Who is ruling the pet care market now? Cats or dogs?

Who is ruling the pet care market now? Cats or dogs?

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There is a popular saying that dogs are a person's best friend. Not anymore. When it comes to professional pet care services, cats are now kings. The latest survey data published by the Pet Sitters International or PSI reveals that professional pet grooming services now offer more services for cats compared to dogs. The figures say it all: about 97 percent of pet companies provide feline related services. For canines, the number drops to 96 percent. The figures were more slanted towards dogs than cats even as recent in 2016. The industry is now more focused towards cats and less towards dogs. Most companies, it should be told, cater to both pets.

Cat focus

The pet care industry has witnessed loving cat owners hiring professional pet care services to nurture their feline companions when they are forced to leave their kitties for work or when they fly outstation for professional duties. Cat owners are happy with the fact that professional pet carers come to their homes. It means that cat's exposure to myriad illnesses is much minimized. The felines do not experience any of the so-called new environment-related stress.A few pet sitters took the decision to concentrate exclusively on cats. Although there were always a few professional pet service providers who focused on felines, their numbers markedly rose in 2017 and 2018. A number of industry newcomers have taken the decision to care exclusively for cats. Whatever the cat and dog care numbers, it is a happy sign for the industry that an increasing number of pet owners now choose to hire a pet service professional, be it for their dogs or cats. It means a better quality of life for the pet as the owners do not have to dump their pets on unwilling family members or friends. Neighbors can also breathe easy, knowing that the animal is in extremely safe hands.

Research a must

It is important that pet owners do proper research before they sign their checkbook for hiring professional pet services. It is a good idea to write down a checklist of what you want from the pet sitter. Make sure that the pet sitter performs all you have written down. The PSI website has such a list to download.When it comes to personality, cat owners are different than dog owners. Owners of cats usually stand apart from the crowd compared to dog owners who claim to be extroverted. It is interesting to note that rarely a cat person will refer to herself or himself as so. She would rather self-identify herself as someone who likes both cats and dogs. They are correct. It is all about companionship in the end.

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