What does Your Dog's Stomach Noises Mean


Borborygmi or abdominal rumblings are a normal part of a human's, as well as a dog's life. Your stomach usually makes noises when you are hungry or when a meal is getting digested or when you are sick. A dog's stomach make noises because of the same reasons as well. These noises can be loud at times, causing concern to the dog owner. Most of the times, however, these noises are harmless. Sometimes though these rumblings could indicate a larger health issue. Let us take a detailed look at the causes that lead to stomach noises.

Your dog may be hungry

If your dog is hungry, as a result of the contractions and movements of the gastrointestinal tract, your dog's tummy will growl. It most often happens before breakfast and dinner time. Basically, you will be able to hear your dog's stomach rumbling if he/she has gone for a while without eating anything.

Your dog's stomach may be digesting the meal

During the process of digestion, that is, when the food is being broken down in the stomach, the food and the gasses produced will be moving around. The sound of the gas moving through the intestines will usually be heard outside. The noise will be loud if a lot of gas are produced during the process.

Your dog might have ingested a lot of air along with food

Sometimes, while gobbling up the food, your dog may ingest a lot of air as well. This can lead to stomach noises and burps. You can prevent this by training your dog to eat slowly. Air could also be ingested while breathing heavily as well.

When you should be concerned

If the abdominal noises are accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, constipation and/or listlessness, then you should immediately take your dog to a veterinarian. Make sure that you do not give your dog any water or food before taking him/her to the vet. Serious gastrointestinal problems can arise as a result of your dog eating food that does not agree with him/her or as a result of a sudden diet change or if your dog has eaten something from the garbage. If your dog has swallowed any foreign objects, it can lead to stomach problems as well. Intestinal parasites can also be a cause for stomach problems.The vet will examine your dog and find out the problem. He/she may take an X-ray to check whether there is any foreign subject in your dog's stomach. The vet will let you know if a surgery is required to remove the foreign object or to clear an intestinal blockage or only medication and a healthy diet is required.A

high-quality diet

that contains a balanced amount of nutrients will ensure proper digestion and the health of your dog's stomach.

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