Your Thanksgiving List: 4 Things Every Pet Parent Needs on Turkey Day Preparing Your Pets for the Busy Holiday Season

Your Thanksgiving List: 4 Things Every Pet Parent Needs on Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day is one of the busiest days of the year, even for your pet. There'll be tons of people, food, and activity. Don't let your pet get lost in the shuffle of the big day. Here's a list of everything pet parents should have for their pets on Turkey Day.

As Thanksgiving comes around, you may be putting together a shopping list a mile long to get everything you’ll need for the day. But don’t forget to include a few key items on your Thanksgiving list that will make your pet’s day happier and safer as well.


1. Get a Secure Collar and Tags That Are Up to Date

With people coming in and out, doors may be left open and the free world may beckon your overwhelmed dog or cat. Accidents happen, and your chances of executing a safe return are vastly improved if your pet’s tags are up to date.

For Your List:

    • Plastic clip collars can occasionally come unsprung, especially if they’re old. Consider a buckle and loop collar instead.

    • Tags can fall off collars. To avoid this, consider a personalized dog collar that doesn’t rely on flimsy metal loops.

    • On special occasions, when pet escapism is at a high, consider a reflective tag, just in case. And if you have a dog door or cat door in your home, consider keeping it closed past a certain hour when return-revelers may be on the road with a few drinks in their belly.

2. Create a Pet Refuge

If you’re expecting unfamiliar people in your home on Thanksgiving, create a safe space for your pet by making sure they have access to a bedroom, den, bathroom, or even a closet, where they can take themselves to escape if they begin feel overwhelmed.

For Your List:

    • Cats love to hide in close, tight spaces, so consider providing a cushy hiding spot, like this kitty pyramid.

3. Get Some Pet-Safe Thanksgiving Foods

Family members love to feed other people’s pets. A nibble of turkey probably isn’t the end of the world. But if everyone is giving “just a nibble,” and if some of these nibbles include unsafe ingredients, then you and your pet may be in trouble.

For Your List:

    • Treat your pet to a special snack while the family dines. For cats, maybe a can of organic turkey cat food will hit the spot.

    • For small dogs, roasted turkey and vegetable wet food is sure to please, and for larger dogs, consider adding some holistic turkey and duck wet food to their meal.

    • Remember to be clear with your family about which ingredients can be toxic to your pet: like onions, chocolate, and overly rich foods with butter and cream.

4. Invest in Appropriate Chew-ables

Excessive stimulation and unfamiliar environments can lead your pet to engage in atypical behaviors, like acting out by chewing things they shouldn’t. Take a peek around from your pet’s vantage and do your best to remove things they shouldn’t eat or chew. If you can’t remove the items of interest, keep an eye on your animal and be firm, but calm, if they go for something that doesn’t belong to them.

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