What Can Salmon Do for Your Dog's Diet?

What Can Salmon Do for Your Dog's Diet?

When you cook salmon for yourself and your family, has your dog everย started acting a little crazy? Has your normally cool, calm dog started wagging his tail and begging for a taste of your nutritious fish? Many dogsย get like this because they love salmon! But it's not just the taste of salmon that makesย it a great treat for dogsย - it's also brimmingย with nutrients.


Salmon, unlike beef or pork, is a lean meat that can deliver large amounts of protein to your pooch without packing on pounds. And while raw salmonย containsย healthy doses of vitamins B-6 and B-12, the real benefit that salmon offers your dog is in its

ย omega-3 fatty acids. There are twoย types of omega-3sย in salmon: eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid -- or, as they are more commonly known, EPA and DHA.According to The Whole Dog Journal, EPA and DHA can boost your furry friend's health in a variety of ways. One of the most apparentย signs is the way these oils nourish your pooch's skin and coat, providing for a healthier, shinier look.Additionally, many pet parents turn to salmon for EPA and DHA to reduce inflammation associated with arthritis, allergies and intestinal diseases, The Whole Dog Journal explained. You can also use these fatty acids to promote weight loss, decrease high blood pressure, improve brain function, provide prenatal support and boost the immune system.

How can your dog get salmon and its fatty acids?ย 

If you want your canine companion to take advantage of the benefits of salmon, there are a variety of ways he can get it.
  • Serve him the real thing -ย You can feed your dog a cooked filet of salmon, no problem. Modern Dog magazine pointed to this treat as one of the " people foods" that are safe for dogs to eat. however, washington state university explained that letting your dog eat raw fish or>fish directly from a stream risks salmon poisoning disease

    . Itย only affects dogs.

  • Try oils and supplements -ย Feeding your dog real salmon can quickly become very expensive and not provide him with other important nutrients. Try a salmon nutrient supplement instead to add these fish oils to your dog's diet without breaking the bank.
  • Opt for specialty dog foods -ย When you find the right dog food for your pooch, you don't have to settle for something loaded with corn and other fillers. Try a fish-focused option like Forza, which packs your pup with fatty acids and lean ingredients.
  • Try PetPlus for easy and inexpensive access to the fishiest food and supplements!

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