Why dogs make great pets for kids

Why dogs make great pets for kids

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Dogs complement kids in multiple ways. They are affectionate and bear positive effects on a child's overall development. This four-legged family member is not only an entertainer but also a compassionate friend. It protects children and teaches them.

Being compassionate

Children with dogs are more compassionate than children who grew up without pets. Dogs, like humans, feel pain. They are emotional too. Canines are susceptible to age-related diseases and accidents. Your child will witness the dog's full life and will be sad when the canine passes away. Your child will feel compassion when the dog is in pain and whimpers.

Teaching responsibility

Dogs teach children to be responsible. Your child will be forced to remember to provide water and feed the canine. Children will understand the importance of cleaning up when the animal poops at an inappropriate place. All these activities instill in children a satisfaction and sense of importance which cannot be obtained from going to school. Relationships developed at this age could make a positive impact on your child. Since your child now knows responsibility, there is every chance you will get a better adult.

Source of happiness

Dogs are undoubtedly fun. This description is applicable to all breeds of dogs, from tiny Shitzus to massive Great Danes. They will play tug with your children and the two will wrestle. When it comes to adults, your dog will welcome you wagging its tail. These animals have the magical property of cheering you up even on seemingly worst and hopeless days.

Patience and sociable

Your children will have more patience when there is a dog around while growing up. The four-legged friends could be frustrating at times. They scratch, chew and slobber to destroy numerous household items. Children learn the beauty of restraint and not shout or physically hurt the dog for actions it does not comprehend. Your children will be happy when you offer them the leash to take the dog for a walk.Your dog will make your child much more sociable. A dog is a social animal who enjoys affection and attention. When children interact with a dog, they learn how to socialize with other children and with complete strangers. Your children can talk pleasantly to anyone sans any hesitation when they reach adulthood.Dogs help to maintain good health for the entire family. They love to run, chase, and play. Your kids will play with the dog. This will help to develop their motor skills. It follows that canines encourage kids' physical activity. There is another positive effect too: when your kids play with the doh, it means less time for them to sit in front of any computer screen. Regular physical exercise will stop them from getting obese.

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