had her dining on this for one month so far and she's lost 1 pound. I'm hopeful she will get down to a healthy weight with this formula. by on 05/16/2015
  • Love
    My 2 boys really enjoy this product and it helps control their weight. by on 05/15/2015
  • cat food
    awsoem food for cats mine love it so much that iwill all ays buy it for him he is my babby and he needs this cat food lol.. by on 05/15/2015
  • Stinky-do and Bobaloo
    Stinky-do is a neutered 13 year old cat. He likes to sleep and play occationally. He has always had a pooch, but I knew he needed to lose a bit of weight. I think its already working! He looks better. by on 05/15/2015
  • my cat and purina healthy weight dry cat food
    my cat is about 12 years old. he was around 25 pounds and there was no signs of him ever (I thought) of loosing any weight. then purina came out with this new formula, healthy weight and I figured I'd try it, what could I lose. so I transitioned my cat ebby over to it. and not only does he love the taste of it, he started to loose weight over some time. I do believe he has lost 5 pounds so far. granted we were told by my neice (ebby use to be her cat then I took him into our household) that he was gonna be a big cat. he is mainly an all black cat with just a little white diaper on his stomach. but he was getting to the point when I would go to pick him up he was like lifting a cement brick, and he could no longer wash himself on his back by his tail. he was too fat to bend that way. so this cat food helped him so much in many ways. thank you for bringing this new cat food out on the market ! by on 05/15/2015
  • Purrfect for my kitties!
    I rescued a at about a year and a half ago. Since then he's become VERY comfortable in our home, and knows that he no longer has to struggle to find food. However, that has resulted in him gaining quite a bit of weight. I switched him to this, and he's slimming back down. Most importantly, he loves the taste! by on 05/15/2015
  • Healthy Food for Healthy Cats!
    Purina's Healthy Weight is a great pick for Cats that are overweight or just to manage their weight. Out Cats love the taste and i know I can trust that their getting the nutrients their bodies need to manage their growing bellies. by on 05/14/2015
  • Full Figure Baby
    Baby has back . . . and front and middle. What can I say, she's a big girl. She likes the Cat Chow Healthy Weight. I like that she likes it (she's very picky) and that it has the healthy stuff she needs, with fewer calories. by on 05/14/2015
  • Healthy Weight
    Since my cat has been on Healthy Weight she has been much healthier. She has lost some weight and she does not have as many hair balls as she had before. I love Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight and my cat does, too. by on 05/14/2015
  • My Healthy Cat
    My cat loves his meal times, just as much as I love feeding him Purina healthy weight. I know I'm providing him with all the vitamin an nutrients that's required for a healthy diet and lifestyle. by on 05/14/2015
  • garfield
    Garfie is our big boy. He enjoys his Purina foods. He has a bit of a weight problem. He had a vet visit 6 weeks ago and weighed in at 16 lbs. 4 Oz's. I got him healthy weight food which he loved and didn't cause any stomach upset. I am happy to say he lost 2 lbs. In 6 weeks. He has more energy and loves to run and climb trees. He tried before to climb a tree but didn't get far, he goes about half way up now looks down at us as if to say ha look at me. Thank you for a great food that has given our boy new energy and abilities. by on 05/14/2015
  • Love it
    helped my fat cat to loose some very much needed extra weight by on 05/13/2015
  • Big difference
    since my 3 cats are indoor cats, I decided to give this a try. I noticed a difference in my cats. They wouldn't go their bowl as much and were fuller too. I also noticed my biggest cat lose some weight, as she was over weight. I love all products from Purina and still get this bag this day. by on 05/13/2015
  • My overweight Little Boy
    I recently started my overweight boy on this & so far he seems to like it. Started with a small bag to test it. Hoping he benefits :) by on 05/13/2015
  • hopefull
    Molly likes it but I'm hoping that she won't eat too much as she tends to do by on 05/12/2015
  • awesome
    My over weight cat loves it . she lost a few pounds :) by on 05/12/2015
  • Great product
    I can tell a difference in my cats weight now then when I had another cat food. by on 05/12/2015
  • She likes it!
    My little chubby checker cat, fluffy loves this new formula. Spoiled her with food and went a little too far. Trying to get us both back into shape. She likes it, she really likes it!!! by on 05/12/2015
  • Purina Cat Chow
    I mainly got this product so my dog would stay out of the cat food. I do notice my cat loves it and that's good since she can be a picky eater. The dog sticks with her own food for now. by on 05/12/2015
  • healthy weight
    This is a product we regularly buy for our family cats. by on 05/12/2015
  • Healthy Weight and ENERGY!!
    I have an older cat who was getting lethargic and tired all the time. He seemed to have very little incentive to walk around. I bought this Healthy Weight and it so amazing! I thought he'd leave it there and refuse to eat it. I feared it would taste as bad to him, as diet foods taste to us. Boy was I wrong, he has so much energy on this Purina Healthy Weight dry food as he did when he was younger. I had a kitten at the same time and I had to keep the kitten away because he needs to be on a kitten food. Now a year later, both of them eat Healthy Weight and chase each other around. I have heard a lot of comments like this regarding boosting their cats energy. I have only positive words for this product!! by on 05/11/2015
  • Purrrfect
    My cats really love eating this food. It helps them maintain a healthy diet and they are always meowing for more. by on 05/11/2015
  • Keeps Smoky Fit!
