Why do cats become aggressive suddenly?

Why do cats become aggressive suddenly?

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Dealing with an aggressive cat needs chutzpah. A hissing and growling kitty could even make the bravest man quake in his boots. Biting cats are terrifying. If you own a cat or live with one, then it is important that you know how to manage an aggressive feline. It is wise to know the reasons as to why your cat gets aggressive.

Your cat is in pain

A cat in pain may respond with swats and hisses when you touch its sensitive areas. To give an example, your cat will hiss if you touch its sore leg. Tail yanking could be painful to the cat. Your kitty could give a scratch and bite if the cause of pain is due to physical reasons like a kick or if the kitty is hit by something.

Trauma response

Cats may suffer from post-traumatic stress like humans. The human brain and the cat brain are similar and chronic anxiety may push cats to adopt an aggressive stance.

It is afraid

A cat will turn aggressive if it is terrifying. It will turn on its side and puff up the fur and tail to make it appear larger. The ears will become flat backward. The pupils get dilated and it will hiss. Do not approach any cat if it is at this stage. If you do, the reaction will be an aggressive one. This does not mean it dislikes you. It means the cat is fully into its panicked stage.

Frustration is the cause

This is termed โ€œredirected aggressionโ€. Cats carry out these attacks as they cannot get what they actually want to attack. To give an example, your cat may get angry when it sees another cat marking its territory. The kitty will then attack anyone nearby, be it a dog or a human.


A neutered or spayed cat is much less likely to be aggressive. It is to be remembered that male cats are biologically fitted to fight other male cats when the females are in heat. In case you see two cats fighting each other, do not interfere as they will then physically attack you.


This will happen if the kitty lives in an extremely stressful environment. This could be a home with multiple cats or in a household where members regularly quarrel and fight one another. Kitties act out the dynamics of their human families.

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