Wondering how to feed your cat? Try the ‘wild’ way.


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There is absolutely no compulsion to feed your cat expensive cat food. Ancient Egyptians did not have the technology, and their cats turned out to be quite nice. You have multiple choices when it comes to providing your cat with a radically new diet. Chances are that you already have the ingredients present in your home.

Fresh food and not milk

The first point to note that you should not give the cat milk. Yes, a myth exists that all cats love milk. The feline will greedily drink the liquid, but they do not have the enzymes to properly process the standard cow milk you buy at the store. Do not give the feline a bowl of milk to drink. Give it some fresh food and an adequate amount of water to drink instead. Exceptions can be made only if the animal in question is a young kitten. Then milk can be given only with the addition of specialized formulas. Their milk formula is a substitute of their mother's milk Feed the kitty drop by drop from a syringe. If even this is too much, use your finger. Remember to take the kitten to a veterinarian at the earliest opportunity. If possible, rehome them with a new mother cat.If you do not have much food in your home, do not make the mistake of giving it dog food. Food for dogs is suitable for the stomachs of canines and not of felines. A dog food has the required proteins and amino acids in quantities for dogs to enjoy a balanced and healthy diet. Whatever you do, it is a strict no-no to give cat fruits and vegetables. Although they can eat greens, they are not the best option. Cats when hungry will eat anything, but they are primarily carnivores. Vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes could lead to gastrointestinal problems in a cat. If you want to feed something, feed protein to a cat. Fish products like tuna and sardines are the most obvious solution.

Fish is good

Tuna is a popular and most-found ingredient in most kitchens. It is a well-used ingredient or used as a flavoring in a majority of commercial cat foods. Tuna smells pungent, a trait which will attract a weak cat or a nervous feline to its food bowl. Many use tuna to attract cats to the area they want. Have lots of patience if you use this approach. Buy the most natural tuna you can find. Cheaper tuna cans come with loads of salt. You can use this ingredient to feed strays if you do not have anything else in the cupboard. This does not mean that you should give the kitty tuna every day. You can feed it boneless chicken too.

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