    Smoky n Bo love this food! We can't change it even to a different type of Cat Chow cuz they won't eat it. All the cats I have had in the past 15 years have eaten Cat Chow. by on 05/11/2015
  • Worth the money
    Compared to other weight loss foods this one is worth the money. My oldest cat has just started developing some digestive problems so now we will be looking to switch the "gentle". by on 05/11/2015
  • Hefty cats
    We have two hefty girls at home. After eating Healthy Weight for a month, we can see an improvement. They are loosing weight and seem to have more energy to play more. They love the taste of it. by on 05/11/2015
  • Bye Bye Weight
    After my oldest cat gave birth to her litter, she gained some weight. Which was expected. We started feeding her the weight control and we saw a decrease slowly in her weight. We will continue to use it. by on 05/11/2015
  • there once was a kitty.....
    that I rescued from the humane society. This cat had been tortured by some men or teenagers( this is a guess since he will not make friends with a male at all but women in a heartbeat). But he was willing to make friends with me at once...so of course I took him home. But once home he gained weight because I am sure he was hungry and food was more than he was getting on the street...so within a short time he had put on a few pounds. I was worried since he was missing a right rear leg due to being hit by a car and extra weight would put undue stress to his front legs. So I put him on Purina Healthy Weight to help him loose the weight. Since I had him on Purina Outdoor formula before why stop with a product that works. And at this point he has lost 5 pounds... and needs 2-3 more to go... by on 05/10/2015
  • Amazing
    We just recently bought this and our cats love it I will keep using this product. by on 05/10/2015
  • Great product
    I bought this for my cat who needed to lose a little weight. It has helped him to lose those extra pounds all while maintaining a healthy attitude. He comes running during meal time and can't seem to get enough of this food. I highly recommend this product if your cat is trying to lose weight or if your just trying to maintain the perfect weight. by on 05/10/2015
  • Great food!
    My cat loves it and therefore so do I. Great value. by on 05/10/2015
  • Happy
    My cat likes it a lot. good food at a good price. I would recommend this product to others. by on 05/10/2015
  • My cats love it
    Best thing for your cats to eat, my cats love it.. by on 05/09/2015
  • Cat loves it!
    My cat has gotten a little chubby since my youngest was born almost two years ago. I don't have the time to play as much as I used to and I think he gets bored and is eating more than before. Since switching him to healthy weigh food, I'm also making the effort to get him active as well and have noticed an increase in his energy and and his moods seem happier! by on 05/09/2015
  • Purina Healthy Weight
    my cat just loves this food he is 18 yrs old and will not eat anything else. by on 05/09/2015
  • Works - Great Product
    Eddy, the Moose, had tried all sorts of "weight loss" plans from really expensive to prescription - thank you Purina! by on 05/09/2015
  • The best
    I got my cat from a shelter and they were feeding her a different brand of food, she was over weight so i purchased healthy weight because my sister recommended it and she LOVES it, she doesnt seem to scarf her food right down anymore and is getting back to a healthy weight! by on 05/09/2015
  • Great product!
    Wonderful product! My cat loves this healthy food!! by on 05/08/2015
  • cat loves it
    My cat loves this food, and it really helps her stay healthy. She has more energy and generally seems happier when I feed her this, versus the cheap stuff. by on 05/08/2015
  • Healthy Weight seems to work!
    When I adopted Bebe she was very overweight. I immediately put her on Healthy Weight, which she loved! She is at a manageable weight and continues to enjoy the taste of this great food. by on 05/08/2015
  • Over weight cat
    My grandma's cat was really over weight no matter what food amount was given would all her to lose any weight. I started to feed her Cat Chow Heathy Weight and she is losing weight and becoming active running around the house. I would highly recommend this food to any cat owner to help with keeping their cat(s) at a healthy weight. by on 05/07/2015
  • My cat isn't fluffy; he's fat.
