When Should You Have Your Cat Neutered?


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If you are a cat parent or intend to be one, you must acquaint yourself with the specifics of spaying and neutering. You will need to have your cat spayed/neutered someday. It is ideal to know the basics before you go in to have the procedure performed on your kitten. First, let's understand why spaying/neutering is essential for your kitten. Next, we will discuss what is the ideal age for your kitten to be neutered.

Why should you spay/neuter your cat?

Spaying or neutering kitten has measurable health benefits for them. For e.g., if you spay a female cat before her first heat cycle, you eliminate any risk of her developing mammary cancer. Feline mammary cancer is a severe cat disease and should not be taken lightly. Similarly, in male cats, neutering reduces the chances of testicular cancer.

Generally, however, for male cats, the benefits are more in behavior than in other health respects. Male cats who haven't been neutered beyond an age tend to display more territorial, aggressive, and unwanted behavior. Feline AIDS and leukemia can be fatal. Cat bites can spread these diseases among their kind. Neutering a cat reduces his urge to mate or fight to mate, both of which can call up a cat bite. As a result, a neutered cat stays protected against these disease risks.

When you neuter your male cat, you prevent his urge to wander around out of the house too much. So, there is a lesser chance of your wandering male cat getting into any road accidents or them going missing.

Female cats can benefit from spaying as this can help them avoid pregnancy-related health complications.

When should you ideally spay/neuter your cat?

If you wish to spay/neuter your cat, there are three options available to you. Vets often debate about which among these specified time periods are most beneficial for having cats spayed/neutered. Early neutering or spaying is carried out at the age of six-eight weeks of age. Standard spaying/neutering is recommended around 5-6 months of age. You may also choose to wait until your kitten reached its first heat cycle to have him/her neutered/spayed at eight-twelve months of age.

Around five months of age is a good time for cats to be spayed/neutered. They have already reached a healthy-sized, are trained, and it is safe to use anesthesia and surgical interventions on them. Post-operative care is also crucial for your cat to heal after being spayed/neutered. These cats have a tendency to gain weight. Not only will you have to educate yourself on how to care for your cat after it has had its spaying/neutering procedure, but you will also have to monitor their diet carefully. You don't want an overweight and lethargic cat now, do you?

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