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Starts killing fleas and ticks within 15 minutes
Formulated with an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to break the flea-life cycle
Controls flea reinfestation for up to 2.5 months

BioSpot Defense Flea & Tick Spot On with Smart Shield

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    Zodiac Spot On Plus - Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens
    • Kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks
    • Kills mosquitoes--the would be transmitters of heartworm
    • Longer applicator for easier use
    • Insect growth regulator prevents future infestation
    • Contains a natural coat conditioner
    Sentry PurrScriptions Plus - Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens
    • Kills adult fleas, ticks and repels mosquitoes for up to one month
    • Kills flea eggs and larvae for up to three months per application
    • Easy squeeze on applicator
    Frontline Plus
    • Kills any disease carrying tick within one day of application
    • Prevents every stage of flea life (eggs, larvae, and pupae) from developing into adults
    • Frontline Plus is waterproof
    • Available in 6 or 12 month packs, for dogs in weight ranges 5-22 lbs, 23-44 lbs, 45-88 lbs, and 89-132 lbs

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Rated 3 out of 5 by 6 reviewers.

  • Excellent Product - Very Happy
    As I have 3 cats and 3 dogs, I was searching for a good product, but at a reasonable price. I found that BioSpot Defense beat both problems. Very Happy and product came in a timely manner by on 05/20/2014
  • Great Product
    I have used this on my Eskie for years. I think it is the best there is for flea, tick and mosquito contol. The only thing I do not like is the new applicator. It may work for short hair dogs but just doesnt work for me on my Eskie that has two layers of fur. I just take it out of the applicator and wish I had the option of buying it without the applicator and not paying extra for it. by on 03/30/2014
  • Okay
    It is okay but only last for about two weeks and I put some more on him. by on 09/24/2013
  • works just fine
    Ever since we adopt our dog we've been using this product and we never had problems. My dog is a 12 pound poodle, goes to the park and get with other dogs at least once a week, never found a flea. by on 07/24/2013
  • Doesn't work
    My dog is allergic to flea bites. After I put this on him, several days later he was itching like crazy and had fleas all over him. It just isn't strong enough. I had to buy another product to put on him because he was so miserable. by on 07/18/2013
  • Product did not work
    Bathed dogs bombed the house. Added Biospot. Still had fleas repeated bombing and baths in three days. Dogs still had fleas. We went back to the other stuff. Save your self money and by the good stuff. by on 07/03/2013
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