Why Cats hate to Bathe in the Sea


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Majority of cats hate water as if their lives depend on it. The cause behind such hate could be both biological and behavioral. Do keep in mind that some cats actually love to dunk themselves in the waves. Many cat owners have seen their felines rushing towards the water and playing with it. It can be surmised that those cats are not attracted towards the water but of the sparkle when sunlight falls on the sea. Cats love shiny things, and water is not an exception.

Reasons to hate sea baths

A number of reasons exist as to why cats dislike water so much. Felines do not like changes in their environment and are less accepting of them. To a cat, the constant ebb and flow of the sea makes it a dangerous and unstable place to be in. However, if a cat has encountered the sea from the time it was a kitten could be much more accepting towards it. It also does not help that cats are by nature fastidious creatures. Most of their time is spent in grooming themselves. It is apparent that cats may not like anything which does not smell "normal." No wonder they hate the sea. Each wave brings in new objects-and new smells- which must be cleaned off before they could resume their quality of life.

Cats may hate to bathe in the sea due to biological reasons too. Although cats love to eat fish, they are land-based animals and are descendants of felines who lived in dry and arid places. There was no requirement for cats to learn to swim as there was no evolutionary need for them to do so. This lack of swimming behavior has stayed in modern-day kitties. This is why you must never force your furball to swim if it does not like to do so.

Bathing your cat

There will be times, however, when you feel the need to bathe your cat. Keep in mind that there is no reason for you to bath your cat. Some cats must be given a bath for medical reasons and also if they cannot clean by themselves, like senior or sick cats. You can give your kitty a bath through using a few techniques which will make the process much less painful for the cat.

To bathe your cat, take a tub and fill it with water. The cat must not be in the vicinity during this time. The sound of water flow and splashing will make your kitty afraid. Take a folded towel and line the tub with it. This towel is something the cat could grip into. This is important as felines are afraid of slippery tub floors. Take a container full of water and pour it over your kitty.

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