Why does cat urine smell bad?


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Cat pee is disgusting and worse, it stays. The urine itself is a metabolic waste concentrate and is made of urea, creatine, multiple detoxified substances and sodium chloride along with a number of other electrolytes. The presence of urobilinogen results in its yellow coloration. The reason cat urine got a bad rap is that the urine generally goes unnoticed until it compounds into a problem. Felines have the tendency to mark territory outside the litter box. They may pee in the corners or on the carpet.

Urine components

If the urine is not washed off, then the urea gets decomposed. The area stinks of the characteristic ammonia which is common among all stale old urine. The decomposition's second stage is marked by the emission of mercaptans. This is the same compound which gives the spray of the skunk animal its distinctive repulsive smell. Other factors like inefficient kidneys contribute as well. Since older animals have worse kidneys, their urine also smells worse. The presence of a few particular steroids makes male cat pee worse than a female cat pee.Thanks to the cat's lifestyle, its urine lies for a comparatively long time before it is time to clean litter box. The odors become more pronounced as bacteria does its thing on the urine. The smell could be much worse if the cat suffers from urinary tract infection. The presence of hormones, one of them being testosterone could contribute to the distinctive scent. A non-neutered Tomcat has the stinkiest urine among cats.

Cleaning and removal

To minimize the cat urine smell, it is important that the litter box must be cleaned every day. Take it apart and use a mild soap to wash it. In case you notice the odor to be worse than usual, and if the smell is mixed with other trouble signs like out-of-box frequent trips, straining, or urinating outside litter-box, it is important to take the cat to the veterinarian. Time is of the essence if your cat strains to pee.A total removal of cat urine smell will take some effort on your part. A number of companies manufacture products which profess their function as removers of cat urine. These liquids take advantage of hydrolysis of urea, an enzymatic reaction. The enzymes are a kind of proteins which accelerate chemical reactions. These enzymes break the urea into two gases- ammonia and carbon-dioxide. Both these gases dissipate fast into the air. The smell of urine thus becomes non-existent. The sole problem with such cleaning agents is their restricted shelf-life. It is seen that enzymes lose efficiency with the passage of time. That said, bad smelling cat pee is a minor drawback to owning a cat. Holding your breath a little while opening the litterbox is fully worth it.

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