BeneBac Plus Pet Powder
BeneBac Plus Pet Powder
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BeneBac Plus Pet Powder

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BeneBac Plus Pet Powder is a prebiotic intended to help maintain your pet's health during transitory states that can affect their well-being. Benebac Plus utilizes prebiotics and live microorganisms to help your pet's digestive system during adverse conditions. The prebiotic fructooligosaccharide (FOS) stimulates the growth of certain bacteria in the digestive system. Combined with the microorganisms, each gram of BeneBac is guaranteed to give your pet's digestive system 20 million lactic acid producing Colony Forming Units (CFUs) of microorganisms. BeneBac Plus Pet Powder is recommended for any time your pet experiences changes in their nutrition or environment. This means that it is great for animals that have just undergone giving birth, serious surgery, weaning, deworming or long travel. BeneBac Plus also comes in gel form . Order BeneBac Plus for your pet today! Key Features: Contains seven microoranisms found naturally in mammals Prebiotic FOS encourages bacteria growth Great for animals in stressful conditions Safe for normal maintenance
  • Pre & Probiotic Health Concern
  • Pet Ag Brand
  • Vitamins & Supplements Food & Nutrition
  • Vitamins & Supplements Pharmacy
  • Pet Ag Products Manufacturer
  • Dog Pet Type

How Do You Give Benebac?

The best way to ascertain the required feeding process of a supplemental product is to consult your pet veterinarian or read the instructions on the back of the packaging. The feeding instructions for the initial days are provided on the table mentioned on the packaging of the pack. The required quantity of the supplement product for days one, three, five, and seven are to be clearly met as per the instructions and the following days should have one feeding per week. If the powder is administered to the animals by mixing with a liquid, then you should ensure that the bottles are changed every day. Such steps can help to aid in providing special care to the animals. If you are planning to feed the Benebac Plus Pet Powder to your pet along with fruits or vegetables, you can moisten them and then sprinkle the powder on them. This action of yours will allow the powder to stick to the surface of the fruit or vegetable.

How Long Is Bene-Bac Good For?

The best way to understand the shelf life of a product is to refer to the best before details mentioned on the packaging of it. Alternatively, you can also consult your pet's veterinarian or the store from which you are purchasing the product. Another important aspect to also note with respect to the shelflife of a product is the storage condition in which you keep the product. Storing the product under the optimum conditions of temperature and moisture can help to maintain the efficacy of the product for a prolonged period. Benebac Plus Pet Powder has a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacturing. While picking up a product such as a food supplement like Benebac Plus Pet Powder, you should be careful in checking the date and then adding it to your basket.

How Much Bene Do You Give a Dog for Bac?

Once your type is older, you can start administering around 1 gram of Benebac Plus Pet Powder up to a bodyweight of 10 pounds. For every additional 10 pounds of body weight, keep adding 1 g of the powder up to a bodyweight of 50 pounds. These quantities are to be fed once a week and are meant for administering in a single day. Such quantities are very helpful for those pet owners who are looking for a maintaining solution of their animals. You can feed the quantity of Benebac Plus Pet Powder by choosing to administer the powder directly or by moistening with food. It is very crucial to discard any leftover food after eight hours and wash the greens thoroughly.

Does Bene-Bac Need to Be Refrigerated?

You can easily store the product at room temperature till the best before date. Storing the product in a cool dry place will keep it safe for consumption till the time of its expiry. However, refrigeration can help to increase the shelf life for a little longer but this team is not advisable. You should also remember to keep the product as a way of sunlight or enclosed vehicles for extended periods where both the cold or heat has the ability to alter the efficacy of the probiotics.

Can Dogs Have Benebac?

Benebac Plus Pet Powder is specially manufactured for the mammals that often experience a change in environmental or nutritional conditions. You can also choose to administer this powder to your wildlife mammals to along with administering it to cats, dogs, and exotic animals. Pet owners are often seen administering this regularly for maintenance purposes. The occasions when you can administer the specified amount to your animal can be during traveling, at birth, during worming, dietary changes, weaning, etc.

Can Rats Have Bene-Bac Plus?

Since Benebac Plus Pet Powder is made for all mammals, you can administer it to any animal ranging from a rat to an elephant. The presence of common seven naturally occurring microorganisms with fat encapsulation helps to maintain the intestinal tract of small mammals. It also has the presence of twenty million colony-forming units of viable bacteria in every gram of the powder. Due to its varied range of versatile offerings, the product is recommended for the management of different animals that are subjected to adverse conditions.

How Much Bene Do You Give a Baby Rabbit?

The administration of Benebac Plus Pet Powder shall depend on the particular condition of your animal. It is advisable to consult your pet veterinarian before starting the administration of supplemental feeds. You can start with half grams at birth followed by how grams on each of the third, fifth, seventh days and at weaning. You can choose to administer 1 g of the powder when you observe an appetite loss or intestinal upset. For those animals that are hand-fed, you can choose to administer 1 g of the powder in between seven and 14 days of the introduction of solid food.

BeneBac Plus Pet Powder is manufactured by Pet Ag Products
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