You Would Never Believe That This Goes Into Your Petโ€™s Emergency Kit!

You Would Never Believe That This Goes Into Your Petโ€™s Emergency Kit!


An emergency kit contains the essential items that provide basic help to individuals during an emergency. In case of pets, emergency kits have the same function and come in handy when they get lost or face an emergency situation. A petโ€™s emergency kit mainly consists of items like food, water, first-aid, leash, identification and vaccination documents. The kit should not contain unnecessary items which provide weight. Even food bowls and toys are important and should be included in the kit. However, there is one other thing that comes in handy during an emergency and that is a photo of you and your pet.

Best identification document

Instead of putting documents that talk about ownership, put a picture of you and your pet in the kit instead. Scribble down your address and phone number at the back for more information. If your pet gets lost or is found during a mishap, people will know where to search for his/her owner. Every year, hundreds of pets get lost and never make their way back to their owner. To avoid such an incident, make sure you keep enough photographs of you and your pet in the emergency kit.

Establishes ownership

There have been cases where people who found animals on the street refused to give them back to the original owners due to lack of ownership proof. Pictures of you and your pet along with a copy of your identification document and ownership proof will help establish a link that you are the rightful owner of your pet.

Helps declare the animal as a pet

Often, pets that donโ€™t have an identification on them are declared to be street animals when in reality they are not. A picture can help declare the animal as a pet and especially if you mention it on your picture. It will easy for people who find your pet to send them back to you. Shelter homes receive animals who get lost and who do not have proof of ownership on them.


An emergency kit for pets is very important and should contain the essential things that is required for survival. Along with food, water and clothes, an identification document is also important. The best type of document is a picture with you and your pet. Having your address and phone number at the back of the picture is even more helpful. Plus, having it declared that the animal belongs to you makes things easier for the person who finds your pet. It helps establish ownership and declares the animal as a pet. Pictures are wonderful identification documents and should be included in every emergency kit for pets.

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