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Microchipping cats is a rather controversial idea. We have two parties when it comes to this issue- those that love cats so much that they believe it is evil to introduce a foreign object into their body, and those who love their cats so much that they understand that a microchip can go a long way in helping the cat remain safe. While both sides may have some valid points, the fact remains that cats can get lost easily, and their tiny size makes them vulnerable to a lot of dangers. The presence of a microchip can help the owner have a constant like with the cat, especially cats which are very mischievous and are notorious for making frequent vanishing acts.

But isnโ€™t microchipping my cat dangerous for it?

Well no. this is a very common misconception about microchips and one that is perfectly understandable. The idea of getting a microchip inserted into a living being can sound painful and dangerous as well. However, cats who have been microchipped have never felt any kind of pain and are not known to have suffered from any kind of problems afterward.The microchips that are used for this purpose are so small that the process of inserting them often goes unnoticed by cats. Besides, the chip is not inserted deep into the catโ€™s body, but just below the surface of the skin. Although this may result in the chip getting shifted a little, it will definitely not pierce into any organ, as is often feared by cat owners.

Why a microchip is recommended

The benefits of microchipping cats are quite straightforward- you know exactly when and where your cat is at any given moment. Cats are of-course quite capable of taking care of themselves when at home. However, if by some unfortunate turn of events your feline family member should find itself in an unknown area, it can be very dangerous. There is always a danger of getting attacked by dogs, of coming under tires, of eating something poisonous, of getting adopted by someone else, or simply of never returning home!

When should my cat be microchipped?

Microchipping a cat does not depend so much on its age as much as on its health conditions. If healthy and strong enough, a cat can even be microchipped when itโ€™s just a few weeks old. Although microchipping is in no way dangerous and not even painful, it is still advisable that you not get your cat microchipped soon after it is born and in the first few weeks of its life.The safest bet would be to consult an expert at


about microchipping your cat. An expert can examine your cat and tell you when it is ready for microchipping.

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