Will Your Dog Suffer Emotional Pain in Your Divorce too?

Will Your Dog Suffer Emotional Pain in Your Divorce too?


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Parents are usually concerned about the well-being of their children when they have to go through a divorce. However, there is another family member, that gets negatively affected because of the divorce โ€“ the family dog.As you are going through a difficult and uncertain time, your dog will also suffer from emotional pain. Here are four ways your canine will get emotionally affected:

  1. Stressful and tense environmentWhen you are going through a divorce, the environment in your house will become tense and stressful. Your canine will easily pick up your mood and emotion. When you are feeling anxious, angry or depressed, your canine will know about it. If any fights or arguments take place in your house, your canine will become depressed, anxious or frightened.
  2. Change of homeIt is quite challenging for canines when they have to move to a new location with the entire family. If you move with your canine while leaving your ex-partner behind or vice versa, your canine will be anxious and confused. Whenever canines lose any of their owners, they go through separation anxiety. When your canine moves to a new environment without you or your ex-partner, your canine will believe that you will go away also. As a result of this, your canine will get frightened, every time you leave it alone in your new house.
  3. Loss of brotherly/sisterlyAfter your divorce, your canine will not only lose an owner (ex-partner), it can also lose a sister or brother. If you have more than one animal in your house and you separate them after the divorce, your canine will be devastated as it lost its companion. When your canine loses its close friend, it will be uneasy and depressed. Your canine wonโ€™t understand what happened, only that it is lonely because it lost its best buddy.
  4. Inconsistent scheduleAs canines thrive on consistency and routine, your divorce will have a significant impact on your dog. After your dog has accepted its way of life and become comfortable, your divorce will completely disrupt this harmony. If you or your ex-partner get sole custody for the canine, it will have to adjust to a new walking, alone time and feeding schedule. If you have to share custody with your ex-partner, there will be significant changes in its schedule on a weekly basis.

As you can see, your dog will go through severe emotional pain in your divorce. If you want to ensure your canine suffers the least, you will have to co-operate with your ex-partner. Remember to give priority to your canineโ€™s feelings during the divorce!Leave a comment below if you have any doubts regarding this topic.

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