What You Need To Know About Mating In Cats

What You Need To Know About Mating In Cats

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The cat mating process is similar to other mammals. Breeding happens in three stages: conception, gestation period and the last is delivery. You must care for your cat if she is pregnant. The to-be mother cat needs adequate nutrition, and after birth, the kittens as well. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to find a loving home for the kittens.

In heat

Heat cycle is the first step in the mating process. A cat in heat is ready to mate. It will allow a male cat to come closer. These cycles start when the cat reaches six months' age. The heat cycle gets repeated approximately every two weeks until mating. You will know your cat is ready to mate when she turns extremely affectionate. The cat in heat will make more sounds than usual. A female on heat generally raises her rump on patting or stroking her back. She will also twitch her tail after raising her rump. The female cat through these actions signals her readiness to begin the mating process.Once you are confirmed that your female cat is in heat, do find a right male cat for her. Check the male cat's health and if it is of the ideal age. You must make sure the female has reached her complete adult size before you permit her to mate. This is important as the cat must put all energy to not only feed her kittens but nurse them as well. Ensure your cat is at least two years old at the time of mating. If your cat is male, he must be minimum 18 months old.Check your cat for genetic conditions like hip dysplasia and polycystic kidney disease. The prevalence of heart disease signs must also be checked. Personality tests could be done to estimate the personality of the future puppies. Grumpy cat father may result in grumpy children and happy cats usually give birth to playful kittens.

Gestation and labor

After mating, the probability of whether conception has happened or not can be understood after a period of four weeks. The gestation period approximates 65 days. Your female cat could turn shy and prefers not to be touched. It is perfectly fine for the cat to be a little weird at this time. You can help her by building a safe spot in the secluded corner of your home. Ensure she gets enough nutrition and adequate quantities of water. The cat will give birth around the 60th day of gestation. Delivery before or after 10 days within this period is normal.Labor may last from a minimum of 20 minutes to several hours. Do keep the vet's number on speed dial. You may have to rush your cat to the clinic if such a need arise. You can feed her between contractions. Note down the sex, color, and the weight of the kittens as they pop out. Your cat will lick her kittens clean after she gives birth. Assist her by cleaning the birthplace thoroughly. Be aware of placentas. You cat may gobble them up as they are nutritious. Do not panic if you see your cat eating them.Your cat will prefer to rest a few days after giving birth. Allow her to rest until she recovers enough to resume her old, playful self. Once you see her playing with her babies, that will be the time you should search for a new home for the kittens. If you prefer to keep them, you will have a dirty but a home full of love.

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