What To Do About Acne In Cats?


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Isnโ€™t it absolutely heartbreaking to find our cats suffer from acne? The frequent bouts not only distresses our feline friends with itchiness but the constant scratching leads them to get infected, posing a serious health issue.

Where does acne appear?

Most often acne makes an appearance on the chin of cats. It may take the appearance of black heads but on touching you will be able to feel that it is acne. Acne in the form of skin lesion can be present above the lips and surrounding the mouth area.Acne can occur just once or on a regular basis on your cat. It will help you to know the signs of acne on your cats.

The symptoms are

Mild onset

  • Blackhead or white head
  • Watery crust formation
  • Mild Redness

Severe onset

  • Nodules that are bleeding
  • Severe hair loss
  • Severe redness
Causes of acne

There can be many reasons as to why your cat may have acne. Some of the common reasons are the following:Poor or over-grooming โ€“ Under or over grooming both can cause acne. If the cat is not regularly cleaned especially in the chin area or if too much of products are applied on the chin area which might clog pores.Plastic food bowl- Bacterial food growth in plastic bowls is common but avoidable. Using metal or glass food bowl is a better option.Over secretion of sebum โ€“ An overactive oil gland causes acne by blocking the pores and leading to acne formation.Underlying disease - Ab compromised immune system or another disease can present acne as a symptom.Infection โ€“ Common infections can spread and cause acne as well as lead the breakout of acne. It can be either a viral or fungal infection.Reactions- Sensitivity to certain food or medication can cause acne in cats along with hormone changes.Rubbing โ€“ cats typically have a tendency to rub things with their chins which may cause contact dermatitis and lead to a breakout of acne.Stress โ€“ Separation pang and other stress causing situation may also lead to acne.


Your veterinarian will use the most appropriate technique to come to a conclusion about the possibility of acne. He might do a skin scraping or even a biopsy depending on the condition. Be sure to narrate all the symptoms that you may have observed. It will help to understand if it is a bacterial or fungal infection or maybe fleas mite associated problem.


Depending on the severity of the condition a treatment will be assigned to your cat. For milder cases use a damp wash cloth, a warmer cloth should be used in case of discharge. A teabag compress will soothe the pain and irritability. An ointment, generally an antibiotic-based may be prescribed for topical application.As precautionary measure avoid the plastic bowls and once you notice any signs of acne, visit your vet. To prevent further distress and consequent infections, an acne should be managed at the earliest.

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