Why Some Cats Are Finicky About Food

Why Some Cats Are Finicky About Food

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Cats may show reservations toward certain types of foods, if you try changing their diet out of the blue. Of course, if the formulation of the food that you usually feed your cat has changed, thereby affecting the texture, flavor or shape, then you will have too look at switching to an alternative food; especially if your cat does not find it palatable anymore. Sometimes, a medical condition may call for a specialized

prescription diet

. Either way we take a look at what causes some cats to be picky eaters, and how you can resolve the problem.

Evolutionary cat food habits

Let's take a look at the eating habits of cats that are not domesticated. These cats are opportunistic eaters; that means they eat when they find a prey, eating many times a day- about 10 to 20 meals, on some days. If your cat is showing finicky habits then it is not following its natural food habits. You will have to explore further to see what is causing the issue.

Reasons why your cat is not eating right

If your cat is hesitant about switching over to new food, then do not be surprised, this is quite common with indoor cats. Since the cat is accustomed to a certain food, switching to a new food routine means change, which the cat naturally sees as a threat. You don't want to introduce unfamiliar foods out of nowhere into your cat's diet for this reason. You want to gradually introduce it, to avoid rejection. It's also important to do this to prevent stomach upsets in your cat. Take a week or two to gradually increase the quantity of the new food in your cat's diet.If your cat is the outdoorsy type, chances are he is already grabbing a snack outside before he gets back home. This could be why he's not hungry when it is lunch time.In cases where there are many cats in a household, your cat may not be eating due to acts of bullying. If the

food bowl

is in a location that the cat cannot easily approach, due to the presence of other cat/cats, he may refrain from going near it. You want to make sure that the food bowl is in a location that offers a sense of security to your pet. They also like seclusion when they eat.If your cat shows a sudden change in its appetite and eating habits, it could also be due to an underlying condition. If your cat has a respiratory condition it could affecting its sense of smell, while it may not be eating as it finds it difficult to chew due to tooth problems. Either way, it's a good idea to see a vet if the problem persists.

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