Cable Trolley System
Cable Trolley System
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Keeps your pet safe while at play
Easy to assemble and install
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Cable Trolley System

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At a Glance
Keeps your pet safe while at play
Easy to assemble and install
Lead line included

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This trolley is great for outside play and fun. Feel safe and secure while you and your pet play. Limits the running area and keeps your pet where you want him/her. Dogs up to 80 lbs.
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Are trolley systems good for dogs?

Trolleys can indeed be an effective way to give dogs more freedom of movement in a yard without a physical fence. They can offer a larger range for dogs to explore while still ensuring they remain confined to a specific area. Dogs on trolley systems have more space to roam, which can lead to increased physical exercise and mental stimulation compared to being confined to a small space. Trolley systems can be safer than letting a dog roam freely without any confinement, as they reduce the risk of dogs running into traffic, getting lost, or encountering dangerous situations. Trolley systems can be particularly useful in yards that are challenging to fence due to terrain or property restrictions. Installing a trolley system is generally more cost-effective than building a full fence around the yard.

What is a dog trolley system?

A dog trolley system, also known as a dog run or tie-out, is a setup that allows a dog to move around within a defined area while remaining safely confined. It typically consists of a cable or wire stretched between two anchor points, such as trees or posts, and a sliding pulley or attachment that connects to the dog's collar or harness. The dog is able to move along the length of the cable, providing them with more freedom than a traditional leash while still keeping them within a specific area. A sturdy cable or wire is the main component of the trolley system. It should be made of durable material, such as steel, and capable of supporting the weight and strength of the dog. The trolley system requires two secure anchor points to which the cable is attached. These anchor points can be trees, posts, or other sturdy structures. The dog's collar or harness is connected to a sliding pulley or attachment that moves along the cable. This allows the dog to move freely within the designated area while preventing them from going beyond the length of the cable. The trolley system includes various hardware, such as carabiners or hooks, to secure the cable to the anchor points and attach the sliding pulley or attachment to the dog's collar or harness.

Are cable runs safe for dogs?

Cable runs, also known as trolley systems or dog runs, can be safe for dogs when used responsibly and with proper setup. The trolley system must be set up correctly to ensure the dog's safety. This includes securely anchoring the cable to sturdy points, using appropriate hardware, and ensuring that the cable is properly tensioned and free from tangles or snags. Dogs on trolley systems should always be supervised. Leaving a dog unattended on a cable run can lead to safety risks, such as tangling, injury, or encounters with other animals or people. You must choose a trolley system that is designed to minimize the risk of tangling. Some systems include swivel attachments or tangle-free mechanisms that allow the dog to move freely without the cable getting twisted. The length of the cable run should provide the dog with enough space to move comfortably but should not be excessively long. A shorter length reduces the risk of entanglement and allows for better supervision.

How high should a dog run cable be?

The cable should be high enough to provide the dog with ample space to move around without getting tangled or caught on nearby objects. A height of 6 to 7 feet (1.8 to 2.1 meters) is typically recommended. If your dog is an enthusiastic jumper or has the potential to jump over fences, you may need to install the cable higher than the recommended height. Consider the breed and physical capabilities of your dog to determine the appropriate height. Take into account any overhead obstacles like tree branches, power lines, or structures that could interfere with the dog's movement. Ensure the cable is installed high enough to avoid these obstacles. Consider the overall safety of the dog and the surrounding environment. If there are other animals or potential hazards nearby, you may need to adjust the height accordingly to prevent any unwanted incidents.

How long should a dog run be?

The length of the cable run should be determined by the amount of space you have available for your dog to roam safely. Take into account the size of your yard or designated area, and ensure that the length of the cable run allows your dog to move comfortably. Consider the activity level and exercise needs of your dog. Some dogs require more exercise than others, so if you have an active breed, you may want to provide a longer cable run to allow them to stretch their legs and get the exercise they need. The length of the cable run should be sufficient to prevent tangling or entanglement. Ensure that the dog has enough space to move around without the cable becoming twisted or tangled. Keep safety in mind when determining the length of the cable run. Make sure there are no potential hazards or obstacles within the dog's reach, such as sharp objects, toxic plants, or items that could cause injury.

Cable Trolley System is manufactured by Coastal Pet Products
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