Bravo! Dog Training Treats Trail Mix
Bravo! Dog Training Treats Trail Mix
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Bravo! Dog Training Treats Trail Mix

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Bravo! Dog Training Treats Trail Mix (4 oz) One of the keys to healthy feeding, whether it is the pets main meal or when feeding treats, is variety. Each type of meat or poultry offers your pet different nutritional benefits. And, like you, variety adds interest in what is being fed. Our trail mix features all three of our training proteins in one mix, plus weve added low-fat Vermont Cheddar Cheese - yes, DOGS LOVE CHEESE! Our 4-in-1 trail mix is a good day-in day-out way to feed a mix of healthy protein types anytime your pup earns a reward. Made from 100% muscle and organ meats and real Vermont Cheddar Cheese. Contain no grains, fillers or unnecessary additives of any kind. Perfectly sized to be held between two fingers for easy hand-to-dog feeding. Chosen for their pet appeal - they offer the perfect, flavor, texture and aroma that dogs love to "earn" for good behavior. Freeze dried so they are not greasy or messy in your hand or in your pocket. Packaged in a re-closable bag that helps keep them fresh. Ingredients: Turkey Bites: turkey meat Buffalo Bites: buffalo heart Hot Dogs: beef*, water, sea salt, celery juice and/or celery powder, sodium lactate, spices, Onion powder, garlic powder, paprika. *beef used never administered antibiotics or growth hormones. Vermont Cheddar Cheese: Pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzyme Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min%) 40.00% Crude Fiber (min%) 02.00% Crude Fat (max%) 15.00% Moisture (max%) 12.00% Kcals ME per Kg (1000g) 21.40
  • Training Treats Treats
  • Bravo! Brand
  • Bravo Manufacturer
  • Chews Treat Type
  • Variety Flavor
  • Dog Pet Type

What Treats Are Best for Training Dogs?

Most of the dogs love their food. Even the mere sound of opening a food packet makes their ears prick up. Their nose is powerful to pick up the fragrance of any delicious food around. As they are fond of food, training them with treats is not so challenging. Avoid your dog overeating as it will result in an unhealthy diet and weight gain. The best treats for training your dogs are peanut butter, lean cooked meat, slices of apples, green leafy vegetables, and pumpkin. You can also try the Bravo training treats, which are ideal for training dogs and come in various meat options.

Are Treats Necessary for Dog Training?

According to a professional dog instructor, dog treats play an important role in obedience training. However, dog training is also possible without a treat, but the food is a reward with which the dog's focus is 100%. You can limit your dog treat later. The dogs give a positive response when they get their treats as a reward for behaving well. Dog treats are necessary to entice them to follow any order during the obedience training. For puppies in their growing age, it is a factor that is a must to keep them attentive.

What are the Bad Dog Treats?

There are plenty of companies making dog treats. When there are many suppliers, it is not easy to choose the best. Most of the brands are not willing to give importance to producing good quality treats for dogs. Unfortunately, most of these brands add ingredients to their products, such as flavor enhancers, colorants, other preservatives, and additives. Nutrition is necessary for the health of humans as well as dogs. The dog owners must provide the best treat and food for their pup. Ingredients that should be avoided in dog treats include excess salt, brewer rice, propylene glycol, corn syrup, xylitol, artificial colors, vegetable oil, and nitrates or nitrites.

Is it Bad to Train a Dog with Treats?

If you can maintain balance on dog treats, then it is ideal for your dogโ€™s training. You should not consider only food and treats to reward your dog. The Reinforcement Dog Instructing techniques teach basic commands to your dog. Use techniques like affection and praise blend with treat-related rewards while training and incentivizing your dog. The high-calorie treats consumed by your dogs can result in excessive weight gain. Always keep an eye on the calorie intake of your dog as they put on weight rather quickly.

How Many Treats Should I Give My Dog a Day?

Treat should not increase more than 10% of your dogโ€™s daily calories. If your dogโ€™s calories requirement daily is 300 then the treatment should not be more than 30. Your dog should intake the remaining 270 calories from their daily food. Treats in excess not only hamper the appetite for their daily meal, it even makes them unhealthy and plump. One of the imperative things to be kept in mind is treats for your dog need to be in small pieces. Your dog will have nothing to do with the size of the treat. End of the day, they enjoy their treat, whether it is half or a quarter of the treat.

How Long Should Dog Training Sessions Last?

The Training session of your dog should not be more than 15 minutes. For those dogs and puppies who get frequently distracted, their session needs to be shorter. The long training session for your dog will make them bored and distracted. It will lead them to make mistakes during these training sessions.

What Happens if You Give a Dog Too Many Treats?

If your dog's treat exceeds its limit, it will have many behavioral and health issues. However, your pet will give some warning signs which are clear indications for limiting their treats. If your dog becomes too demanding for treats, or does not obey, or becomes aggressive, or gets overweight; this clearly indicates that itโ€™s time to limit your dogโ€™s treats.

Can I Give My Dog Treats Every Day?

You can surely give a treat to your dog every day, but it should not exceed 10% of your dog's daily calorie intake. There are no set rules for giving the treat. Some owners prefer one big biscuit every day to their dog. Some owners give 20-30 pieces of kibble in the whole day, which comes to 2-3 pieces at a time. While giving them the treat you should keep in mind their overall health and weight. Obesity in your dog is one of the main reasons for many health issues. Ensure that you give your pet an ideal treat like the ones from Bravo treat meals.

Bravo! is manufactured by Bravo

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