Why You'll Love the PetCareRx Mobile Site



As you may have noticed, our website just went through a pretty major overhaul. Pretty awesome, right? Well, weโ€™re not stopping there. We here at PetCareRx are happy to present you with our...(drum roll)... Brand. New. Mobile. Website!


Are you as excited as I am? Maybe not yet -- but you should be! Here's what having PetCareRx in your pocket will do for you.

1. You Donโ€™t Have To Forget To Order Anything -- Ever!

Tired of seeing that bottle of pet vitamins running empty, but continuously forgetting to order more? You're not paying grocery store prices, are you? Well, never again! The instant you see that you are almost out of vitamins, or treats, or anything, just whip out your phone, pull up our easily navigable mobile website and place that order. Done!


2. Never pay too much for prescription medications

Do you feel obligated to buy medications from the vet because you don't want to wait to get home to order them online? Now you donโ€™t have to wait. Next time you are at the vet, order that medication before you even leave the office and get the best price possible. It's a discount pharmacy right in your palm! (Need help finding a vet for your pet's yearly check-up? Why, we can help in that department too. Just keep reading.)


3. Vet Finder Just Got Even Better

So you like to travel with your furry pals, but what do you do if something happens to one of them? You canโ€™t take your vet with you (no matter how nicely you ask) because they have other patients, and a life of their own. But you donโ€™t want to have to take your pets to some random, backwoods clinic. They deserve the best! Find a reputable vet close by with our mobile Vet Finder -- like a divining rod for quality pet medical care.


4. Thousands of Articles in Your Pocket

Do your friends not believe you that lilies are poisonous to cats? Tired of having to scramble for a laptop any time you want to show a friend a PetCareRx article? Now you just have to reach into your pocket, load up the site, and prove your friend wrong. Or just show them a cool article. You can do whatever you want now that you have every article at your fingertips. Literally! 'Cause touchscreens.


 Do you love it yet? Don't take my word for it. Get on there and start messing around. It's awesome! Just visit


on your phone!

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