Why Does Your Cat Eat Grass?




Ever noticed your cat nibbling on grass and wondered what it was doing? You'd be even more frustrated when it throws up after eating it. Turns out, this is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about. As far as research is concerned, it is clear that cats are not harmed when eating grass and the habit might even have it's own benefits. Both outdoor and indoor cats show this behavior and here are a few reasons why.

Natural Laxative

As most cat owners know, hairballs are a common occurrence. Cats usually vomit hairballs but when there is indigestible material present deeper in the digestive tract, grass can act as a great laxative. It clears out all the indigestible material from the cat's system. Cats seem to have a natural intuition about the uses of grass.

Upset Stomach

Like most carnivores, cats eat their prey as is โ€“ with the feathers and the fur and the tiny bones. Sometimes, this leads to an upset stomach with things stuck in the digestive tract. You might have realized that cats puke shortly after they eat grass. The puking occurs because the cat does not have enzymes that can process large amounts of grass. The nauseating process helps them clear out their digestive tract and deal with an upset stomach. It also saves you a trip to the vet.

Natural Supplement

Cats that eat grass regularly might do it because it resembles their mother's milk. Much like the milk, grass contains folic acid. Folic acid helps cats grow and gain sufficient


. Owners must beware however, if the grazing becomes too regular as this indicates that the cat is deficient in the vitamin and might be looking for natural sources to absorb it from.


If your cat loves grazing, it can be harmful to let it eat any grass it sees outside. There is no way for owners to know if an outside patch of grass has been sprayed with harmful materials like pesticides and fertilizers. Many owners choose to buy their feline friends a patch of cat grass, specifically to help them graze. If you're one of them, it is important to note that all the other plants in your house must be non-toxic for your cat. Retailers sell oat and wheat grass that can be grown and kept indoors for your cat's benefit.So it is clear that cats eating grass is nothing to worry about. Some owners even believe that grass can cure sore throats for cats. A nice tray of kitty grass in the house should keep your cat happy. However, if he/she excessively eats grass or demands it on a daily basis, it's time to go to the vet.

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