Why is Winter the Best Time to Rescue a Street Animal?


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If you identify yourself as an animal lover, one of the most gracious and thoughtful things you could do this season is โ€“ foster a street animal. At any given time of the year, you will find many stray dogs and cats in your immediate or next neighborhood. While these stray dogs and cats usually have learned how to fend for themselves, the winter season is harsher for them than others. While many pet-friendly people routinely feed these strays on the street, the cold and unpredictable weather conditions that prevail during the December-January time period keep them indoors at large. Winter is a difficult time for our pets at home, so you can only imagine what it must be like for these animals, which have no home to call theirs.

Our indoor pets have the warmth of the fireplace or your cozy apartment. The stray animals on the street have no such luxury. The harsh cold and approaching storm is enough to endanger their lives. Not many street animals survive the harsh times of Winter. If you are fond of animals, you might like to rescue some of these strays for the time being. You do not need to adopt them. Simply fostering them during the cold season will be an extremely thoughtful gesture. Moreover, if youโ€™ve always played around with the idea of rescuing a street animal โ€“ there is no better time than Winter. The animals will most appreciate your gesture now.

Animal rescue shelters usually run drives to rescue cats and dogs off the street during the colder months. However, they can only rescue a limited number of street animals. Most run out of capacity to take in any more stray animals when approached. What do you do in such a situation? If you think you are capable of caring for this animal, you should bring him/her home. Perhaps, consider taking them to the vet first if you have young kids in the house to prevent any accidents.

Little things you can do to ensure a strayโ€™s life

Even if you are unable to house this rescued dog/cat, you can prepare a cardboard box for them to snuggle up in. Throw in old towels or blankets to help them keep warm, and they will be indebted to you for your kindness. They may not have a home to call their own, but at least they have you as their temporary caregiver and a safe space where they can find refuge from the cold wind and snow. If it is possible, leave out some food and water for your rescue. A well-fed dog/cat is more resilient against germs and diseases. Lastly, clothe them in your old Tshirt or top โ€“ animals need protection against the cold too! You may not be able to rescue every cold pup/kitten out on the streets, but at least you can bring holiday cheer to a couple. Every bit of effort counts.

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