What Are Cats Exactly Scared Of?


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We have seen brave alley cats strutting atop walls, their noses held high. Our own feline buddies delicately balance themselves on kitchen cabinets and shelves with cool confidence. They look out of the windows and hiss, their bodies arched and tails fluffed up, at a stray cat or the dog next door. But when an innocuous cucumber shows up in the neighborhood, they just lose it! So what is it exactly that our cats are scared of?


Cucumbers are on the top of the list, closely followed by bananas and apples. It appears that our felines have a strong distaste for anything vegetarian! Our catsโ€™ fear of cucumbers just seems to be the shock of finding an unexpected and unfamiliar object at such close quarters. But speaking in general, the reason for our catsโ€™ โ€˜fruit-phobiaโ€™ is their heightened sense of smell. Certain chemicals on the skins of bananas and some citrus fruits are toxic to cats. Since cats recognize these smells, they prefer to keep a safe distance from the source.


If tigers love water, then by extension, our domestic cats should also love a bath! But our adorable pets are hydrophobic and they jump away at the sight of a water-spurting garden hose. Why? If our cats get wet, their fur doesnโ€™t repel water like a dogโ€™s does. So drenched cats find it difficult to dry it off and their coats become heavy and uncomfortable.


Be it humans or other animals, cats donโ€™t take kindly to intrusions into their privacy. Even their own reflections sometimes scare our pets! Cats that havenโ€™t grown up in the company of humans tend to view people as threats to their safety, especially if they have been subjected to abuse in the past. Other animals, such as new pets, are perceived as threats to our catsโ€™ territory.

Loud noises

When a light and large ball suddenly pops loudly in our face, it is difficult to feign bravery. It is no wonder that cats and balloons donโ€™t go well together. Firecrackers, thunder and even the rustle of plastic bags elicit the same kind of response. Perhaps this has to do with their sense of hearing being sharper than ours. They can hear sounds too high pitched for human ears to catch. Due to the unique design of their ears, they can perceive sounds coming from afar, around four times the maximum distance from which a human ear can hear. Vacuums, hairdryers and washing machines all psych our poor pets out.When it comes to new sounds and experiences, it is only natural for our dear pets to be shy or afraid. It is only their self-preservation instincts kicking in!

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