Why some kids prefer pet rats over dogs and cats?

Why some kids prefer pet rats over dogs and cats?

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There is a misconception that every child wants a kitten or a puppy. Many children actually want rats as their pet. According to a pet ownership survey conducted by RightPet, a majority of 15-year-old wants a rat as their first preference. Cats and dogs come second and third respectively. Horses and snakes follow in that order. The survey was made on a pool of 64,000 respondents going through 32 kinds of livestock and pets. Pet owners were paid for their feedback to avoid false claims. It was discovered that the rat was a favorite among 5,150 owners who have own or had owned a pet at the time they were 17 years old. The data is inclusive of information extracted from a total of 222 rat owners.

Rats make excellent pets

As per the RightPet review, kids who had owned pets or currently own one, aged between 10 years and 17 years, are more satisfied from rats compared to owners of dogs and cats and any other pets. The attraction towards rats progressively decreased when the kids got older.There are a number of reasons why rats make good pets for children. According to Dr. Jennisfer Graham of Tufts University, small pets are excellent for children as they teach responsibility. Rats are ideal as they are low maintenance animals. They are calm and laid back. Rats are not nippy like pets of other species. They can also be easily handled. It helps these animals are cheap to purchase as well. A number of childhood pranks gel extremely well with rats. The only problem is that some families can get queasy with rats inside their homes. If your family is like this, consider other species like chinchillas and hedgehogs.

Total survey findings

The survey results found that women preferred cats more over dogs. When it came to men, dogs are preferred a little more than cats. Most respondents liked bigger dogs. The dog lover is also more curious than the cat-loving one. Another finding is that men who show anxiety and moodier than others do not like cats much. This finding is applicable for men who suffer considerable negative emotions. They were found to be less satisfied in the company of cats compared to men who can safely be classified as the emotionally stable kind. The latter are those men who suffer much less negative emotions. Conversely, women who are prone to anxiety enjoy cats similar to their more emotionally strong peers. When it came to pet ownership, the survey took into account 32 kinds of livestock and pet species prior to delivering the final result. The least favorite pets among all the pets were found to be scorpions and geese.

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