What to do After You Find a Kitten?

What to do After You Find a Kitten?

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Spring and the following summer are high kitten seasons. It is unsurprising to find many unattended kittens or even a single kitten apparently abandoned by the mother. Do not hastily arrive at a conclusion.

Wait and watch

Do not take an unattended kitty. Wait and watch first. The mother could be out there, hunting for food. It is brutal to take the kitten to a different location. Find out if the mother will come back for the kitty or if the cat is truly an orphan. To find out, stand a little away from the kittens. The gap should be a minimum of 35 feet. If you stand near the kitty, its mother will not approach. To be surer, go away from the kitten and come back a few hours later. If a mother is around, it will approach the kitty only when she no longer senses your presence.

If you think the kitty is in danger if no one is around, likely from predators or cars or even other humans,  it is advisable to go further away and watch. A mother cat could go away for hours at a time, and the kitten's best chances of survival are with its mother. Remember, kittens are more at risk from hypothermia than hunger. Cats can survive without food for a long period of time. The best food for a kitten is its mother's milk.

Mother cat

If you see the mother cat return, then do not disturb the kittens. If you want the kitty, you must wait until it is weaned. Bring food to mom cat and kitty and also shelter them. Mon cat may not accept the food if there is another food source nearby. This is as she does not want other cats to find out about her source of food. The optimal age to take a kitten from its mother is six weeks. You can take the cat after it reaches six months' of age for adoption and socialization placement. You can trap, neuter, and then return after eight weeks. Do not forget to spay the female cat as there is a possibility of more kittens coming out.

In some cases, the mother cat does not return. You should take the kitten in such a scenario. This is important to the survival of the kittens. Since the kitten is yet to be weaned, bottle feeding is the need of the hour. It may not be possible to get bottle feeders quickly, and it is imperative that you find someone expert to make the kitten live. Be prepared to pay for emergency medical care, spaying, and testing for diseases. Vaccinations are a must.

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