What Is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever In Dogs And What To Do About It?


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Ticks are harmful for a variety of reasons, and the loss of blood is not the least concern of them. Diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted are also spread by ticks, which act as carriers of the bacteria that spreads the disease. Although the disease is not always fatal, it is known to have caused severe damage to the internal organs, thereby leading to fatal situations.

How it spreads

Rocky Mountain Spotted disease is caused by the bacteria Rickettsia rickettsii, which ticks are known to carry. The disease is also spread by rodents and other pests. The bacteria infects human beings as well. Although cats also are known to contract the disease, the symptoms are not so full-fledged as in dogs, because of which cats are not exposed to the dangers of the disease as much as dogs are.Common varieties of ticks that spread the disease are Dermacentor and Rhipicephalus, commonly known as American Dog Tick, Rocky Mountain Wood Tick and Brown Dog Tick. Ticks that are infected by these bacteria then bite dogs, transmitting the virus to the bloodstream of the dog. Infection is usually by getting directly bitten by the bacteria.

Signs Of Rocky Mountain Spotted Disease

There are no specifically obvious signs of the dog having contracted the diseases. That is why it is very important to get your dog tested for infection when you notice that something is wrong. Common signs include headaches, depression, loss of appetite, abrasions, spots, bruises, abnormal bleeding and so on. If the clinic has identified the presence of the bacteria in the initial stages, called as the subliminal stage, the disease can be cured. Once the condition becomes severe it becomes hard to reverse the effects of the disease.In more severe form of the infection, there is joint pain, swelling of lymph nodes, and worse, heart arrhythmia, which can have devastating effects.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Treating dogs who have a more advanced form of the disease is harder than those who are in the subliminal stage. In the subliminal stage, treatment can completely reverse the effects of the disease, and dogs will be fully cured. This is why it is important to get them treated soon.Prevention includes regular use of tick-repellants, which is very important to prevent the disease. Sometimes, rodent control can also be helpful because rodents are known to play a part in spreading the bacteria. Tick- repellants can prove to be of great help because you will not have to worry about the disease reaching fatal levels at all. Besides, it will save your pet from the pain and suffering that usually accompanies the disease.

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