    My cat, Buster should weigh around 14 pounds. When he tipped the scales at 16, I knew it was time to do something about his weight before it got out of hand. He's a big, muscular cat, but he had a handful of squishy belly. Buster likes to eat. He hates "diet" cat food. I tried the Purina Healthy Weight Cat Chow as a last resort, and he loves it. I have increased his activities and monitor his feeding, and he is trimming down nicely. I feel confident that he will stay healthy. Purina makes wonderful products for cats. by on 05/07/2015
  • Healthy Weight
    Tried the Healthy Weight formula. My cats liked the taste. They still wanted the regular Cat Chow, but liked the addition of Healthy Weight as somewhat of a treat. by on 05/07/2015
  • taste
    My cat seems to like the taste which is great because she needs to looss weight! by on 05/07/2015
  • It's Purrrrty Great
    I used this product for a month or so with my cats and noticed that they lost a 1/2 lb. It usually takes cats longer to lose weight though.. overall it was a pretty decent product and I would buy it again. by on 05/06/2015
  • my cats love it
    awesome product my cats love every flavor and type by on 05/06/2015
  • Keep them Healthy and fit
    My two cats had a problem with the taste of many dietary foods, so I tried the Purina Healthy Weight Cat Chow. Now they are happy and healthy, and I am able to maintain a healthy weight for them, even my older cat enjoys dinner time now. I recommend Purina Healthy Weight for anyone that is concerned with your cat's health and weight. by on 05/06/2015
  • Healthy Weight
    Healthy weight more then likely saved my little girl's life. She is a big cat to begin with but her weight started to get a little high. Found healthy weight formula and gave it a try. She loves the taste and has helped her maintain a weight that her doctor say is good for her. by on 05/06/2015
  • Really Works!
    This product actually works and has assisted my cat in loosing and maintaining a healthy weight. by on 05/05/2015
  • good product
    My cats liked this product and got their weight under control. by on 05/05/2015
  • Great Product!
    My cats love Purina Healthy Weight, it keeps them slim and happy! by on 05/05/2015
  • Okay
    My cat loved the taste but I don't feel that this is the best quality food out there. I don't like the price. by on 05/04/2015
  • good stuff
    my cat loves indoor formula although it makes her go to bathroom allot but I can deal with that that's means she's healthy lol she loves all purina cat food and I only want the best for my cat by on 05/03/2015
  • This is a wonderful product
    My cats enjoy this food, the taste and texture. I like the feeding quality food to my cats. by on 05/03/2015
  • cats love it
    We decided to try this for our cat who is overweight. He loves it and has lost 3 pounds. We adopted another cat who is not overweight but seems to be able to maintain his weight well with this food. by on 05/03/2015
  • My cats love it
    Ever since I switched to this brand, my cats just gobble it up. by on 05/03/2015
  • My cats love Healthy Weight!
    After a visit to the vet, we were told that one of my cats should be eating a lower calorie food so I was happy to see Healthy Weight at my local store. It is affordable and my cats ALL love the taste! I worried that one or all of them might not like it, but that hasn't been a problem at all. They all eat it eagerly and no one has gained weight. We love it in our house! by on 05/03/2015
  • Lucky is looking better
    Since feeding Healthy Weight to Lucky, he is looking much better. He has slowly lost weight and now that spring is here, has been more active. I just wish the price would stop increasing. by on 05/02/2015
  • It Works!!!! My boy is no longer overweight!!!
    My male cat, who is 11 years old was a little overweight...ok, he was more than a little overweight. He was a feral cat that we rescued when he was a kitten. Because of that, he always ate with gusto & more than his share. I realized that there was a problem when I saw that he was 6 pounds over the top! I started giving him the Healthy Weight Formula & I'm thrilled to say that in only 2 1/2 months, he was down to a good weight! He is happy & plays more than he used to!! I am thankful for this food!!! by on 05/02/2015
  • Great and helps to keep weight in control
    We have 5 cats and we tend to mix this with regular cat chow because not all of them need to lose weight, but no matter what, they end up eating the same thing. I am very happy that Purina has this option for us. by on 05/02/2015
  • Cat food for fat cats
    This cat food is for fat cats that eat too much cat food. It's good cat food for fat cats. by on 05/02/2015
  • Tried others
    My female cat had 3 surgeries for breast cancer and was spayed at the same time. Since that time, she has blossomed to a whopping 17 lbs. from a very petite 6.5. I have tried other food but she just did not like the taste. Since I feed my other cats purine indoor cat chow I thought I would try purinas healthy weight food. What a good choice. She loves the taste, and I know it's the best for her. Cancer free for 2 years now! And down to 14 lbs! by on 05/02/2015
  • Loves It!
    My cat Suzie really likes this stuff, and is very vocal when it is time to eat by on 05/02/2015
  • Great product for over weight cats
    We have one cat whom is very over weight- and is a picky eater and she just loves the formula of Purina Cat Chow healthy weight. Best of all she has lost some weight and is more active! by on 05/01/2015
  • Love!
    My cats (2 two year old males- Simba & Buggey) LOVE this cat food! by on 04/30/2015
  • maxi
    great Catfood she loves all flavors of Purina catfood by on 04/30/2015
  • Fat Cat
    One of my babies tends to be obese. Loves to eat. With this formula, I have been able to slim him down a bit. He loves the taste and makes a mad scramble for his dish at feeding time. by on 04/30/2015
  • Great Product
    My cats love this food. So far it seems to have helped them lose weight. They both have fantastic coats, and it is a pretty good deal for the price. by on 04/29/2015
  • healthy weight vs butterball kitties
    I admit that I used to give my cats food all the time when calling. I have switched them to this food and they are loosing the butterball status. This is a very good product and they love it. by on 04/29/2015