Why You Should Avoid Shock Collars for Dogs


The use of shock collars to discipline dogs has always been a controversial issue. However, truth be told, the issue isnโ€™t controversial. It is simply an example of animal abuse and cruelty. What shock collars do, essentially, is administer a small electric shock to prevent dogs from barking or behaving badly. Needless to say, this causes pain to the animal.It doesnโ€™t take high levels of intellect to see that the practice is inherently barbaric. Causing pain and fear in an animal is nothing short of abuse.Here are multiple reasons why you should avoid shock collars.

They Can Malfunction

Like many other devices, shock collars can malfunction. We hear of smartphones blowing up in peopleโ€™s pockets and causing sever injuries. Imagine what a shock collar can do to your dog if it malfunctions.For instance, there have been cases where shock collars have malfunctioned by simply coming into contact with water or a metal object.Of course, you could argue that it depends on the manufacturer or brand, but, ask yourself, would you really want to take a risk with your pet?There are smarter and kinder ways to discipline your dog. A shock collar is not one of them.

They Arenโ€™t All That Effective

A study was conducted in the UK, where 63 pet dogs, with no prior shock collar experience, were observed to determine whether shock collars were more effective than the usual human methods. The dogs were put in 3 groups โ€“ group A, group B, and group C.The dogs in group A were trained using shock collars and also, positive reinforcement. Group B went through the same type of training, albeit with deactivated collars. Group C was also made up of dogs with deactivated shock collars. However, Group C was trained by a different set of people, while groups A & B were trained by the same people. This was done to control for variables.In the end, it was found that training was effective for 91.8% of the dogs. However, no significant difference was noted between the groups, thereby, indicating that shock collars provided no notable advantage over painless methods of training.

Increases Aggression

Shock collars can actually end up having the opposite effect, especially in the case of dogs with aggression. They may end up making your dog more aggressive. The pain can confuse your dog and cause a lot of stress. Obviously, your dog will react in the only manner it is familiar with.A better option would be to train your dog to engage in substitute behavior.So, on the whole, shock collars are just a bad idea and you should keep away from them.

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