Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumber?


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The online population has been having a laughing riot at the cost of distressed cats. Scaring cats by placing a cucumber behind them while they are eating their


, and filming their response has grown into a hobby of sorts for cat owners. So much so that there are dedicated threads about cats being scared out of their minds from the common vegetable. Experts explain why cats consistently respond with jumping into the air or running out of the room scared stiff, when they spot a cucumber out of nowhere. If you've been planning on pulling a fast one on your cat using the humble household vegetable, you may want to think again, read on to find out why.

Behavior specialists explain

One animal behavior expert says that the reason why cats react that way could be because they mistake the cucumber to be a snake. It is wired in their DNA to keep away from snakes, and when they notice an object that appears like a snake, they jump into the air from fears as they try to avoid being bitten by it. Of course, using an eggplant for the prank may not evoke the same reaction as cucumbers resemble snakes far much more. Anything that resembles a snake would generate the same response in cats.According to another animal behavior specialist, the reaction can be tied to the presence of an unexpected object, when the cat least expects it. The expert says that any other object such as an artificial model fish or spider, would probably meet with the same reaction. Placing it behind the cats without their knowledge, instinctively has them believe that the object sneaked up behind them since they did not hear them approach, which in turn scares them.

Why you shouldnโ€™t be pranking your cat

Well it may seem like a harmless prank from afar, but you would do good not trying out the prank on your cat. While there is the obvious concern of your cat hurting itself when it springs up into the air in fear, it does not just stop at that. According to researchers, the unexpected stress and fear from the situation can cause psychological damage in the cat. It may develop a fear and aversion toward cucumber, and also the surroundings where it was present, following the prank. Simply put, do not try this prank on your cat for some silly laughs.Another prank that we saw last year, where cat owners put their pets in fix, is where they drew a circle around their cat on the floor, following which the feline would be unwilling to get out of its boundaries. We're yet to crack why cats behave the way that they do in that scenario.

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