Why Kids With Pets Tend To Do Well?


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Childhood is a period of discovery, wonder and learning. Every new experience that our kids have today, shape them into who they become in the future. It is our dream that our young ones to grow into healthy, intelligent, kind and responsible adults; and our pets can play a crucial role in that journey.

Health benefits

It is a proven fact that children with pets tend to be more active! Instead of curling up on the couch with a video game, kids would prefer to go out for walks and play with their pets. In addition to the health benefits of exercise, studies have also shown that children with pets develop a stronger immunity. They are less prone to contracting ear and respiratory infections. Even when they do fall ill, they recover on lower doses of antibiotics. They are also at lower risk of developing asthma and allergies as compared to children who grow up in a pet-free household.

Intellectual growth

Pets indirectly help in kids in cognitive development. Little ones feel more confident reading aloud to a pet than to their peers, parents or teachers. Seeing life inside another animal, they are able to relate to concepts of biology better. They also develop a better connect with nature.Through pets, children see life as it is. They understand the concepts that we may find difficult to explain to them such as birth, death, health, illness, loss and grief.

Emotional development

Pets are synonymous with unconditional love. They donโ€™t judge; they donโ€™t criticize. They can be the refuge that our children need, a source of comfort and companionship. So it comes as no surprise that children, especially those recovering from trauma or having special needs, find it easier to trust and confide in their pet pals than in adults.Cuddling animals or just their physical proximity has healing powers. This โ€˜pet therapyโ€™ reduces any feeling of loneliness or stress kids may have. Pets also help shy children socialize and make new friends.Be it a mouse or a mastiff, pets require regular care and attention. They need to be regularly fed, groomed and taken for exercise. Owning a pet is an excellent opportunity for our young ones to learn to be responsible and nurturing. It teaches them empathy, sharing and patience. Pets bring families closer and strengthen bonds between siblings as they share their petโ€™s love and take turns in taking care of their common ward.By giving our kids the privilege to grow up with pets, we are giving them an opportunity to forge beautiful memories of their childhood. When they blossom into wonderful human beings in the future, we can thank our animal buddies too for their contribution!

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