With This One Amazing Trick, You Can Cure Your Dogโ€™s Kennel Cough!


A kennel cough in dogs is characterized by dry cough coupled with frequent and intense gagging. The disease is not life-threatening and usually subsides within a few days. However, it is irritating for both the dog and its owner to endure a constant state of gagging and coughing.Kennel cough has been so named because it is usually found in dogs that have lived in kennels. It is caused by an air borne virus that travels from one dog to the other through aerosol droplets. If your dog has it, then it is possible that he got it from some other dog that was boarded in a kennel.Although kennel cough does not last for long, it is possible for dogs to experience pain and discomfort due to prolonged coughs. In rare case, the disease becomes serious and can cause pneumonia. There are different remedies for treating kennel cough but the best of the lot is a concoction made from commonly found natural ingredients. However, it is also good to keep the vet updated about your dogโ€™s health because home remedies may not work if the situation gets serious.

Garlic, olives and honey

Garlic and olives have antiviral properties and are great ingredients for treating viral diseases. Even for humans, a mixture of garlic and honey works wonders during bad colds and coughs. Honey on the other hand eases the discomfort of coughing and provides temporary relief. Some herbs which have soothing capabilities can be added to the mixture.The mixture should be taken at least twice every day. It can also be mixed with foods if your dog doesnโ€™t want to eat it raw. You can additionally use essential oils from eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree to improving breathing.Another ingredient which can be added to the mixture is a herb called astragalus. It is a Chinese herb and is said to improve the immune system by regenerating bronchial cells.


Kennel cough is irritating to both the dog and its owner especially when it continues for a long time. The disease is caused by an air borne virus and is usually found in dogs who have spent time in kennels. The virus spreads easily and can be contracted by any dog. It can be compared to the common cold in humans. There are lots of remedies available but the best one is a mixture of natural ingredients made from garlic, olives and honey. The results are usually visible in a few days. If the cough persists, take your dog to a trained vet and get him treated before the case becomes too serious. Home remedies work most of the time but not always.

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