Why you probably shouldnโ€™t let your cat bite your hand


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A little cat nip is actually your kitty's way of showing love. These love bites come after purring, rubbing against you, and cuddling. Only a few bites are actual aggression signs. It is easy to understand the difference between love bites and an actual attack.

Cat communication

Cat love bites are a kind of communication. The instinctive nature of your kitty prompts it to give you little bites, especially when it is overstimulated. Cats engage in this kind of behavior when it feels it must bond with you.As an owner, it is vital that you understand the difference between love bites and an attack. Although both are bites, the causes and the cut to your body will be vastly different. Your cat may even give you a small nip if it is tired and you wish to play with it. Conversely, it may bite you when it wants you to give her love and affection. It is important you understand the behavior of your cat so that you can adjust your behavior accordingly.

Primeval instinct

Majority of the kittens like to play rough. This is not only social bonding but also preparation for adulthood. Mock hunting leads to small bites. Kittens bite when they play aggressively with you. One obvious difference between a love bite of a cat and its aggressive bite is the effect on the skin. The outer layer of our body is not broken by a love bite. The latter occurs when you two are playing. An attack bite may suddenly happen. If your kitty suddenly bites you, and the cut is quite deep, then you should desist from continuing the behavior you were doing at that time. In case your cat continues to be aggressive, take it to an animal behavior expert or to a veterinarian.


You should treat your bite as quickly as possible. This is as cats have small teeth and this may result in bacterial injection into the skin. Wash the wound as best as you can with plentiful water and soap. Visit a doctor as soon as you can. The doctor will examine the wound, and ensure it does not get infected.Cat love bites are painful to an adult. To a child, the bite of a cat is sheer torture. This is as they have soft and sensitive skin. If you worry that your child will suffer from love bites from your kitty, then it is important that you teach them how to handle felines. Have an experienced babysitter handle the cat's appropriate behavioral treatment. Your cat must be attuned to all your family members. Make your children understand not to interact with the family kitty when it is in an overly playful mood.

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