Why Should You Avoid Pee Pads?

Why Should You Avoid Pee Pads?

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Pee pads certainly have their place, for instance if you are going to take your dog out on a boat, or in situations where you cannot take your dog outside to micturate. But if you are trying to housebreak your pup, pee pads will do more harm than good.When you are housebreaking your dog, you should strive to associate going to the loo with the great outdoors - grass, dirt, sand and all the smells of outside. However, if you put your puppy in a kennel or a pen with a pee pad, you are telling him that it is okay for him to relieve himself inside building.Many pet owners tend to use pee pads as they are at work almost the entire day. They think that it is better for him to have more space if he is going to be left alone for the major part of the day. This is very common among people who own small dogs, as they are much more likely to use pee pads compared to the owners of large dogs.It is true that giving your pup enough space can be a comfortable thing for him. However, you will never fully housetrain him if you let him pee on a pad while you are away. Some trainers suggest putting the pee pad in an area of the house that the pup never goes to so that he does not associate going to the loo with the living area. But you are still sending across a message that says it is okay to pee inside instead of setting the association and rules to only peeing on dirt, grass and sand.You cannot send out mixed messages to your dog. It is unfair to expect your dog to understand the difference between relieving himself on a pad in your laundry room and peeing in the vetโ€™s office where it smells like the last dog that peed there. You will find that your dog begins to relieve himself in random places โ€“ inside the vetโ€™s office, in someone elseโ€™s house, pet friendly stores and even inside the car.If your goal is to housetrain your pup, get him used to the


. If you are going to be gone for long periods of time during the day, make sure he gets plenty of physical and mental exercise before you leave for work. By the time it is time for you to leave, he will be exhausted and he will go into the crate and sleep.Going for a pack walk will put him in the rest mode. It is important to remember that your pup cannot physically control the muscle which allows him to hold his pee till he reaches twelve years of age. Till then, you need to make sure that he gets the chance to relive himself at reasonable intervals.

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