Why is My Dog Not Eating?

Why is My Dog Not Eating?

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Pet owners get anxious when they notice their dogs showing a reduced appetite. If your dog has always been a poor eater, then you probably have nothing to worry about. Donโ€™t go merely by the numbers on food packets that claim how much pets should eat, as this is an average number based on many pets.Of course, you want to confirm if your pet eats a little less than the recommended amount or maybe anorexic. Meanwhile, here are some causes that could be causing your pet to lose his appetite.

Medical issues

Your first step when you notice a reduced appetite in your pet is to find out what caused it. You also want to estimate how long your dog has been showing a lack of appetite. Usually, you have nothing to worry about so long as it is within a 24-48 hour window. If the problem persists after, then you want to take your pet to the vet.Watch out for other signs like diarrhea or vomiting in your pet. Sometimes, dogs lose their appetite temporarily after they get vaccinated, which is not a cause of concern in most cases. Either way, you want to watch the clock and see how long your petโ€™s appetite issue persists, and call the vet if need be.You can even carry out a quick check on your pet, by examining his belly. Gently press your hands on it, and see if it feels soft and how your dog reacts to it. If he yelps out of pain, then you may have a problem. If his mucous membranes appear dry, then you want to call the vet.

Change of food/surroundings

Sometimes, minor changes in the


or the surroundings can cause your pet to lose his appetite. For instance, your dogโ€™s appetite may have taken a hit if you have started feeding him food along with another aggressive pet, or if you have changed the food bowl so it is wider or higher. Your pet simply does not feel comfortable eating in such a setting, and you may want to go back to how things were earlier, just as your pet liked it.If you have changed the flavor of the food, or switched to a different brand, then switch back to the previous food that your pet liked. Keep those treats in check. If you have been overdoing the treats, there is a good chance that your dog does not find his regular food so appetizing any more. Give your dog treats sparingly during training sessions.If your dog refrains from eating just certain foods, then he might be a picky eater. However, you want to rule out other serious issues rather than just jumping to conclusions.

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